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[Hanshin Umeda Main Store] Fermentation Tourism Japan / Hokuriku Market in Hanshin
Welcome to Fermentation Designer Hiraku Ogura

■ November 2nd (Wednesday) → 7th (Monday)
■Hanshin Umeda Main Store 1F Food Festival Terrace
■ Official website: https://web.hh-online.jp/hanshin/contents/str/20221102.html ■ Official Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/hanshin_1ffoodevent/?hl=ja “Shokusai Terrace” invites professional “super presenters” in the field and continues to disseminate the appeal of various food cultures. This time, we have invited Mr. Hiraku Ogura, a fermentation designer, to introduce the world of the food movement “fermentation”. In addition to popular products from the fermented food specialty store “Fermented Department” owned by Mr. Ogura in Shimokitazawa, Tokyo, unique fermented foods and household goods that Mr. Ogura encountered while exploring the fermentation culture of various parts of Japan are also gathered. . In addition, in collaboration with the exhibition “Fermentation Tourism Hokuriku-Fermentation to Hokuriku, the sea road” currently being held in Fukui Prefecture, which he directed and supervised, he will promote the fermented foods of Hokuriku, the venue of the exhibition, as “Kitamae-bune.” It will be expanded with a commentary that cuts “.
There will also be a series of talk shows by Mr. Hiraku Ogura and fermentation specialists. We will deliver a food event that is not only delicious but also “fun to know and interesting to see”, including an event that conveys the charm of fermentation. To the world of fermentation that is deep enough to know!
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Profile of fermentation designer Hiraku Ogura
After studying fermentation as a research student at the Tokyo University of Agriculture, with the aim of “making the invisible functions of fermenting bacteria visible through design,” he has held various workshops, events, and exhibitions based in Koshu City, Yamanashi Prefecture. holding a project. He advocates “fermented tourism” that touches the lifestyles, climates and cultures of various parts of Japan through “fermentation”.
In 2019, the exhibition “Fermentation Tourism Japan” was held at Shibuya Hikarie d47 MUSEUM. Recorded 50,000 visitors in 3 months. In 2020, the fermentation specialty store “Hakko Department” will open in Shimokitazawa. In 2022, the Hokuriku Touring Exhibition of
“Fermentation Tourism Japan” will be held. Aiming to fuse exhibitions and tourism, they are active in a wide range of fields in
collaboration with the leaders of “regional brewing culture and community development.”
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Fermentation designer Hiraku Ogura will be attending
November 2nd (Wednesday) and 3rd (Thursday/holiday)
5th (Sat) *However, from 5:00 pm
Talk show & autograph session
◎ November 6th (Sunday) 1:00 pm ~ (required time: about 60 minutes) ◎ Capacity: 20 people
◎ Participation fee: 1,000 yen
Commemorating the release of Hiraku Ogura’s new book “Fermented Tourism Hokuriku”. I will talk about the thoughts I put into the new book. After the talk, an autograph session will be held for those who have purchased the new book.
An array of rare fermented foods unique to Hokuriku!
The much-talked-about shop “Fermentation Department” has appeared, where Hiraku Ogura travels around and collects fermented foods and ingredients. This time, as a Hokuriku special feature, we will have local fermented foods from Hokuriku that are known to those in the know.
One of the reasons why Hokuriku’s unique fermentation culture was born is “Kitamaebune”. From Osaka, across the Seto Inland Sea, from Shimonoseki in to north across the Sea of ​​Japan, to Hokkaido and Russia, this is Japan’s largest sea route, transporting not only goods but also industrial technology and wisdom in daily life to all parts of the country. The appeal of Hokuriku’s fermented culture, which was unraveled in his new book “Fermented Tourism Hokuriku”, will be introduced in the panel exhibition at the venue. [Image 3

Venue display image
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Commentary on the “Kitamae-bune” (From “Fermentation Tourism Hokuriku” by Hiraku Ogura)
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Toyama “Asahi” fluttering tea (100g) 781 yen
This tea is made by fermenting the hard leaves of second tea harvested at the height of summer like compost. In Hirudani Village in Asahi-machi, Toyama Prefecture, there is a tradition of “flattering tea ceremonies” held by neighbors.
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Ishikawa “Arayo” Blowfish bran pickled bag (200g) 1,512 yen
Using a traditional recipe from around the Mikawa area, the ovaries of puffer fish, which has a deadly poison, are fermented to detoxify and become a delicious delicacy. It was invented by the Kaga clan, who devoted their passion to product development.
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Niigata “Mangoshiya” Ginjo Kanzuri 6 years preparation (70g) 1,080 yen, Kanzuri Mentaiko (per 100g) 1,296 yen
A fermented seasoning unique to the snow country, where chili peppers are exposed to snow and fermented for about 3 years in barrels. [Image 8

Fukui “Tamuracho” Heshiko-zuke mackerel (domestic, 1 fish) 3,780 yen A Hokuriku fermented food made by marinating seafood in rice bran. It was a valuable protein that was born to survive the winter on the coast of the Sea of ​​Japan, where rough seas make it impossible to go out for fishing.
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Nagano “Kaida Kogen Promotion Public Corporation” Sunki Chopped (200g) 501 yen Pickles that contain the flavor of lactic acid fermentation without using salt. It is a fermented food unique to the Kiso mountainous area at the foot of Mt.
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Hokkaido “Environmental Good” Kieru Indoor use (300ml) 1,210 yen The raw material is cow urine that surprises everyone! A deodorizing liquid created by fermenting with microorganisms. With the power of fermentation and microorganisms, it is an excellent product that suppresses odor-causing bacteria while maintaining a pleasant scent. [Image 15

https://web.hh-online.jp/hanshin/contents/str/20221102.html ■ Official Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/hanshin_1ffoodevent/?hl=ja

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