HENNGE/Henge Produced “Josei Sugoroku” with the theme of the information system department-Experience session held on October 20-

HENNGE Co., Ltd.
Produced “Josei Sugoroku” with the theme of the information system department-October 20th, held a trial session-

HENNGE Inc. (Headquarters: Shibuya-ku, Tokyo, President: Kazuhiro Ogura) has created an original board game “Josi Sugoroku” with the theme of “there is” in the information system department. It will be unveiled for the first time at the “HENNGE NOW!” business conference for corporate information system departments to be held in Tokyo on October 20 (Thursday), and a Sugoroku trial session will be held. [Image 1d7098-134-7b5c08adfde785ab353a-0.jpg&s3=7098-134-066a4aa739d0e870d85192c3accdf142-1000x750.jpg
About Joshisu Sugoroku
“Josisu Sugoroku” is a four-player sugoroku game where you roll the dice and advance the squares. Players are “information system department employees who have just changed jobs”, and the rule is that the person who can spend the most peaceful month (leaving physical strength) wins while dealing with events and troubles that tend to occur in the emotional system.
Specifically, in the early morning, I got a message on the answering machine saying, ‘I lost my company mobile phone.’ We will aim for the goal while helping each other. Not only can you relive the work of the information system, but you can also feel the horizontal connections between the information system and the goodness of the community, so you can create opportunities for interaction between information systems and other departments. We can help you understand your business.
In addition to holding trial sessions at the business conference “HENNGE NOW!” (https://hennge.com/jp/now/), HENNGE user community “chameleon” (https://hennge.com/ jp/service/one/chameleon/) events, etc. There are currently no plans to release it as a board game. [Image 2d7098-134-3d047dfebd7c00786b5d-1.jpg&s3=7098-134-3412c5ea8cd4a517e13fe4a5a5d53930-1000x750.jpg
About production background
HENNGE has been operating the user community “chameleon”
(https://hennge.com/jp/service/one/chameleon/) as a place for user interaction, and online communication even during the corona crisis. continues. On the other hand, we would like to increase opportunities for offline face-to-face communication after the corona convergence. “Jojo Sisu Sugoroku” was devised with the idea that when users interact offline, it would be an opportunity to deepen their friendship through “common topics” such as the work of some and Jo Sisu. Based on the voices of users who are emotional systems, we collected “something” and real experiences, and completed it after about eight months of development.
Comments from the production team
“I planned and produced the game with the hope that it would be more fun for the emotional system and that it would be a game where they could get along with each other. I would like you to play it once and experience it.”
Corporate Communications Division, Marketing Section, Section Manager Shinsuke Itagaki
This is a participatory event where everyone from the information system department gathers to share and solve problems that the information system department has. In 2022, it will be held at a real venue for the first time in three years with the theme of “+1 (plus one) to accelerate SaaS”.
We have prepared many mechanisms for participants to co-create and change, which can be experienced because it is a real event. Please join us.
Date: October 20, 2022 (Thursday) 15:00-19:30 (14:30- Reception starts) Venue: ANA Intercontinental Hotel Tokyo (1-12-33 Akasaka, Minato-ku, Tokyo) Organizer: HENNGE Co., Ltd.
Target: Those who work in the information system department of a company Participation fee: Free (pre-registration required)
* Participation in this event will be a lottery system. Please note. Click here for details: Event site (https://hennge.com/jp/now/) About HENNGE Co., Ltd.
Established in November 1996. We are a SaaS company that develops and sells unique services that bridge the gap between technology and reality, based on the philosophy of “changing the world by liberating technology.” We provide “HENNGE One,” a cloud security service that integrates and manages IDs and passwords for multiple cloud services, “Customers Mail Cloud,” a cloud-based email distribution service, and “SumaMachi,” a two-way communication service for local governments and residents. . Listed on the Tokyo Stock Exchange Mothers market in October 2019. In April 2022, it will move to the TSE growth market. The company name “HENNGE” combines “HENNKA” and “CHALLENGE” to express our determination to take on all kinds of changes.
Company name: HENNGE Co., Ltd.
Securities code: 4475
Location: Daiwa Shibuya Square, 16-28 Nanpeidaicho, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo Representative: Kazuhiro Ogura, President and Representative Director URL: https://hennge.com/
-Inquiries regarding this release-
HENNGE Co., Ltd.
Corporate Communication Division
TEL: 03-6415-3660
E-mail: info@hennge.com Person in charge: Yano
*Company names, product names, and service names described in this press release are trademarks or registered trademarks of our company, companies, or organizations.
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