Held the first event Minna to Tsunage Night to support rural migration!

ENGAWA Co., Ltd.
Held the first event [Minna to Tsunage Night] to support rural migration! Enjoy and live in the area. Special lectures by two leading figures in promoting new lifestyles.

ENGAWA Co., Ltd. (read as Engawa, President: Takanobu Ushiyama, hereinafter referred to as “our company”) aims to “shed a spotlight on the hidden charms of Japan’s regions and convey valuable information”, For those who are interested in how to enjoy a trip that is one step closer to connecting with people and local lifestyles, by conveying its appeal and real information, we hope that migration and multi-site living will be seen as a more familiar option. We will hold the event “Everyone and Tsunage Night”.
Application form: https://fukuju-style.jp/2765
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■ Overview
Date: Thursday, October 27, 2022, starting at 19:30
Venue: Roppongi Hills 31F “AnyMind Japan” office
* Held in a hybrid format of online and real
Participation fee: Free
Number of people: Venue capacity: 40 people
60 people online
Target participants: Those who are interested in migration/multi-site residence, workation, telework, etc.
・ I want to know how to enjoy a new trip that connects with the locals, one step beyond travel.
 ・ The word workation is popular, but how is it actually?
・ I want to know the lifestyle of people who actually live in two locations. I am also concerned about the cost.
■ Schedule
18:30 Doors open
* We have set up a consultation booth for local governments to participate until closing.
19:30 Start / Greeting from the organizer Ikeda Taishi (conceptor of multi-residential style)
19:35 Special Lecture 1. “Local Connected by Travel Subscriptions” Mr. Ryo Osera 20:00 Special lecture 2. “Local connected with workation” Hiroshi Amano 20:25 Lecture “Local living in multiple locations” Ikeda Taishi (multi-residential style conceptor)
20:40 Introduction of guests from local municipalities
21:30 end
22:00 closed
*Schedule is subject to change.
Application form: https://peatix.com/event/3373677
■ What is Minna to Tsunage Night?
From April 2022, ENGAWA Co., Ltd. and Eiwa Publishing Co., Ltd. have started joint operation of the website “Multijudgment Style”. In August 2022, the communication platform “Tsunagite” will be launched on the “multiple residence style” site. Local governments and public bodies that are active in promoting migration can now transmit local attractions and event information in real time to site visitors who are interested in migration and multi-site living. rice field. Such new services and useful content for young people and child-rearing generations who are thinking about moving have been well received, and “multi-residential style” is still growing, with access increasing more than 20 times in the last 6 months. ‘s site.
This time, we have received many requests from local governments and site visitors, saying, “I want an opportunity to communicate in real life.”
Ikeda Taishi, a multi-residential style who practices multi-location living, will moderate and give a lecture, and Mr. Ryo Osera and Mr. Hiroshi Amano, who are active on the front lines in connecting Japanese cities and locals as special speakers. , and invite people from the municipalities who know the charm of the local area best to talk about the real life. For participants, we will provide you with the opportunity to learn tips to find your favorite local through travel and to consider migration and multi-site residence as a more familiar option.
■ Speaker information
[Image 2d17308-63-5ca1bc99beb2374fa966-2.jpg&s3=17308-63-bc1678249e7014774bb5a782a6880019-360x360.jpg
◆ Mr. Ryosuke Osera
Co-Founder of Travel Subscription HafH
Born in Nagasaki in 1983. After graduating from Tsukuba University in 2007, joined Dentsu. Since 2015, he has been working as the first social media staff member of the Prime Minister’s Office. In April 2019, the flat-rate accommodation service “HafH” was launched. In September of the same year, he left Dentsu. From April 2018 to March 2021, he was also appointed as Tsukuba City Community Development Advisor.
[Image 3d17308-63-1ae1c77f8b39bbbd53a1-1.jpg&s3=17308-63-c0553cc746f98a0a7f0eb2dd9f1eaef7-720x720.jpg
◆ Hiroshi Amano
Japan’s first workation promoter
Advisor of Japan Workation Association
In 2008, he entered the Ministry of Internal Affairs and
Communications. From 2016 to 2019, he was seconded to the Wakayama Prefectural Government, advocating and implementing Japan’s first workation measures (the world’s first workation forum, parent-child workation business, etc.). In 2019, he worked on the flat-rate accommodation service “HafH” and retired from the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications in 2021. Currently, he travels all over Japan, discovering local charms and spending his days doing
workcations. I like big cats.
■ Municipalities
・ Kitayama Village, Wakayama Prefecture
The only enclave village in Japan located in the southern part of the Kii Peninsula, a small village with a population of about 400 people. Japan’s only raft descent and the birthplace of the elusive citrus “Jabara”. About 3 hours by car from Osaka.
・ Mihama Town, Mie Prefecture
Located in the southern part of the Kii Peninsula, it is warm all year round and is a town where mandarin oranges can be harvested all year round. With a population of about 8,000, agriculture is thriving. It is a town that has the Kumano Kodo World Heritage Site and an increasing number of immigrants from the city, and is about 3 hours by car from Nagoya.
■ What is “dual house style”?
[Image 4d17308-63-651fbd97286803dd9c43-6.jpg&s3=17308-63-fb40ff66a2290f62f3c68a44edebae2d-894x278.jpg
Multiple residence style (Fukuju style) is a magazine / web media that started in May 2020 to support rural migration. Due to the spread of new lifestyles, it is becoming possible to realize various forms of migration, such as living in two bases and weekend migration, in addition to the conventional permanent migration. We are disseminating information to support those who are interested and those who aim to live in multiple locations.
WEB: https://fukuju-style.jp/
■ About Eiwa Publishing Co., Ltd.
[Image 5d17308-63-945de9743041febf15da-4.jpg&s3=17308-63-0cc64054e0dc60f352c54b1d3e2dfbcc-196x61.jpg
Established in 1994. A general publishing company that sells a wide range of magazines and mooks, such as puzzle magazines, Korean books, and health-related books, and produces and sells videos.
URL: https://www.eiwa-inc.com/
■ About ENGAWA Co., Ltd.
[Image 6d17308-63-8133555c00d9190df888-3.jpg&s3=17308-63-eeb1ee54b95c35be78860a418d70f60b-200x37.jpg
A marketing company that conveys Japan’s valuable objects to people around the world and creates scenes that many foreigners and Japanese can sympathize with and be impressed. Management of English-language media “Tokyo Weekender” with a history of 52 years since its publication in 1970, foreign KOL / influencer marketing, operation of OMOTENASHI Selection that disseminates attractive Japanese products and services, etc. for overseas and inbound. We support communication. URL: https://engawa.global/

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