Grand Green Co., Ltd. Grand Green Co., Ltd. has been selected for the Aichi Agricultural Innovation Project

Grand Green Co., Ltd.
Grand Green has been selected for the Aichi Agricultural Innovation Project Creating new regional brands with genome editing technology

Ground Green Co., Ltd. (head office: Nagoya City, Aichi Prefecture, Representative Director Yuki Niwa), a startup from Nagoya University, has been adopted for the “Aichi Agricultural Innovation Project” being worked on by Aichi Prefecture. In addition, from this fiscal year, we will start research and development ahead of the proposals that have a high degree of maturity from among the adopted projects.
■ Background of this matter:
The food, agriculture, forestry and fisheries industries are facing various problems such as global warming and the resulting increase in abnormal weather. In order to respond to changes in the surrounding environment and achieve sustainable development, it is essential to have the technology to quickly and sustainably create epoch-making new varieties with new added value. In order to develop seedlings more quickly, we have been working on the development of new breeding technology. We also provide technology provision services that utilize our proprietary genome editing technology (Gene App(TM) and 3GE(TM)). In Aichi Prefecture, we will strengthen the joint research system that utilizes the technologies, fields, and know-how of the Aichi Prefectural Agricultural Experiment Station (hereinafter referred to as the “Agricultural Research Institute”) and universities, as well as new ideas and technologies of startups, and promote new agricultural innovations. Since 2021, we have been promoting the Aichi Agricultural Innovation Project, which we are working to create.
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General-purpose delivery technology “gene App(TM)” developed by our company, original genome editing kit “3GE (triple GE)(TM)”
Developing technology provision services in

■ Research content:
With the theme of realizing an attractive Aichi brand through technology, we will work jointly with the Nosoken to develop pest-resistant rice varieties using genome analysis and new flower varieties using genome editing technology.
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Stink bugs that damage paddy rice (from Aichi Prefecture website) For details, please refer to the Aichi Agricultural Innovation Project website.
■ What is Grand Green?
Grand Green is a research and development type agribio startup that creates next-generation food and agriculture. As a solution to various issues surrounding the food and agriculture fields, we combine our unique genome editing technology and the latest knowledge to propose new crops and production methods from the field of seeds and seedlings. We are developing a technology provision service for new breeding technology that we have developed independently, and we are always looking for joint research partners.
■Company Profile
(1) Company name: Grand Green Co., Ltd.
(2) Business contents Joint research and development business New variety creation business
(3) Date of establishment: April 2017
(4) Head office location: Room 106, Nagoya University Incubation Facility, 1 Furo-cho, Chikusa-ku, Nagoya-shi, Aichi
(5) Representative: Yuki Niwa, Representative Director
(6) URL
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