grape Co., Ltd. Kijikomi, an affiliate service specializing in article-type advertisements!

Grape Co., Ltd.
Kijikomi, an affiliate service specializing in article-type advertisements! Everything from the production cost of the article to the posting of the project can be carried out for free!

Grape Co., Ltd.
Grape Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Shibuya-ku, Tokyo), which operates its own web advertising and ASP business,
Affiliate service “Kijikomi” will be released from October 12, 2022 (Wednesday). [Image 1

◆ ASP “Kijikomi” with articles on all projects
“Kijikomi” connects clients and affiliates more efficiently
This is a new form of affiliate service that specializes in
article-type advertising.
The recent tightening and tightening of regulations by the government It can also be a big risk for the client as well.
Under such circumstances, we want to be able to deliver advertisements with peace of mind and commit to results.
We started “Kijikomi” as a service.
◆ Mechanism and flow of “Kijikomi”
First of all, the advertisement article of the product registered in “Kijikomi ASP”
Created by our experienced writers for free. (with product review) After completing the article, using the article created by our affiliated affiliate
Create a group that is easy for affiliates to work on by making an operation request
As a result, it is possible to expect an increase in the number of distribution operations and an increase in the number of acquisitions. In addition, regarding the content of articles created free of charge, we will check the pharmaceutical affairs by a qualified person in our company.
Under strict observance of the Pharmaceutical Affairs Law and Landscape Law to handle only those that have passed through
We will realize a mechanism that allows clients to distribute advertisements with peace of mind.
[Image 2

◆Characteristics of “Kijikomi”
・Created by experienced writers. Ability to create and provide high-quality articles
A writer belonging to our company who has produced articles in all fields and products
We will create one free article for the client’s product. (with prior product review)
[Image 3

・Acquisition UP with clean articles
Articles produced are thoroughly checked by our company.
We will also contribute to maximizing sales for our clients in a safe and clean manner.
・A minimum of 1 week. Advertisement delivery is possible from article production Articles can be produced in as little as one week.
When requesting an advertisement to an affiliate, the affiliate has no resources for producing articles.
Since it is unnecessary, it is possible to proceed from the
confirmation of the implementation of the project to the start of advertisement distribution in the shortest business day.
・Dedicated person in charge responds flexibly
We handle all aspects of advertising, from article production to advertisement distribution, media selection, and LP revision proposals.
A dedicated staff member will always provide thorough support for increasing sales for each client.
・All projects can be requested with a complete performance fee type “Kijikomi” is a complete performance-based service.
No registration fee is required. (There is a preliminary examination) Clients can expect an increase in sales without taking risks in the form of complete performance rewards.
◆ Current handling volume and results
Currently, we can handle a wide range of projects centered on women’s cosmetics and cosmetics.
There are more than 20 advertisers, more than 50 media companies, and more than 50 projects registered.
In addition, we have achieved sales expansion with various client products. We handle a large number of projects boasting thousands of
acquisitions per month regardless of genre.
[Image 4

[Image 5

◆ Flow of using “Kijikomi”
Please contact us from the inquiry form first.
A dedicated person in charge will hear about your company’s situation. We will explain the flow up to the appropriate proposal and
advertisement distribution.
[Image 6

■ Service overview
Service name: Kijikomi
[Grape Co., Ltd.]
Established in 2020 as a company that operates WEB and SNS
advertisements and develops ASP business.
We undertake many client products, mainly cosmetics and cosmetic products for women.
In addition to providing customers with clean and highly efficient operation services by performing everything from creative production to article production and regulatory checks, we also have a lot of media in our ASP business and are not bound by product genre. We help every customer increase their sales.
■Company profile
Company name: grape Co., Ltd.
Representative: Yuki Tateishi
Location: 1206 New Shibuya Corporus, 12-3 Udagawa-cho, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo 150-0042
Established: September 2020
Business description: Web advertising agency business
Capital: 1 million yen

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