Global Japan Corporation Global Japan Corporation, which has over 4,000 video production achievements, has started a video advertisement operation service.

Global Japan Corporation
Global Japan Corporation, which has over 4,000 video production companies, has launched a video advertisement operation service. -Half price campaign for 3 months-

Launching a “Video Ad Management Service” that provides one-stop production of video advertisements packed with know-how and operation agency that leads to results
In September 2022, Global Japan Corporation (hereafter, GJC) started a new video advertisement operation agency service in addition to the video production business.
We at GJC have produced videos for more than 4,000 companies in 60 industries, but it was “the end” when we delivered videos that satisfied our customers.
However, I came to think that I could not help customers to realize “visible effects” with this, and that I could not help them expand their business.
Therefore, based on the video production experience of more than 4,000 companies so far, GJC will launch a “video advertisement operation service” that will provide a one-stop service from the proposal of videos that produce results in advertisement to the operation agency that leads to results. I made it
In commemoration of the start of the new business, we are conducting a campaign to halve the advertising management fee for 3 months only for the “first 15 companies”.
[Image 1

・Overview of half-price campaign
●Management fee: We offer half price from 20% to 10% of monthly advertising expenses.
● Applicable period: The service start month is the 1st month, and it is applied until the 3rd month.
●Limited number of companies: First 15 companies (13 companies left as of today) [Campaign page] [Examples of video production so far]
[Video 4:]

[Video 5:]

[Video 6:]

▼ What is “Operation of Video Ads”?
In many cases, video ads are not highly effective just by creating and distributing videos.
In order to get the effect, it is necessary to analyze the
distribution data of the advertisement and continue to improve it. Analyzing the following to find out the issues and reasons for victory and implement improvements is called “advertising operation”. “What kind of attribute has a higher viewing rate for video ads?” “Which pattern is the best for the content of the video?”
“What are the factors that lead to purchases, inquiries, and applications?” “Is there an area, time zone, day of the week, etc. where the effect is low even if the advertisement is distributed?”
For example, let’s say you created a video ad and distributed it in Tokyo and Osaka, and it was highly effective in Tokyo. If you know this, you can increase the distribution in the Tokyo area.
If the response from people in their 20s is good, we can increase the delivery of video ads to users in their 20s and decrease the delivery to those in their 30s and above.

By actively adjusting in this way, the maximum effect can be obtained at the minimum cost.
And to actively adjust, operations are essential.
・GJC’s approach to video ad operations
GJC’s concept of “video ad operation service” is three points. Underlying all of this is the fact that customers will not buy services or products they do not know about. We will propose how to use videos with a large amount of information and a wide range of expressions.
[How to attract customers by video advocated by GJC] 1. Video ad budget is calculated based on “recognition share” [Image 2d106232-3-3de04baed5c77534011d-4.png&s3=106232-3-6d44c7c0537a1945a4844641fa0666cc-356x382.png
In the case of Youtube advertising, it is possible for about 50,000 people* to fully watch the video with an advertising cost of 100,000 yen.
*Estimated figures based on past distribution data results
You can calculate that you need an advertising budget of 200,000 yen for YouTube advertising just by setting a clear goal such as “First, let’s get 100,000 people’s recognition share!”
In an industry with a market size of 1 million people, 200,000 yen will lead to gaining a 10% recognition share of the market.
1. Verification of video ads looks at overall customer attraction and overall sales
[Image 3d106232-3-a423f15ecf12bc7fb128-3.png&s3=106232-3-9c8b01ba749b8aa3f1249cd5b7279fbb-363x339.png
If you look at the total number of inquiries and the order rate before and after the video ad delivery, you can see how effective it was. Compared to before the video ad was delivered, there were comments such as “The number of visitors to the site has clearly increased,” “The results of other ads have improved,” and “The sales order rate has increased.” There is a ripple effect on the overall customer attraction and overall sales.
1. The lower the price and the longer the delivery, the more effective [Image 4d106232-3-81b850da608b9bb70c28-2.png&s3=106232-3-763c8d247c0195d50d9388fe44dbee9a-332x360.png
It is more effective to spend 1,000,000 yen in 6 months on advertising than to spend 1,000,000 yen in 1 month.
At least two patterns of videos must always be AB tested to find effective appeal.
What other advertising mediums are appropriate? Are the attributes you’re targeting right? When is the best area, time of day, and day of the week? There are many other points that must be considered. Video ads work gradually afterward, and when you notice it, the recognition share has the effect of overwhelmingly increasing. ・GJC video ad management service |
Help your business grow with video
[Image 5d106232-3-20c1efe1f82b729b7c16-1.png&s3=106232-3-f3c9f1163f341fe0c68ff3b9d538b09b-1920x1000.png
You may think that it is natural for a video production company to handle the operation of video advertisements, but this is not actually the case.
In fact, many video production companies do not even provide operation services, and it is only recently that we have been focusing on video production for a long time and have started to handle advertising operations.
The reason why we took the time to in-house the production and advertising operations is to meet the five challenges of the companies that are the advertisers.
● Interested in video advertising but not working on it
Looking for effective measures to improve awareness
● Feeling the limitations of existing advertisements
●I created a video ad, but it is not being used or is not effective. ● I want to send effective videos to SNS
As long as you manage your advertising, you can quantify the effects, so you can see how your company contributes to your business through “visible effects” and “feeling of effects.”
Believing that this will lead to supporting the expansion of our customers’ businesses with video, GJC created a video advertising operation team from scratch, accumulated know-how and skills, and started this business.
Global Japan Corporation
Representative Director Koji Tezuka
・What is GJC?
[Image 6d106232-3-279ca32da90f9b821fcd-5.png&s3=106232-3-a8fd776f4157604f6fbad9284c32cbb9-812x175.png
Our raison d’être and purpose is simply to solve the issues and problems faced by companies through videos, and to help companies expand their business through videos.
– I want to solve the problem of attracting customers
– I want to increase sales by increasing the closing rate
– I want to solve recruitment issues
– I want content that increases customer satisfaction
We work backwards from the purpose and goal of video production to address such issues and requests, and professionals in each field provide optimal videos and advertising operations.
▶GJC Advertising Management Service:
Official website corporate site
▶Introduction of achievements-Companies that ordered video production from GJC ●Lixir ●Daio Paper ●NEC ●Recruit ●Kanagawa Prefectural Police ●Suntory ●Manasonic ●Rakuten ●Honda ●Yakult ●HP ●Itochu Corporation
●Takarajimasha ●Taisho Pharmaceutical ●Daikin Industry ● McDonald’s ● Sapporo Dome ● Benesse Corporation ● TOTO ● Kinki Nippon Tourist ● Kao ● JA Group ● YKK ● Gurunavi ● Mitsubishi Corporation ● Village Vanguard ● Ricoh ● Unicharm ●Mynavi ●Shogakukan ●Asics ●Murasaki Sports ●Japanese Red Cross Society ●Softbank ●JCOM ●ANA ●Asahi Broadcasting TV ●Mitsubishi UFJ and others
company name
Global Japan Corporation
Global Japan Corporation, GJC
January 2011
Koji Tezuka
10 million yen
main office
(Sapporo office)
〒060-0001 2nd floor, Kita 1-jo Sun Mountain Building, Kita 1-jo Nishi 10-1-4, Chuo-ku, Sapporo, Hokkaido
Toll free number: 0120-116-191
TEL: 011-211-1717 (representative)
E-mail :
Tokyo office
Fortune Square (Fukuda Building) 2F, 1-8-9 Uchikanda, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo 101-0047 TEL: 050-5835-1280
Toll free number: 0120-116-191
E-mail :

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