“Hikari no Mori ~Night Art Walk~” is being held at Mt. Rokko, Kobe A night-only experience-based art work that you can enjoy in nature! There is also a workshop to draw a smile and participate in the work

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“Hikari no Mori ~Night Art Walk~” is being held at Mt. Rokko, Kobe A night-only experience-based art work that you can enjoy in nature! There is also a workshop to draw a smile and participate in the work
Rokkosan Kanko Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Kobe City, President: Kimihiko Teranishi) is holding a contemporary art exhibition “Rokko Meets Art Art Walk 2022” until November 23 (Wednesday / holiday).
The Rokko Alpine Botanical Garden and the ROKKO Forest Sound Museum will be open at night only on weekends and holidays from September 23 (Friday/holiday). ” is being held. Kyota Taka (*1), an artist who develops works using light and video, has released a new experiential art work. See below for details of the work.
“Hikari no Mori ~Night Art Walk~” Night Limited Works
■ High (*1) Kyota Hashi ≪Kira★Kira★Kirari-Find the night paints! ~≫Rokko Alpine Botanical Garden
[Image 1

This work is a new work by Kyota Hashi (*1), an experience-based art work in which visitors go around the park and collect glittering colored pieces.
When you go around all five “fountains of light” (photo 1) in the park and reach the goal point (photo 2), you can enjoy your own special light production (photo 3) along with music. increase. It is a work that allows visitors to have a more impressive experience by actively engaging with the work. It can be enjoyed by people of all ages, including small children.
Taka (*1) Kyota Hashi <

This work is a work of light created by inserting a small LED light into a fruit bag with a smiling face drawn on it. increase.
The night view is created by the participation of each person, and it is an exhibition work that creates a lot of smiles and healing scenery. The area will be filled with gentle harmony music to create a space surrounded by warm light and sound.
[Image 3

This time, 2,500 people’s “Hikari no Mi” will be replaced and will be reborn as a new smiling “Hikari no Mi” from October 22nd. “Hikari no Mi” workshop held
[Image 4

[Date and time] Saturday, October 22, 13: 00-16: 00 (ends as soon as the planned number is reached)
[Location] ROKKO Forest Sound Museum
[Participation fee] Free (Facility admission fee is required separately) [Details] Customers draw a smile on a fruit bag, and after
incorporating LED lights inside, decorate it on a tree. It will be exhibited as part of the work until the end of the exhibition. artist profile
[Image 5

Artist name: Kyota Takahashi (*1)

10/23 (Sun), 11/6 (Sun), 11/20 (Sun) *Cancelled in case of rain 【reception】
Meet at 5:30 p.m. Check-in at Kaze no Kyokai area
Ends at 18:40 Rokko Cable Sanjo Station
Meet at 17:00 Reception at Kaze no Kyokai area
Ends at 18:10 Rokko Cable Sanjo Station
[Participation fee] 500 yen (tax included, event insurance
subscription fee included)
*This project is an event limited to those who have an appreciation passport. Please show your appreciation passport at the reception. (Do not stamp.)
* Please see the official website for the status of the event due to weather conditions.
Overview of “Rokko Meets Art Art Walk 2022 Hikari no Mori-Night Art Walk-” [Exhibition period] Saturdays, Sundays and holidays from September 23 (Friday / holiday) to November 23 (Wednesday / holiday), 2022 [Time] 17:00-20:00 (passport sales end at 19:00, final entry at 19:30) [Venue] ROKKO Forest Sound Museum, Rokko Alpine Botanical Garden 【price】
Night Pass Adults 1,600 yen, Children 800 yen
Passport with night pass Adults 3,300 yen Children 1,400 yen * Adults (junior high school students and above), children (4 years old to elementary school students)
*Viewing passports with night passes are available for paid venues ≪Natural Experience Observatory Rokko Shidare, Rokko Alpine Botanical Garden, ROKKO Forest Sound Museum, Church of the Wind Area (Rokkosan Art Theater/Art Center), Rokkosan Silence Resort (former Rokkosan Hotel)≫ This is a passport that includes admission and admission to the “Hikari no Mori ~Night Art Walk~” venue where nighttime works will be exhibited for a limited time.
■ Suspension and alternative bus service due to Rokko cable car failure Rokko Cable is currently out of service due to vehicle failure, and we are operating alternative buses until the service resumes. The first train for both up and down trains runs from 7:00 to 20:45. When boarding, a fare of [one way: 600 yen for adults, 300 yen for children] is required. Please note that the number of seats on the bus is limited, so you may have to wait during busy times. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.
(*1) High ladder
Rokkosan Portal Site: https://www.rokkosan.com
Release https://www.hankyu-hanshin.co.jp/release/docs/71b54c11cf4181918b0e4d00bb3393bcfb976c90.pdf Publisher: Hankyu Hanshin Holdings
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