GOODNEWS Co., Ltd. Sold out every day! The popular Nasu confection “Butter no Ioko” will open a store in Hakata Hankyu for two weeks from November 2nd (Wednesday) to 15th (Tuesday).

Sold out every day! The popular Nasu confection “Butter no Ioko” will open a store in Hakata Hankyu for two weeks from November 2nd (Wednesday) to 15th (Tuesday).

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GOOD NEWS Co., Ltd. (Location: Nasu-machi, Tochigi Prefecture, Representative Director: Goichi Miyamoto), a company that aims to solve social issues with the theme of food, is a hot new confectionery from Nasu, Tochigi Prefecture. Butter no cousin” will appear in Hakata Hankyu for a limited time. This is the 3rd store opening, and this is a complete set with 4 flavors (milk / chocolate / red bean butter / salted caramel), including the standard “butter cousin (milk)” and “butter cousin (chocolate)”. BOX “Butter no cousin THE GOLDEN BOX” and limited-time special flavor “Butter no cousin (white chocolate)” will be released!
[Handling product details]
・Butter no cousin milk flavor (3 pieces): 900 yen (972 yen including tax) ・ Butter no cousin chocolate flavor (3 pieces): 900 yen (972 yen including tax) ・Butter no cousin white chocolate flavor (3 pieces): 900 yen (972 yen including tax)
・Butter no cousin THE GOLDEN BOX
(Milk/Chocolate/An butter/Salt caramel 3 pieces each): 3,300 yen (3,564 yen including tax)
・Ito no Rusk Butter Sugar (3 pieces): 700 yen (756 yen including tax) [Store overview]
Venue: Hakata Hankyu Basement 1st Floor Promotion Space 0
1-1 Hakata Station Chuo-gai, Hakata-ku, Fukuoka City 812-0012 Period: November 2nd (Wednesday) to November 15th (Tuesday), 2022 Business hours: 10:00-20:00 (subject to change)
What is the “butter cousin” that makes everyone happy?
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The three textures of “fluffy, crispy, and melty” are fun
“Butter no cousin” is mostly produced with butter when making butter from delicious milk filled with the love of dairy farmers who run ranches in Nasu, Tochigi Prefecture, which is also a dairy kingdom, but it is sold cheaply. A sweet that was born to increase the value of non-fat milk. Supervised by Yuichi Goto, the owner and chef of PATH, a popular restaurant in Yoyogi-Hachiman, Tokyo, this jam is based on the local French confectionery “Gaufret” and has a soft, chewy texture and a buttery scent. It is a new sensation sweets sandwiched between. By having many people eat it as a delicious souvenir, it will become easier for dairy farmers to make butter, and that craft butter will enrich the dining table of the world. It will also create jobs in the region and lead to regional revitalization. Nasu’s happy new confectionery that brings smiles to everyone, from the people who eat it, to the dairy farmers who make the ingredients, and the regions where the sweets are made.
A special winter-only flavor “White Chocolate” is also available! [Image 3d86049-12-81e181a25483ef7d32fa-2.jpg&s3=86049-12-51343cde0653825c8be8249f995b8e53-1500x1000.jpg
Mr. Yuichi Goto and Mr. Kazuhiro Nakamura of the patissier unit “Tangentes” who have been involved in all recipe development since the launch of “Butter no cousin” supervised the taste. Until now, we have produced “Butter’s cousin (chocolate)” using cocoa powder made from cocoa beans. We also used the “cocoa butter” that comes out in the process of making the cacao powder, and after many considerations to use up the whole cacao, we came up with a special winter-only flavor, “White Chocolate Flavor.” As raw materials, we use cocoa butter, sugar, and skim milk that are produced in the process of making cocoa powder from cocoa beans. Cocoa butter, which is generally deodorized and distributed, is used as it is, and by making a recipe that makes use of the original flavor, you can feel not only the gentle creamy sweetness of white chocolate, but also the faint scent of cacao. Finished with a special taste. We will deliver the special flavor that will be delivered for a limited time to everyone in Fukuoka as soon as possible!

About “GOOD NEWS Co., Ltd.”
We are a start-up company that creates products, community
development, and systems with the aim of solving social (regional) issues through design under the theme of “food.” Leveraging the know-how cultivated in Chows and Butter’s cousin, under the vision of a “big dining table”, we will create a place where people with all backgrounds can connect through food, and everyone involved, including creators, buyers, and workers, will be happy. We aim to create a community where we can become.
【Company Profile】
Company name: GOOD NEWS Co., Ltd.
Location: 2905-25 Takakuoto, Nasu-cho, Nasu-gun, Tochigi Prefecture / TEL: 0287-62-9022
Representative: Goichi Miyamoto, Representative Director /
Established: December 2020

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