Hikari Miso x Suntory Collaborates on “Hatsumono” “Miso Nouveau Shojuku” 2022 Edition x “SUNTORY FRO M FARM Japanese New Sake 2022”

Hikari Miso Co., Ltd.
Hikari Miso x Suntory Collaborates on “Hatsumono” “Miso Nouveau Shojuku” 2022 Edition x “SUNTORY FROM FARM Japanese New Sake 2022” Released a collaboration recipe that allows you to enjoy a new combination of “miso” and “wine”

Hikari Miso Co., Ltd. (Shimosuwa-cho, Suwa-gun, Nagano Prefecture, President Yoshihiro Hayashi) released the 2022 version of “Miso Nouveau Hatsunari” on Saturday, October 1, 2022, and Suntory Co., Ltd. will collaborate with Japanese wine “SUNTORY FROM FARM Japanese New Sake 2022”, which will be released nationwide from November 3, 2022 (Thursday). An original recipe that takes advantage of the taste of miso and goes well with wine will be released on October 3, 2022 (Monday) on the official brand site of “Miso Nouveau Hatsujuku”. [Image 1d22493-199-ce2d531bf14e5cdf4803-9.jpg&s3=22493-199-68d78fa5d11b3fd3f8a3d5414e58f8c8-826x551.jpg
Hikari Miso x Suntory develops a collaboration recipe using “first things” Last year, we released miso “Miso Nouveau Shojuku” with a new concept of “the first time of miso”, and it was well received as a new autumn tradition that can only be tasted at this time of year. On October 1, 2022 (Saturday), the 2022 edition of “Miso Nouveau Early Mature” will be released in limited quantity and for a limited time. In addition, this year Suntory Ltd. launched a new brand, SUNTORY FROM FARM, to convey the charm of Japanese wine, which is sake made with the skill and love of the makers in the Japanese climate, to more customers. “Japanese New Sake Koshu 2022” and “Japanese New Sake Muscat Bailey A Rose 2022”, which contain the fresh taste and seasonal joy of fresh grapes, will be released on Thursday, November 3, 2022. “Miso Nouveau Hatsujuku”, which is prepared using the traditional Taikan preparation method and uses domestic new rice and new grain soybeans, and “SUNTORY FROM FARM”, a domestic wine developed using seasonal grapes. There are common characteristics such as “domestic production”, “first product”, and “product created by craftsmen’s commitment”, and the original recipe development was realized through this collaboration.
 Original recipes using “Miso Nouveau Hatsujuku” that match each wine will be published on the official brand site of “Miso Nouveau Hatsujuku” and Suntory’s EC site “Wine Biyori FROM FARM”.
You can enjoy a new combination of recipes that make use of the fresh taste of “miso” and “wine” that has the same fresh aroma. Please try it at home and experience a new Japanese food culture with first-time products.
“Miso Nouveau Hatsunari” Official Brand Site:
Suntory “Wine Biyori FROM FARM” (*): https://japan-wine.direct.suntory.co.jp/ * The collaboration recipe will be released from November 3, 2022 Recipe details page:
https://www.hikarimiso.co.jp/nouveau_hatsunari/images/pdf/suntory_collaboration2022.pdf Recipe 1. Marriage of “Buri no Miso Tartar” and “New Japanese Sake Koshu 2022” [Image 2d22493-199-30e9744aac314f3dd41f-10.jpg&s3=22493-199-68e9b2708d507e9fd2cdb53d8e7a5e35-875x304.jpg
The yellowtail sashimi and potherb vegetable tartare are seasoned with miso for a rich flavor. A dish that goes well with clean wine. Recipe 2. Marriage of “Mushroom wrapped in paper with miso” and “New Japanese sake Muscat Bailey A Rosé 2022”
[Image 3d22493-199-283c65b0186719563228-11.jpg&s3=22493-199-64da28e3c1db963527e1c617ef6b7d35-884x302.jpg
It is a style of eating mushrooms with the scent of bay leaf mixed with miso. The rich umami of mushrooms and bacon complements the gorgeous wine flavor.
◆ “Miso Nouveau Early Ripe” 2022
[Image 4d22493-199-5eb9e4f40911940bbf1a-12.jpg&s3=22493-199-5277d58074b56c50234d2bc44a41d1cb-297x319.jpg
This naturally brewed miso has a new concept of “the first miso”, with “nouveau” meaning “new” in French. “Miso Nouveau Hatsujuku” is characterized by its youthful taste, and it is a miso that has a different taste each year depending on the weather and the condition of the ingredients. In 2022, the temperature from winter to spring was lower than last year, so it is thought that the saccharification of koji and the decomposition of protein progressed slowly during the fermentation process. As a result, the flavor and texture of the ingredients remain, resulting in an elegant miso with a fluffy texture. It is a non-heated, additive-free miso made with carefully selected domestic ingredients that bring out the deliciousness of the ingredients.
“Miso nouveau early ripe” official brand site:
◆ Suntory “SUNTORY FROM FARM Japanese New Sake 2022”
A wine brewed at Tominooka Winery that captures the fresh taste of freshly picked grapes and the joy of the season.
We use 100% grapes unique to Japan from Yamanashi Prefecture and create a flavor that goes well with Japanese seasonal meals. [Image 5d22493-199-9d8dac8a46d726066dc0-13.jpg&s3=22493-199-d0b32cf21b88d0c42b1f26a9d174fd74-291x456.jpg

-SUNTORY FROM FARM New Japanese Sake Koshu 2022-
White/Spicy 750ml
The refreshing scent and sourness of Japanese citrus fruits make you feel gorgeous.
-SUNTORY FROM FARM Japanese New Sake Muscat Bailey A Rosé 2022- Rosé/slightly dry 750ml
It has a good balance of faint sweetness and refreshing acidity, and it has a fruity and exciting taste.
-Customer Inquiries-
Hikari Miso Co., Ltd. Customer Service Office TEL: 03-5940-8850 Details about this release:


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