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Happy Co., Ltd. Launched “Happy Saiful (R)”, a flea market service for used clothes and bags!

Happy Co., Ltd.
Launched “Happy Saiful (R)”, a flea market service for used clothes and bags! “Happy Care Maintenance (R)” provides a new clothing environment service for the “relay cycle”

“Happy Care Maintenance (R)”, which reproduces clothing that is destined to be thrown away, will start “Happy Saiful (R)”, a flea market service that allows individuals to “buy and sell” second-hand clothing as if it were new, in October. Open from the 1st!
■ Background of the opening of the flea market service “Happy Saiful (R)” According to calculations from the data released by the Ministry of the Environment, the dissatisfaction market due to troubles in the sale of used clothing and accessories reaches approximately 171.6 billion yen, half of which (approximately 50%) is related to product conditions ( According to MMD Research Institute). Therefore, our company Happy has launched a new flea market service “Happy Saiful (R)” that utilizes our original clothing reproduction technology “Care Maintenance (R)”.
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“Saiful (R)” is an abbreviation coined for “Recycled Useful,” and our company “Happy” responsibly provides a “place” where individuals can buy and sell limited items of clothing and accessories that have been revived like new. increase.
The world’s first flea market app that makes both sellers and buyers happy by resolving dissatisfaction and troubles in buying and selling second-hand goods, “sellers” can sell at high prices, and “buyers” can buy at a much lower price than buying new items. Happy Saiful (R)”. We will contribute to customer satisfaction and global environmental conservation (carbon neutrality) by changing the dissatisfied market in second-hand goods sales into a satisfied market, reducing clothing and accessories that are destined to be discarded.
■ What is Happy Saiful (R)? Click here for details ↓ (landing page)
■ Features of “Happy Saiful (R)”
(1) Quality and condition guarantee of exhibited products by “Care Maintenance (R)”
(2) Easy use by transactions between sellers and buyers
(3) Convenience of using the “Care Maintenance (R)” database [Image 2

[Image 3

■ Website Overview
Site name: Happy Saiful (R)
Opening date: October 1
Usage fee: Seller → Care maintenance fee, shipping fee, Cyful usage fee Purchaser → Product purchase price
■ Company Profile
Company name: Happy Co., Ltd.
Representative: Hideo Hashimoto, Representative Director
Location: 〒611-0041
70-1 Megawa, Makishima-cho, Uji-shi, Kyoto
-Cleaning rush temple that provides clothing reproduction service “Care Maintenance (R)”-
Based on the world’s first cleaning technology “Aqua Dry (R)” that solves the technical problems of conventional cleaning, regeneration technology “Riplon (R)” such as removal of oxidized stains and yellowing, water repellent finishing etc. Advanced proprietary developments such as processing technology “Value ON (R)”, “leather grain reproduction processing” specializing in grain restoration and complementary colors of leather products, and advanced finishing technology “Silhouette Press (R)” that supports water-based cleaning. Our service quality, which makes full use of advanced maintenance technology and IT systems, is highly rated not only by general consumers, but also by department stores and famous fashion brands around the world.
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