Good Room Co., Ltd. A new proposal for finding a room for a new life-Hotel Pass and Nasic start a partnership with the aim of providing friendly services for new members of society who are leaving their student apartments after graduation-

Goodroom Co., Ltd.
A new proposal for finding a room for a new life-Hotel Pass and Nasic start a partnership with the aim of providing friendly services for new members of society leaving their student apartments after graduation-
Goodroom Co., Ltd. “goodroom Hotel Pass” x student information center tie-up started

Goodroom Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Shibuya-ku, Tokyo, President: Hiroyuki Ogura, hereinafter “Goodroom”), which operates the hotel subscription service “goodroom Hotel Pass” (hereinafter referred to as “Hotel Pass”), and students such as student apartments. Student Information Center Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Shimogyo-ku, Kyoto, President: Katsuhiro Yoshiura, hereinafter “Nasic”), which operates rental housing for students, proposes hotel living as a new form of housing for students who are about to start a new life. Therefore, we have partnered and started this service.
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[Image 2d10439-31-870548be1938b32ba5d3-0.png&s3=10439-31-97f213e52ee7879cd20506c911dc40ed-476x60.png
Details of partnership
・Implementation period: Inquiries from October 2022 to March 2023 (planned) ・ Eligible people: Those who live in a student apartment and are new to Hotel Pass
・ How to apply: Fill in the necessary information from the inquiry form on the special page (If you are interested, click here) ・ Benefits: Amazon gift card worth 5,000 yen
・How to receive benefits: Send a gift certificate by email after moving in Target users in this partnership are new working adults
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・ Those who leave the student apartment and become a new member of society ・Those who are looking for temporary housing during job hunting ・Those who are looking for temporary housing until their new assignment is decided
・ Those who want to live in the city center area near the company Partnering with a desire to provide more support for students leaving student apartments
Since 2016, Goodroom and Nasic have been working together to improve the search site for student housing and to renovate student
apartments. We have worked to improve the satisfaction of condominium owners.
This is the first time that there has been any specific service for expelled students. Due to the nature of student apartments, students move out after graduation. We will support your life after moving out. Thorough analysis of why hotel passes are recommended for young people such as new members of society
■ New graduates in their 20s and 30s and those in their prime live in hotels [Image 4d10439-31-06ed36ed5e0626c662b0-3.png&s3=10439-31-30983bc8f0515c52ce06eeacddabd66c-310x366.png
When we hear the word “hotel life,” we often imagine that it is a limited group of people who are living in a financially affluent manner, but in fact, the majority of people are in their prime working age group*. Efficiently attract customers from students who can be said to be highly compatible users to become working adults. (*) goodroom hotel pass user survey 2nd
(Period: August 1 to August 14, 2022 Area: Nationwide)
■ Half of users choose hotel life as their “new life”
[Image 5d10439-31-69dc8132166fa2a28d05-4.png&s3=10439-31-c57625c0f527532f805bb4ccd671822c-452x451.png
According to a questionnaire (*) conducted independently by Hotel Pass, At the timing of starting a new life such as finding a job or moving as a trigger for starting a hotel life, more than 50% of the users transitioned from renting to hotel life, which is the most common result. It can be said that it is a way of life suitable for those who move out of the apartment.
(*) goodroom hotel pass user survey 2nd
(Period: August 1 to August 14, 2022 Area: Nationwide)
Advantages of using a hotel pass for your new life
1. Don’t rush to decide where to live
It is said that it is difficult to decide on a rental during job-hunting or before a new assignment is decided.
2. No need to ride a crowded train on busy days
The hotel pass, which is the number one hotel long-stay service, allows you to choose a room every month from more than 800 affiliated facilities, from the city to tourist spots. Living in a hotel, which is about eight minutes on average from the nearest station, eliminates the need to worry about crowded trains and commute from home far away from work every day.
3. Initial cost can be reduced
The initial cost is 9,800 yen, and the rent is between 80,000 yen and 120,000 yen*. The initial cost, which normally costs 1.5 months of one month’s rent, is much cheaper. *Price ranges for popular properties in Hotel Pass.
The first time I lived alone after leaving my parents’ house was at a hotel. [Image 6d10439-31-cce357a60e459e9ae9d6-6.jpg&s3=10439-31-513d35c5ac4e169965ad75be0ef5ed01-3088x2320.jpg
According to a new member of society in his 20s who started living in a hotel in his new life, “I often feel that living in a hotel is ‘comfortable’ both mentally and physically. The hotel is basically close to the station, and when you get home, it will be cleaned, so you can save yourself the trouble of doing housework and have more time for yourself. ‘ commented.
(We also accept interviews with users.
Please feel free to contact us. )
What is goodroom hotel pass?
Based on the concept of “Everything in life is good,” this is a subscription service for hotel living in partnership with more than 800 facilities* in 47 prefectures nationwide (*as of the end of September 2022). You can use a hotel suitable for teleworking, living like traveling in tourist spots, multi-site living, etc. at a reasonable flat rate (from 69,800 yen per month) that is the same as renting.
Service start date: June 2020 / URL: Company Profile
・Goodroom Co., Ltd.
Representative: Hiroyuki Ogura, President and CEO
Location: Shibuya-ku, Tokyo Established: 2009
Business description: Rental renovation work ・Operation and brokerage of rental media “goodroom” ・Operation of shared offices and monthly apartments ・Operation of hotel reservation site “hotelpass” for long-term stays
・Student Information Center Co., Ltd.
Representative: Katsuhiro Yoshiura, President and CEO
Location: Shimogyo-ku, Kyoto Established: 1975
Business: Development, management and operation of rental housing for students, management and operation of school dormitories, career development support for students
The Student Information Center is a member of Tokyu Fudosan Holdings. Contact information
Goodroom Co., Ltd. Hotel Pass Public Relations Iwata
E-mail: / TEL: 070-3985-8186
Student Information Center Public Relations Office Terada
E-mail: / TEL: 090-9997-0457

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