Hana Cupid Co., Ltd. Hana Cupid celebrates the bride and groom in the reproduction project of the movie “Wed ding High” starring Ryoko Shinohara

Hana Cupid Co., Ltd.
Hana Cupid congratulates the bride and groom in the reproduction project of the movie “Wedding High” starring Ryoko Shinohara Surprise father and son with “flowers recreating a movie set”
General Incorporated Association JFTD Hana Cupid (location:
Shinagawa-ku, Tokyo, Chairman: Masanobu Sawada) and Hana Cupid Co., Ltd. (location: Shinagawa-ku, Tokyo, CEO: Noboru Yoshikawa) are Ryoko Shinohara, who was released in March 2022. For the winners of the “Wedding High x Hana Cupid Gift Campaign” developed in collaboration with the movie “Wedding High” (distributor: Shochiku) written by Bakarhythm, who starred in the script, we have “reproduced the set of the movie”. rice field.
[Image 1d17925-58-29af266a74e4804faaa4-2.jpg&s3=17925-58-e3e87c2e443a334b7551006fbabc3ac4-3900x2925.jpg
Recreating the movie set “Wedding High x Hana Cupid” tie-up campaign [Image 2d17925-58-04efdf016a4ccbc299a5-0.jpg&s3=17925-58-8bdeac30282232a3a1c348e72ea564d6-1000x667.jpg
This campaign was implemented to commemorate the cooperation of JFTD Hana Cupid and Hana Cupid Co., Ltd. in the production of the movie “Wedding High” (distribution: Shochiku). In the work, the main character, Ryoko Shinohara, is a wedding planner who struggles with problems that arise one after another during the reception, but will she be able to give the two the best wedding? This is the story. The main character’s desire to congratulate the couple on their marriage and give them the best day is in line with Hana Cupid’s brand concept of “giving flowers to the heart and creating excitement”, so we cooperated in the production.
And to express this feeling, as a project to celebrate and support the couple who are getting married, one person will reproduce the same flower arrangement as the movie set at the actual reception, “Wedding High Reproduction Project”. We held a campaign to win autographed pamphlets and movie tickets.
From father to married son and wife
[Image 3d17925-58-23c5835887b2434a0b77-4.jpg&s3=17925-58-a1a99a6510476cc6c52b4e43d4824d8f-2592x1728.jpg
Mr. and Mrs. Utsugi, who won the campaign from applicants nationwide, held a reception with flowers that reproduced the movie “Wedding High”. The person who applied was Tomoki’s father.
In fact, her father is a wedding hall producer, and is in charge of directing Tomoki and his wife’s reception. One day, when the date for the reception was decided, he learned about this campaign and applied without telling Mr. and Mrs. Tomoki. “I am involved in the reception of my son and his wife as a wedding producer, but when I wondered if there was anything I could do as a father, I learned about this campaign. told me.
Recreated movie “Wedding High”
The wedding flowers for the movie “Wedding High” were arranged in blue, which is the favorite color of the bride played by Nagisa Sekimizu. It is also designed to incorporate.
[Image 4d17925-58-33b55d84d97e60d7a0ec-5.jpg&s3=17925-58-8317c953d39d5ef414c271453c4e0ada-1000x667.jpg
[Image 5d17925-58-ecf2f6cc76ecd107d518-3.jpg&s3=17925-58-8210b38967be506c2e6cc4a3e1285a03-2610x1957.jpg
[Image 6d17925-58-fefb3b6a8730f08e9c75-1.jpg&s3=17925-58-431695f4fc0ff1c8e0a90ffc6ed809e7-2609x1957.jpg

And the following photos are the flower decorations of the winner’s reception held at “THE STYLISH COMFORT LINEA” in Nagahama City, Shiga Prefecture.
[Image 7d17925-58-4447fc74f872dc5bf3ab-8.jpg&s3=17925-58-7534a42b065787b3103d62e9fcf23f08-3900x2925.jpg
[Image 8d17925-58-f37471a5fa9fb52f3f4b-9.jpg&s3=17925-58-37884e152c3c300c3260c2e26f4ecd1b-2291x1718.jpg
When I asked the groom’s father, who was an applicant, what he thought of it, he said, “It’s reproduced just like the movie. It’s more gorgeous and wonderful than I expected.”
The couple who won the prize were also very satisfied, saying, “It’s just as you saw it in the movie, and the reproducibility is quite high and gorgeous! The flowers match the color scheme of the venue, and it’s exactly what I imagined.”
Details of this project can be found on the Wedding High x Hana Cupid tie-up special page
Please check from (https://www.i879.com/campaign/c08/).
Earth-friendly flower gift Hana Cupid for SDGs
[Image 9d17925-58-68fd0050ec905388f59e-7.jpg&s3=17925-58-484b37b598e5348995f287ac27e22177-850x356.jpg
“Hana Cupid” is a service that is delivered directly by a flower shop near the destination.
Since the product is delivered from a member store near the
destination without long-distance delivery, it contributes to the reduction of CO2 emissions for the distance that was not delivered. In addition, the use of packaging materials such as cardboard is minimized, leading to environmental protection.
In the most recent year (April 2020-March 2021), the Hana Cupid Group as a whole (in Japan) reduced CO2 emissions by approximately 142.3 tons*. *The straight distance from the store where the order was placed to the delivery store is calculated (period from April 2020 to March 2021). In addition, assuming that the distance was transported by a 10-ton diesel truck, calculations were made using the improved ton-kilometer method. (Supervision: Dr. Masahiro Nishio, Doctor of Engineering, National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology, Innovation Coordinator, Energy and Environment Zero Emission Research Strategy Department)
■ Future prospects
The Hana Cupid Group will continue activities to enlighten the new flower-giving culture through the implementation of various campaigns under the brand concept of “adding flowers to the heart and creating excitement”.
■ “Wedding High” Blu-ray/DVD now on sale and digitally available [Image 10d17925-58-7bd7a185c7ae18ae98c6-10.png&s3=17925-58-467227223d79c2da612228390ae5c288-1153x693.png
Starring: Ryoko Shinohara, Tomoya Nakamura, Nagisa Sekimizu, Takanori Iwata, Osamu Mukai, Katsumi Takahashi and others
Screenplay: Bakarhythm
Director: Akiko Oku
Special edition Blu-ray (limited production): 6,820 yen (tax included) Normal version DVD: 4,180 yen (tax included)
Release/Distributor: Shochiku
(C) 2022 “Wedding High” Production Committee
■ General Incorporated Association JFTD Hana Cupid
Representative: Chairman Masanobu Sawada
Location: Japan Flower Hall, 4-11-9 Kitashinagawa, Shinagawa-ku, Tokyo Business content: Flower gifting and the spread of flower culture (including flower education activities) / Research on flower gifting and flower culture / International exchange of flower gifting and flower culture / Human resource development to promote the
revitalization of the flower industry / Hana cupid Transaction-related business (Flower communication delivery business) / Flower and green gift coupon issuance / Joint business for members (Joint order business, joint purchasing business, joint advertising business) Official website: https://www.hanacupid.or.jp/
■ Hana Cupid Co., Ltd.
Representative: Representative Director Noboru Yoshikawa
Location: 4-11-9 Kitashinagawa, Shinagawa-ku, Tokyo Japan Flower Hall 2F Main business: Communication delivery order business for fresh flowers under the Hanacupid brand / flower material supply business / retail support business
URL: https://www.hana-cupid.co.jp/

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