High school career survey release High school student survey While choosing a high school based on deviation and distance, there is a tendency to seek practical skills such as communication skills

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[High school student survey] While choosing a high school based on deviation and distance, there is a tendency to seek practical skills such as communication skills
Individual education Seifukan High School announces survey results on high school selection and career path of 202 high school students
Seifukan High School (hereafter referred to as Seifukan) is a new type of high school that is scheduled to open in Akashi City in April 2023. , conducted a questionnaire survey of 202 high school students about the high school education they want and the skills they want to acquire. (Note 1) Although there is a tendency to seek skills that are not limited to the so-called 5 subjects such as communication skills, and are looking for skills that focus on the ability to be a member of society, many high school students wish to go on to university. I answered.
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Current high school selection is based only on physical distance and academic ability
In a survey on why they chose the high school they are currently attending, the most common answer was “school deviation”, followed by “distance from home” and “school style”. It is thought that there are many methods of selecting school candidates from deviation values ​​and commuting time and deciding on school style.
In addition, 25% of the respondents chose “because my parents or teachers told me” or “somehow”, revealing the percentage of students who did not choose their own high school.
On the other hand, I also learned that very few students consider the school’s educational policies and class content, such as the curriculum, as criteria for choosing a school. In high school selection, it seems that there are few cases in which students themselves examine the content of their education and make decisions. [Image 2d106384-4-190f33e8ce2f91e7809c-2.png&s3=106384-4-ea6fab68db2c8dab1e1f410f4ffcd02d-600x400.png

Communication is what I want to learn in high school
When asked about the skills they would like to acquire in high school life, about 40% of high school students improved their communication skills. In addition, there is a tendency to want to learn skills that will lead to future jobs, such as presentation skills and English skills.
In addition, the percentage of students who answered that they want to learn programming is small, and while there are many responses to general-purpose skills, it seems that there are few students who want highly specialized skills.
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There are many different words for the ideal high school
As a result of asking the question, “What kind of high school is your ideal high school?” in a free description, many answers were given with keywords such as “freedom” and “individuality.” In particular, we received a great many requests for a school that not only does not restrict students, but also respects their autonomy in learning. Example answer
・ A high school where you can freely do what you like
– Respects individual ideas and desires
・Each student can demonstrate their individuality, teach the importance of individuality, do not set more rules than necessary, and let students know that what is not good is not good
・You can choose the subjects you want to take. You can decide when to post. You can choose your teacher. There are no useless rules. online ok. Little homework. I fully support what I want to do.
About 83% of students want to go on to university
83% of high school students wish to go on to university after graduating from high school.
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I want to improve my skills even in high school life, but I don’t choose high school based on what I learn
According to the survey results, high school students want to go on to university, which is advantageous for their future careers and employment, while also seeking an environment where they can improve their skills even during high school life.
On the other hand, regarding high school selection, it became clear that distance and deviation were the main reasons for selection, and that the skills and curriculum that could be learned were not the reasons for selection.
In order to realize proactive learning, it is essential to select a school that can realize what students want to learn, in addition to deviation scores and school culture.
For schools as well, not only for parents but also for students, providing information that allows students to imagine their own future, such as attractive educational policies and a curriculum that is not just knowledge, will help foster the independence of students. If it is connected, it is considered that the survey results are clear.
(Note 1) Conducted in April 2022 at Seifukan High School for high school students nationwide via the Internet. Aggregated based on responses from 47 first-year high school students, 118 second-year high school students, and 37 third-year high school students Voices of high school students who responded to the questionnaire [Image 5d106384-4-914ae644c150c4a4bf10-4.jpg&s3=106384-4-1f579407c1eee6203a8fe1831d8105ab-3900x3900.jpg
2nd year high school Yukiha
The skill I want to acquire in high school is the communication ability that will allow me to bring the team together and grow when I become a leader. I am the class president, but I sometimes end up leaving things up to the teacher because I can’t organize my opinions well or deal with problems when they arise. Even after becoming an adult, I think I have the experience of pulling people around as a leader, so I want to be able to do it now.
“Seifukan High School” will open in April 2023, cultivating the ability to live like yourself
Seifukan High School, which is scheduled to open in Akashi City in April 2023, has the philosophy of “respecting the individuality of each student and cultivating the ability to live in their own way”. (Former: AO entrance examination), we support students to face their individuality and design their careers, including university admission. Through 1on1 and PBL, we will provide many opportunities throughout the year for students to discover and develop their skills. Below are the main characteristics of the school.
■ Weekly 1on1 including external mentors
Weekly one-on-one interviews between teachers and specialized mentors outside the university. Through opportunities for dialogue, face yourself, recognize your uniqueness, and connect it to opportunities for growth.
■ Project-type programs through regional revitalization and corporate collaboration with local governments
Cultivate the ability to live in society through PBL with local governments and famous companies. Local revitalization projects are already underway with local governments and universities in six areas, and a joint PBL with a well-known company is also being prepared. ■ Comprehensive career guidance such as comprehensive selection, entrepreneurship support, and overseas admission support
At Seifukan, the comprehensive selection of professionals has laid the foundation for career guidance, and it is also characterized by the fact that you can aim for university admission with Japan’s top class know-how. Representatives Okauchi and Fujiwara have a track record of producing more than 800 successful students, including Waseda-Keio Sophia, GMARCH, Sekiseki, and national and public schools. In addition to domestic education, we also provide comprehensive support for students to choose a career path that suits them, such as “employment support”, “entrepreneurship support”, and “overseas advancement support”.
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We are holding a school information session for the 1st batch of students enrolled in April 2011.
Saturday, October 22, 13:30-15:00
Saturday, November 19, 13:30-15:00
*Individual consultation is also available
held online
・ How to apply for a briefing session
Please apply using the form below.
*Individual consultation form
・School overview
School name: Seifukan High School
URL: https://seifukan-gakuin.com
Location: Application pending near Akashi Station
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