Hidaka Village, Kochi Prefecture is the best 4 in the 2022 “Summer Digi Takoshien” implementation category

Hidaka Village
Hidaka Village, Kochi Prefecture is the best 4 in the 2022 “Summer Digi Takoshien” implementation category
Received a trophy and the Cabinet Secretariat’s first NFT as a supplementary prize

Hidaka Village widely recruits local governments nationwide to use digital technology to solve individual problems in the region, and will be awarded the “Summer Digi Takoshien”, which awards particularly excellent ones. Participated in the finals as a representative, and was selected as the best 4 in the implementation category (a society that leaves no one behind) as a result of Internet voting by the public and a review panel by experts.
As a supplementary prize, I received a trophy and the Cabinet Secretariat’s first NFT. In addition, the NFT is posted on the display in front of the planning department of our government building, so please take a look when you come.
Supplementary NFT
[Image 1

■Overview of Hidaka village’s selected efforts
Aiming for 100% smartphone penetration rate for the first time in Japan “Digitalization project for the whole village”
[Overview of digital initiatives]
・In May 2021, as an initiative to achieve the prerequisites for DX conversion and to empower the residents themselves, a comprehensive agreement was signed with Change Co., Ltd. and KDDI Co., Ltd., and a local government declaration aiming for 100% smartphone penetration rate for the first time in Japan. and started the “Village Whole Digitalization Project”.
・As the pillars of the business outline, we will develop the “smartphone popularization project” and the “improvement project for the quality of life of residents.” In addition, it also led to a movement to study the project academically, and KDDI Research Institute and the University of Kochi carried out a joint research project in parallel.
・In addition, we have implemented derivative efforts involving multiple stakeholders and residents, such as a digitalization demonstration project for shopping support, a project to improve IT literacy for staff, operation support through mutual assistance among residents, and the construction of a system for solving problems. ing. ・In addition, while continuing the business this year, we are also implementing a “digitalization promotion campaign” with the aim of popularizing My Number cards.
[Results of efforts] Smartphone penetration rate
・Nominal penetration rate: 64.5% (as of R2.5) → 75.7% (as of October R3) → 79.7% (as of June R4)
(As a result of the project implementation period of about 6 months, the penetration rate has improved by more than 10% (improved by 15% in one year). was successful)
・Actual penetration rate: 86.0% (calculated by excluding residents aged 0 to 9, moderately disabled or higher, and certified care level 4 or higher from the denominator)
[Image 2

[Background and motivation for implementation]
・Aiming to improve the quality of life of residents using digital technology with the keyword of “empowerment of residents” for a future where it will be difficult to maintain and improve administrative services in the face of a declining population, declining birthrate and aging population. I was. Considering that it is necessary to acquire a smartphone as a prerequisite for this, including DX conversion, and to be able to use it on a daily basis, we conducted a survey of the smartphone penetration rate in May 2020, and from the survey results, After creating the business outline, we made a proposal. In addition, as one of the overall images of the proposal, we also advocate “creating a case that will be a role model for other local governments”, and actively provide information to other local governments and accept inspections, contributing to the DX
transformation of society. We aim to become a community that can contribute.
[Specific contents of the problem to be solved]
・Mission: Complete preparations for Society 5.0 society by preparing the prerequisites for DX and promoting the empowerment of residents. ・Phase 0: Smartphone penetration rate of 100% and active rate of 100% 1 Regarding the 100% penetration rate of smartphones (from
questionnaire survey results)
Issue 1st: Not necessary, 2nd: I don’t know how to use it, 3rd: Expensive Regarding issue 1, the layer that has not yet spread smartphones is the “digital division layer”, and in the first place, there are many people who are weak in information, and they do not even know that the Garake will disappear. Conducted a smartphone trial session. As for 2, we will set up a counseling center to enable people to consult with us about their problems at any time, and we will hold smartphone classes about three times a month. In 2021, we also utilized the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications’ digital activity support promotion project, and held classrooms and consultation sessions in parallel with residents’ daily lives. 3 can be divided into “purchase costs” and “running costs”, so in order to reduce the self-pay burden for purchases, the purchase costs will be supported in local currency, and the running costs will be returned to the local currency according to the health activity points. Introduced a mechanism that can be done and dealt with each issue.
2 100% smartphone active rate
As a project to improve the quality of life, we are developing initiatives using smartphones in the three fields of “health,” “disaster prevention,” and “information.” Rather than just measures for using smartphones, we selected functions that promote efforts to protect one’s own life as an absolutely necessary function. In particular, in the health business, we use Trust Bank Co., Ltd.’s local currency service to promote health activities. We hold briefing sessions and trial sessions on how to use each app.
Initiative introduction video: URL:
About summer Digi Takoshien
“Summer Digi Takoshien” aims to motivate various entities working on the realization of the Digital Garden City National Concept, to raise public interest in the concept, to solve local issues, and to improve the attractiveness of the region by utilizing digital technology. With the aim of revitalizing the region by making the most of its individuality, the awards are given to local governments, which are the core players in the region, for outstanding initiatives that are full of originality and ingenuity.
Official website: https://www.cas.go.jp/jp/seisaku/digital_denen/koushien.html ■ About NFT (Non-Fungible Token)
NFT is an irreplaceable digital data that gives unique and independent value to digital data such as images and sounds that are easy to copy by utilizing blockchain technology. This time, we have received NFT issued as a non-transferable token on the Ethereum blockchain. Latest press release on Hidaka Village
Consolidation of residents’ needs using quadratic voting, etc. in the health app development business
https://prtimes.jp/main/action.php?run=html&page=releasedetail&company_id=33931&release_id=22&owner=1 Commencement of health business initiatives utilizing “Marugoto Digital” and establishment of a consortium implementation system
https://prtimes.jp/main/action.php?run=html&page=releasedetail&company_id=33931&release_id=21&owner=1 Started accepting applications for the second phase of the
demonstration project development base “Marugoto Digital”
https://prtimes.jp/main/action.php?run=html&page=releasedetail&company_id=33931&release_id=19&owner=1 Details about this release:


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