Hacobell Co., Ltd. Launched the “Hacobell Supporters Program”, a platform that transcends the boundaries b etween companies and revitalizes the logistics industry

Hacobell Co., Ltd.
Launched the “Hacobell Supporters Program”, a platform that transcends the boundaries between companies and revitalizes the logistics industry
~ Recruiting partners to provide services for shipper companies, transportation companies, and individual drivers to play an active role in the logistics industry with greater peace of mind ~

Hacobell Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Shinagawa-ku, Tokyo, President and CEO: Takeshi Hazama, hereinafter “Hacobell”) has established an environment where people working in the logistics industry can play an active role with greater peace of mind.・We are pleased to inform you that we have launched a partnership program “Hacobell Supporters Program” for individual drivers and other stakeholders.
In order to realize this, we aim to create a program that transcends the boundaries between companies by involving not only logistics companies but also various industries and companies, with the cooperation of large companies’ assets, startup services, etc. Hacobell will contribute to the revitalization of the industry by evolving the Japanese logistics environment through the operation of the “Hacobell Supporters Program”. By all means, let’s make the logistics industry and Japan better together. We look forward to your suggestions and support.
Supporters Program Contact: https://forms.gle/4JjWwB2ca98XHkrN8 [Image 1

Background and aims of launching the “Hacobell Supporters Program” Hacobel aims to build an open public platform that transcends the boundaries between companies in the logistics industry.
We are striving every day to solve problems and improve efficiency in the logistics industry, and to become an infrastructure for making Japan better.
The work environment for truck drivers is expected to change significantly in the future. Revisions to laws related to work style reform that regulate overtime work (in addition to the “2024 problem”), the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism has announced* that it will lift the ban on the use of private vehicles in the freight transportation business.
Drivers of small and medium-sized transportation companies and sole proprietors are more likely to have insufficient procurement capabilities for materials, networks, support systems, welfare programs, etc. compared to large companies, and it is necessary to provide more support as a platformer. I strongly feel
Therefore, Hacobell will launch a new partnership program “Hacobell Supporters Program” to support companies and people working in the logistics industry. In order to provide an environment where drivers can engage in delivery work with peace of mind, we are considering support for transportation companies, such as support for procurement of necessary materials and supplies, risk management in case of trouble, and provision of insurance and financial products.
At the same time, this program also covers support for companies using Hacobell, such as shippers.
We are looking for companies to cooperate as partners of the “Hacobell Supporters Program” regardless of industry. We aim to create a program that transcends the boundaries between companies by seeking
cooperation from the assets and services of large companies and the services and technologies of startups.
* August 2020 Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism “About the use of light passenger vehicles in light truck
transportation business (overview)”
“Hacobell Supporters Program” details
The contents of the expected partnership are as follows. We expect to provide services not only to Hacobell, but also to the trucks owned by our shareholder, Seino Holdings, and to the transportation companies that we outsource. We are looking for proposals and ideas for partnerships from various companies.
Partnership contact: https://forms.gle/4JjWwB2ca98XHkrN8
[Examples of potential partners]
Various services for registered transportation companies and drivers ・Required materials for transportation companies and drivers:  Vehicle lease/purchase, vehicle maintenance/vehicle inspection, tires, gasoline, uniforms, trolleys, smartphone peripherals, etc. ・Opportunity to increase income for transportation companies and drivers: Advertising using vehicles, etc.
・Business support for transportation companies and drivers:
 Insurance/financial services, legal consultation/troubleshooting/tax return agency services, software provision (accounting software, vehicle dispatch charts, etc.)
Service for shippers
・Expansion of delivery network and shortening of delivery time using Hakobell ・Provision of benefits to shippers together with Hacobell
Suggestions for Hakobel
・Product and system cooperation with Hacobell
・Hacobell sales agent, software sales agent
Hakobell service results (as of the end of August 2022)
[Image 2

Seino Holdings service results (as of the end of March 2022) [Image 3

Comment from Takeshi Hazama, President and CEO of Hacobell Co., Ltd. Since the launch of the Hacobel business, we have provided a matching platform that directly connects customers/shippers and shipping companies/drivers, as well as software ( We have been promoting the provision of Hacobell Connect). I have always felt that there are various issues facing the logistics industry, but as 2024 approaches, I feel that the environment surrounding the logistics industry must be improved as soon as possible. By operating the “Hacobell Supporters Program” to create an environment where various people working in the logistics industry can play an active role with peace of mind, we will not only help solve the 2024 problem, but also create a “new normal” for the Japanese logistics industry. We aim to become
To that end, we believe that it is important to collaborate with various companies across industry boundaries. We would like to ask for your help and aim to evolve into an “open public platform” that is open to all stakeholders.
About Hakobel
The distribution platform “Hacobell” is developing services that support nationwide distribution, from last one mile delivery to individuals and companies to mainline transportation such as transportation between cities.
“Hacobell Cargo”, which targets light cargo, effectively utilizes the driver’s non-operating time and directly matches the shipper with the driver to provide a high-quality, low-cost delivery system. After using the service, we have established a mechanism for users to evaluate the driver, and have improved the quality of the service. “Hacobell Connect”, which targets general cargo, connects shippers with transportation companies nationwide, manages their own vehicles and vehicles of partner companies on a web application, and has functions for dispatching and billing management. Equipped with a function to make a dispatch request for We are working to reduce logistics costs and support companies that promote DX.
・ Service site: https://www.hacobell.com/solution
・Inquiries regarding use: https://form.run/@connect-en-contact About Raksul Group
Based on our corporate vision of “If we change the system, the world will be a better place.” Aim to be Currently, we operate “Raksul”, a platform for online printing and attracting customers, Novacell Co., Ltd., which provides marketing platforms, Hacobel Co., Ltd., which provides logistics platform services, and Josys Co., Ltd., which provides corporate IT services. (URL: https://corp.raksul.com/) [Raksul’s “Industrial DX”]
By constructing a platform that integrates the efficiency of transactions through a sharing platform, the efficiency of operations through software (SaaS), and value-added services based on them, we solve the problems of each industry vertically and produce. We will transform the industry into one with high potential and profitability. As an industry reformer, Raksul Co., Ltd. will promote DX through an integrated vertical platform for traditional industries that have not progressed in digitization, and make the world a better place. Details about this release:


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