Head to Shinshu to eat new soba! Togakushi Soba Festival Held from October 31st (Monday) Hotel Tangram Sales o f accommodation plans with tickets for “Hanzaru eating tour” started

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Head to Shinshu to eat new soba! Togakushi Soba Festival Held from October 31st (Monday) [Hotel Tangram] Sales of accommodation plans with tickets for “Hanzaru eating tour” started

At Hotel Tangram (Shinano-machi, Nagano Prefecture, General Manager: Masayuki Kosugi, hereinafter referred to as “Tangram”), the 53rd Togakushi will be held in Togakushi in order to convey the charm of the region and introduce customers to experiences unique to Shinshu. We are pleased to announce that we will start selling accommodation plans with tickets for the “Hanzaru Eating Around” ticket for the Soba Festival from Wednesday, October 5th.
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Experience the “Hanzaru Eating Walking” event of the “Togakushi Soba Festival” to offer new autumn soba to the god of Togakushi
In Togakushi, the production area of ​​Togakushi soba, which is counted as one of the three major soba in Japan, the “Togakushi Soba Festival” is held every autumn to offer soba to the god of Togakushi. In connection with this festival, a limited number of “Hanzaru Eating Walking” tickets will be sold that allow you to eat half the soba (half the amount of soba for one person) at 4 participating soba shops. Tickets are only sold at stores that sell tickets, but this time, we will sell accommodation plans that include tickets as a set at Tangram, limited to 30 people. Tickets are available on weekdays between Wednesday, November 2nd and Friday, November 25th. In addition, the ticket can be used across days.
Togakushi is home to many well-known soba restaurants, and each restaurant has its own uniqueness in the thickness of the noodles and the flavor of the broth. For those of you who want to try different kinds of soba, but can’t visit all the shops, you can use the “Hanzaru eating tour” ticket to enjoy the soba of the shops you care about all at once. Why not take this opportunity to find your favorite flavor? What is “Togakushi Soba Festival”?
In autumn, local people and tourists who are involved in Togakushi soba can enjoy the autumn harvest together, giving thanks for the year’s soba harvest and the tools they use every day under the god enshrined at Togakushi Shrine. It is a festival to celebrate and taste delicious soba. The 53rd Togakushi Soba Festival will be held from October 3rd (Monday) to November 25th (Friday).
Accommodation plan overview
Plan name: [Limited to 30 people] New soba season has arrived! Togakushi soba eating tour plan
Contents: 1 night with 2 meals (morning and evening buffet) + “Hanzaru eating tour” ticket for the Togakushi Soba Festival
Price: From 13,800 yen (tax included) per adult per night
Target period: Accommodation from November 1st (Tuesday) to November 21st (Monday)
Blackout dates: Fridays, Saturdays, and Wednesday, November 2nd Reservation method:
Tangram official website https://www.tangram.jp
Telephone 026-258-3511 (hotel representative)
*“Hanzaru eating tour” will be held only on weekdays from November 2nd (Wednesday) to November 25th (Friday)
*Tickets for “Hanzaru eating while walking” will be handed over at check-in. ■Facility Overview -Tangram URL: https://www.tangram.jp-
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Tangram is a highland resort located on Mt. Madarao in northern Nagano Prefecture. It is a stay-type snow resort where you can ski, stay and play. All hotel rooms are 40 square meters or more, so you can spend a relaxing time. In addition to Western-style rooms, we have a variety of room types to meet your needs, including Japanese-style rooms, Japanese-Western style rooms, special rooms of 80 square meters, pet-friendly rooms where you can stay with pets, and bicycle rooms where you can stay with bicycles. The hot spring bath is equipped with an open-air bath and a sauna, so you can relax after a long day. Location: 3575-8 Furuumi, Shinano-cho, Kamiminochi-gun, Nagano 389-1302 traffic:
[Car] About 20 minutes from Joshinetsu Expressway Shinanomachi IC (10km) [By train] Transfer at JR Nagano Station and take a bus from Shinano Railway Kurohime Station for about 25 minutes
Major Facilities: Hotel Tangram, Tangram Ski Circus, Madarao Tokyu Golf Club, Nojiri Lake Terrace, Tangram Lavender Park, Tokyu Harvest Club Madarao, Hotel Harvest Madarao, Restaurant ZIGZAG, Free Dock Run

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