Hammock Co., Ltd. Announced “AssetView Cloud +”, a new brand of integrated IT operation management “AssetView”. Started providing products that support PC update management work

Hammock Co., Ltd.
Announced “AssetView Cloud +”, a new brand of integrated IT operation management “AssetView”. Started providing products that support PC update management work
Innovation in IT operation management -From function to business-
Hammock Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo, President: Daisuke Wakayama, hereinafter Hammock), which provides software packages and cloud services for corporations, is a new brand of integrated IT operation management “AssetView”. We are pleased to announce the release of “Cloud + (Asset View Cloud Plus)”.
“AssetView Cloud +” plans to provide products that match the customer’s business, and will start providing “PC update management” from November 1, followed by “IT asset management” and “information leakage countermeasures”. release.
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■ What is AssetView Cloud+?
AssetView Cloud + now allows you to use the management console from a web browser to make various settings and view information. The management console has a new, modern screen design organized by business purpose to improve operability and clarity. In addition, recommended presets are set so that many customers can use it immediately, and by introducing a license according to the business purpose, you can start operation immediately after installation. ■ Features
1. Ready to start
Since it is a cloud environment, there is no need to procure a server. 2. Minimal operational burden
Maintenance such as server hardware maintenance, maintenance management, and periodic processing is unnecessary.
It can be used with only initial settings, greatly reducing the operational burden on the operator.
3. No communication environment required
If the number of bases increases or if you have an environment where you can even connect to the Internet for telework, you can easily handle it.
Costs can be reduced because there is no need to build a VPN line. Four. Complete security
Encrypted communication (SSL/TLS) is used between the PC and the cloud service, so you can use it with peace of mind.
The cloud environment has a redundant configuration and does not require additional security investment.
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■Provided contents
PC update management
・Efficient understanding of Microsoft update information and countermeasures Flexible update management for FU, QU, and Microsoft 365 is realized even in an environment without WSUS or Active Directory. It realizes easy-to-understand and efficient update management, such as grasping the application status on the dashboard.
・Update application schedule can be set in detail
With “PC update management”, daily update management can be made more efficient without disrupting work, such as flexible timing
specification, network load reduction mechanism, and automatic execution according to PC status.
・Patch application status and error cause can be checked
If a patch file download error or application error occurs, you can also check the detailed status.
■ Start date of provision
Available from November 1st
■ Click here for details on “AssetView Cloud +”
■ Background of new brand announcement
Since its release in 2000, AssetView has expanded and enhanced its functions to meet the needs of the times. We offer cloud and on-premise versions according to customer needs. In particular, the cloud version has seven functions (IT asset management, application distribution, PC Operation log management/Device control/Personal information search/Unauthorized PC blocking/Remote console) have been packaged and provided.
In response to today’s diversified environment, we have created a cloud environment based on the keywords “close to work,” “intuitive and easy,” and “management that connects devices and people,” in order to support the work efficiency of the complex information system department. We will start offering “AssetView Cloud +” that can be used with From November, “PC update management” can be installed independently in the cloud. In the future, we plan to sequentially provide products for “IT Asset Management” and “Information Leakage Countermeasures.”
■ “AssetView” product details
AssetView is integrated IT operation management software for corporations that strengthens PC asset management and information leakage countermeasures.
Since its release in 2000, it has been used by companies, government agencies, and organizations all over the country, with the feature of “starting with a custom-made feeling from a single function”. As a product lineup, cloud version and on-premise version are available to solve information security and IT management issues faced by corporations.
Official site: https://www.hammock.jp/assetview/?20221003=pr ■ About Hammock Co., Ltd.
Hammock is an enterprise software maker. In order to provide everyone with an IT environment that strengthens the organization, we are solving customer issues in the three areas necessary for corporations: security, sales support, and operational efficiency.
-Click here for products and services-
▼AssetView: Support for client PC operation management x security measures https://www.hammock.jp/assetview/?20221003=pr
▼ Hot Profile: Cloud-based business card management/sales support tool (new development x business card management x sales support) https://www.hammock.jp/hpr/?20221003=pr
▼ Hot approach: Form sales tool that allows you to sell to the target company https://www.hammock.jp/hap/?20221003=pr
▼DEFACT: Supports streamlining input work for various forms
・WOZE: High-precision data conversion by AI OCR + human check. Ready-to-go cloud service
Application forms, attendance sheets, data input for questionnaires, and handwritten characters are also recognized with high accuracy. https://www.hammock.jp/defact/woze/?20221003=pr
・AnyForm OCR: Document data conversion software for fax order forms, invoices, and delivery notes
Representative: Daisuke Wakayama, President and Representative Director Established: April 1, 1994
Capital: 36.48 million yen
Sales: 3.6 billion yen (fiscal year ending March 2022)
Number of employees: 223 (excluding executives/including part-timers) Head office location: Lucid Square Shinjuku East 3F, 1-3-21 Okubo, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo
URL: https://www.hammock.jp?20221003=pr
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