Greens Co., Ltd. “Niwamichi Yokkaichi” x TRY! NEXT JOURNEY

Greens Co., Ltd.
“Niwamichi Yokkaichi” x TRY! NEXT JOURNEY
“Greens Yokkaichi Building” completed on October 31

Greens Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Yokkaichi City, Mie Prefecture, President: Yuya Muraki, Securities Code: 6547) will open its new company building, “Greens Yokkaichi Building,” on October 31, 2022. We are pleased to inform you that construction has been completed in Hamada-cho, Ishikawa. The building faces “Chuo-dori”, which Yokkaichi City is reorganizing as a project to improve the area around Kintetsu Yokkaichi Station. It is scheduled to be relocated and opened as ‘BURGER DINER’. In addition, “Comfort Hotel Yokkaichi” is scheduled to open on the 6th to 13th floors of the head office, which will be the first comfort brand operated by Greens Co., Ltd. nationwide, in Yokkaichi City, the birthplace.
[Image 1d53694-35-3f84e1db9a0daff59274-0.jpg&s3=53694-35-2a0a8a1f90f8d2b7376e1bf64df4d20f-2025x2700.jpg
■ “Greens Yokkaichi Building” property overview
Name: Greens Yokkaichi Building
Location: 5-3 Hamadacho, Yokkaichi City, Mie Prefecture
Access: About 1 minute walk from Kintetsu “Yokkaichi” station east exit Total floor area: 6419.29 square meters
Structure/Scale: Reinforced concrete construction, 13 floors above ground     First floor tenant “REDS’ BURGER DINER”
2nd to 5th floor Greens Co., Ltd. headquarters office
“Comfort Hotel Yokkaichi” on the 6th to 13th floors
The Greens Yokkaichi Building has all-electric specifications for air conditioning and hot water supply in the entire building to realize a decarbonized society. ” is being introduced. In addition, an electric car charger for guests is installed in the attached parking lot. ■ About Comfort Hotel Yokkaichi
Opening date: December 14, 2022 (pre-opening December 5-12)
Based on the concept of “Your Sustainable Journey – A hotel that creates the future -“, we will realize the four “futures” of “the future of our customers”, “the future of the region”, “the future of the earth” and “our future” through Comfort Hotel Yokkaichi. increase. URL:
[Image 2d53694-35-32a347804bd996161be7-1.png&s3=53694-35-8b059ff2e4414dc76b49a93861c55c3c-695x385.png
 Opening date: December 14, 2022
(Pre-opening: Short hours from December 5th)

■ About Greens Co., Ltd.
Greens Co., Ltd. is a mid-range hotel chain with synergies between the Choice Hotels Business, which has a global brand of over 7,000 hotel chains in over 35 countries, and the Greens Hotels Business, which has over 60 years of hotel management experience. is the only company that has successfully expanded nationwide.
“TRY! NEXT JOURNEY -Let’s start a new journey-” is our management vision. Greens Group CSR Declaration
~ Aiming to be a company full of hospitality that is kind to the environment and people ~
One of our corporate objectives is to serve and contribute to the local community, and we carry out community-based social contribution activities and environmental activities through our business. We will continue to earnestly engage in CSR activities in order to fulfill our corporate social responsibility and further solidify the trust in the local community that we have cultivated over more than half a century. Through the realization of the Greens Group’s CSR priority themes, we will also contribute to the realization of the SDGs (Sustainable Development Goals).
Business description: Management of hotels and restaurants, and other incidental business
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