Godo Publishing Co., Ltd. School, study, relationships with parents… How should we face the walls that teens face? Hideki Wada will tell you how to protect your heart.

Godo Publishing Co., Ltd.
School, studies, relationships with parents… How should we face the [walls] that teens face? Hideki Wada will tell you how to protect your heart.

Godo Publishing Co., Ltd. will publish “Your future after overcoming the 15-year-old wall” on October 26, 2022 at Amazon, Rakuten Books, bookstores nationwide, etc.
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This book is a book that answers questions and concerns that are difficult to discuss with parents and school teachers. Parents have their own thoughts, “I want you to grow up like this.” Teachers have school “rules” and “common sense”.
I hope that this book will be of help to you when you are conflicted with your parents’ wishes, school rules, and common sense, and when you can’t clear your doubts or worries no matter who you talk to. To put it very simply, I, who has continued to teach entrance exams and have been close to children’s worries as a psychiatrist, recommend that you acquire a way of thinking that is not bound by common sense, and your mind. It tells you how to protect and the wisdom to live a rich life in the future. Hideki Wada
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-Partial introduction-
■Are you afraid of failing?
→ There is nothing more boring than a world that never fails. It’s not good to repeat the same mistakes
■ How should I deal with the “school caste”?
→ superficial friendships are meaningless
■ I can’t get a good score on the test
→ Change the purpose from the perfect score principle to the passing point principle
■Why should I study?
→ To make it easier to do what you want to do
■ I hate going to school
→Treasure life and time
■Is it okay to rebel against adults?
→ If you want to rebel, do something
■ How should I deal with sexual desire?
→ Teenage sex is an act that entails responsibility up to childcare Author information
Hideki Wada
Hideki Wada is the director of the mind and body clinic.
Representative of Hideki Wada’s parent cram school and representative of Green Iron Exam Guidance Seminar
Born in Osaka in 1960. 1985 Graduated from the University of Tokyo School of Medicine. Trained at the Department of Neuropsychiatry, Geriatrics, and Neurology at the University of Tokyo Hospital; International Fellow of the Karl Menninger School of Psychiatry in the United States; Specially Appointed Professor of Fukushi University, Advisor of Psychiatry Department of Kawasaki Saiwai Hospital, Part-time Lecturer of Faculty of Economics, Hitotsubashi University, Executive Director of Nihon University. Since the publication of “Examination Guidelines” in 1987, which became a bestseller, he has been known as an authority in the world of university entrance exams. ing. In 2007, he won the Best Film Award at the Monaco International Film Festival for his directorial debut film Cinderella for
Examinations. Kumiko Akiyoshi and Isao Hashizume won the Best Actress and Best Actor awards at the Monaco International Film Festival, and they also won the Humanitarian Film Director Award.
Book information
“The 15-year-old wall, your future that comes into view after overcoming it” https://www.godo-shuppan.co.jp/book/b611037.html
[Author] Hideki Wada
□ List price = 1,500 yen + tax
□46 size/192 pages
□ISBN code: 978-4-7726-1513-6
https://www.amazon.co.jp/dp/477261513X?SubscriptionId=AKIAIBX3OSRN6HXD25SQ&tag=godoshuppan-22&linkCode=xm2&camp=2025&creative=165953&creativeASIN=477261513X □ Rakuten Books

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