gooddays Holdings Co., Ltd. Started providing a link function with Zoom Meetings in the electronic contract service

gooddays Holdings Co., Ltd.
Started providing a link function with Zoom Meetings in the electronic contract service
Approved for the first time as an electronic contract service on the Zoom App Marketplace

Gooddays Holdings Co., Ltd. (Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo, President Hiroshi Ogura) is a SoftBank Group company that manufactures, distributes, and sells IT-related products and provides IT-related services. We have released a function to link with Zoom Meetings in the electronic signature service IMAoS for the real estate rental industry, which is a joint business with Yasuo Mizoguchi, President and CEO.
This is the first case of being approved by the Zoom App Marketplace as an electronic contract service. In light of the lifting of the ban on online real estate contract operations in May 2022, by linking IMAoS and Zoom Meetings, customers can use their smartphones, etc. to handle everything from “explanation of important matters” to “real estate rental contract” as a series of flows. It will be easier to do, and will dramatically improve the operational efficiency of real estate leasing companies and the convenience of customers.
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Promotion system
For the development of this function, Masato Ono (gooddays Holdings Co., Ltd. Group Planning Headquarters Business Planning & Development Manager) is in charge. In addition, system development has provided technical support for IMAoS since the service started in 2017, and has been fully cooperated with GMO GlobalSign Holdings Co., Ltd. (Shibuya-ku, Tokyo, President Mitsuru Aoyama), which provides electronic seal GMO signs. We are utilizing the latest technology and know-how that the company has cultivated in the electronic contract business.
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About IMAoS
IMAoS is the industry’s first cloud-based electronic signature service for real estate operators, created for easy and speedy electronic document delivery and electronic contracting of important matter descriptions and real estate rental contracts. Real estate rental contracts at the time of new tenants are accompanied by the delivery of documents such as explanations of important matters, and there are many related parties to stamp and documents to be collected, so the use of online tools such as electronic contracts is not progressing. IMAoS is a service developed with the aim of supporting that digital shift, and has been available since 2017. In April 2020, gooddays Holdings Co., Ltd. acquired intellectual property rights such as programs related to IMAoS from SB C&S Co., Ltd., and both companies have been conducting joint business since then.
In fiscal 2021, there were approximately 80,000 uses per year in the real estate rental business (of which, 20,000 were used for real estate rental contracts at the time of new occupancy). In the future, we believe that the use of electronic documents such as important matter explanations will increase.
Please refer to the official website of IMAoS for the service. IMAoS official website (provided by SB C&S Co., Ltd.)
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