Grown in Good Nature campaign started!

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Grown in Good Nature campaign started!
Australian avocados are finally in season! Safe, fresh and delicious avocados from farms in Australia!

Grown in Good Nature is a new campaign by Australian avocado growers. Also, we would like to inform you that Australian avocados, which were very popular in Japan last season, will be in season from now on until winter!
About Grown in Good Nature
Starting in 2022, the campaign
( aims to increase the visibility, sales and consumption of Australian luxury horticultural products in major export markets including Japan. This time, with the start of the campaign, we will introduce avocados that will soon be in season.
“Grown in Good Nature” expresses that Australia’s “Good Nature” (Australia’s rich nature and the personality of the people involved in agriculture) gives us the power to grow the world’s most wonderful and fresh agricultural products. .
[Image 1d108888-1-218d0ac25955a96b6ad1-4.jpg&s3=108888-1-e09fffbc7a83dbd2b8c381242eed4c3f-1400x620.jpg
Australian avocado
The charm of Australian avocados
Agriculture in Australia has achieved sustainable development because of its rich nature and soil, and because people have valued nature and its bounty of crops.
Australian avocados grown in such an environment are produced throughout the year and are characterized by their high oil content, creaminess and rich taste. In addition to the taste, it boasts high quality in terms of safety due to Australia’s strict safety and shipping standards.
It is exported to Japan during the avocado growing season in Western Australia. [Image 2d108888-1-e04b078a9f8316f74e63-5.png&s3=108888-1-3b10bfe11a70da15f524d20a3ef311e9-600x572.png

History of Australian avocados
Australian avocados were first grown in the Royal Botanic Gardens in Sydney in 1840. Avocado cultivation is one of the oldest and most mature industries in Australia, and we have cultivated the know-how to grow deliciously in proportion to the time.
In recent years, its value has been recognized both in Australia and abroad, and the production volume in 2020 is about 80,000 tons, which is about double that of 10 years ago, and the production volume is growing steadily. It is expected to increase further in the future as demand rises, and is expected to reach around 170,000 tons in 2026. [Image 3d108888-1-321166f53419b852d2f4-7.jpg&s3=108888-1-a498ab88853011e052e9cd6d2ca28523-1400x620.jpg

Handling stores
Available in supermarkets and department stores nationwide.
In the future, we would like to expand the distribution volume and the number of stores that handle it at once, so that more people can easily know the wonderfulness of Australian avocados.
Trade information
We are looking for retailers and buyers who can handle it.
We have absolute confidence in the quality, and the Japanese people who have eaten it are very satisfied with it, such as “creamy and rich!” and “very delicious!”
In order to expand the consumption of Australian avocados, we offer a variety of sales promotion support for importers, wholesalers, and mass retailers.
For importers and wholesalers: Production costs for product packages and stickers, product discount costs (limited to new mass retailers), etc.
For mass retailers: Dispatch of tasting/recommended salespersons, provision of sales promotion materials, implementation of consumer campaigns, sponsorship of leaflets and SNS advertising expenses, etc. Please feel free to contact us for details.
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【contact information】
Australia Avocado Promotion Secretariat: Yamano and Associates Co., Ltd. TEL: 03-3584-7019 / FAX: 03-3582-5076
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