Goldratt Japan Co., Ltd. A free online seminar explaining the process of using TOC (constraint theory) to lead DX to success (October 19 @ 18:30)

Goldratt Japan Co., Ltd.
Free online seminar explaining the process of using TOC (Constraint Theory) to lead DX to success (October 19 @ 18:30)
What is the secret behind Israel’s largest bank achieving remarkable results with DX?

On October 19, 2022, Goldratt Japan held a free seminar “TOC Club” hosted by our company, entitled “What is the bottleneck of the DX project? – Learning from the DX case of Israel’s largest bank”. is distributed online. We will explain the process for leading DX to success, with actual examples that have achieved remarkable results by utilizing the management theory of total optimization “TOC (Constraint Theory)”.
It is said that there is no company that does not work on DX (Digital Transformation), but DX has permeated the business scene. Uka The biggest reason why many DX projects end in failure. It is that the project runs to the “means” of “digitalization” without clearly defining the “purpose” of DX.
Therefore, in this TOC Club, we will explain what the bottlenecks of the DX project are and how TOC can be used in DX to achieve dramatic results in a short period of time. In order to prevent the means of digitization from becoming a goal and to fully utilize the bottlenecks of the DX project to achieve results, it is important to always think from the “customer’s point of view” as the starting point.
Clarify the most important problems from the customer’s point of view, apply the solutions firmly to operations, and then digitize only the necessary parts. This time, we will discuss these processes in detail using the DX case of Israel’s largest bank.
Of course, it will be a reference for future DX projects, but management who are currently struggling to rebuild their projects should be able to find ideas that can be used immediately. We hope that we will be able to have discussions with many of you again this time, so please apply from the website below.
■Holding requirements
・ Date: October 19, 2022 (Wednesday) 18:30-20:00 (connection starts at 18:15) ・ Capacity: 1000 people
・ Holding method: Delivered with the online tool “zoom”
■ How to apply
If you would like to participate, please register in advance (free). Please apply for participation from the website below.
■ About the Goldratt Group
The Goldratt Group is a corporate group founded in Israel, the home country of Dr. Eliyahu Goldratt, author of the best-seller “The Goal” read by 10 million people around the world. The group utilizes TOC (Theory of Constraints), a management theory for total optimization, to support customers’ management reforms. We bring breakthroughs to our customers around the world by making full use of the ever-evolving TOC body of knowledge. We are developing our corporate activities under the slogan of Dr. Goldratt, “Let’s create a company where people look forward to Mondays!”
■ About TOC Club
The TOC Club is a free seminar held once or twice a month on weekday evenings for the purpose of disseminating the latest information and examples related to the total optimization management theory “TOC (Constraint Theory)” (online /Real). People from a variety of fields, including corporate management, government officials, and educators, are participating. Anyone who has a desire to improve the world can participate for free, so if you are interested, please apply from the following website.
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