Hilton Nagoya Holds “Santa’s Christmas Tea Party”, a sweets buffet where you can enjoy a gorgeous crimson and international Christmas

Nagoya Hilton Co., Ltd.
Hilton Nagoya Holds “Santa’s Christmas Tea Party”, a sweets buffet where you can enjoy a gorgeous crimson and international Christmas
Hilton Nagoya (Nagoya City, Aichi Prefecture, General Manager Sunit Rajan) will be open from November 5th (Sat) to December 25th (Sun), 2022, from Thursdays to Sundays and holidays only. -3 (Three Three)” will hold a Christmas sweets buffet “Santa’s Christmas Tea Party”. [Image 1

Christmas is an exciting festive season when Santa Claus delivers presents to children around the world. We invite you to the “Santa’s Christmas Tea Party”, a collection of traditional Christmas sweets from 9 countries carefully selected by Hilton Nagoya pastry chef Mamoru Watanabe from various countries visited by Santa Claus on his journey to deliver presents.
At the popular live station, the chef cuts the “Pistachio and Amarena Cherry Millefeuille” (France) in front of you. I’ll take it apart. The “Gingerbread House” (Germany) modeled after Santa Claus’s house and the “Speculos Christmas Cookies” (Belgium) made with almond dough using spices such as Speculos are lined up together, allowing you to enjoy the atmosphere of the European cityscape. In addition, there are 18 types of international sweets such as “Taiwan castella (matcha)” and “Christmas colored dumplings” inspired by Christmas colors, and 18 types of international sweets such as the traditional American “mincemeat apple pie”. We have prepared a variety.
Enjoy a Christmas tea party with your family and loved ones in a sacred atmosphere created by glossy crimson decorations.
In addition, from Saturday, November 5, 2022 to Wednesday, December 28, 2022, you can enjoy the world view of the sweets buffet “Santa’s Christmas Tea Party” in the afternoon tea style “Afternoon Tea” (8 types of sweets, scones 1 type, 2 types of savory) are available every day.
Overview of Sweets Buffet “Santa’s Christmas Tea Party”
Venue: Hilton Nagoya 1st floor all-day dining “In Place 3-3” Period: Saturday, November 5, 2022 to Sunday, December 25, 2022 *Thursday-Sunday/Holiday
Time: 15:00-17:00 (Serving food until 16:30)
Price: 4,900 yen for adults / 2,500 yen for children (ages 6 to 12) *Including tax and service charge
Details and reservations:
https://nagoya.hiltonjapan.co.jp/plans/restaurants/plan-cat/sweetsbuffet *5% off on weekdays only when booking online from the Hilton Nagoya website TEL: 052-212-1151 (restaurant reservation)
■ Sweets buffet “Santa’s Christmas Tea Party” menu example
[sweets station]
[Image 2

Buche de Noel / France
Traditional French confectionery familiar with Christmas cake. Finished with an image of a tree stump with chocolate decorations. [Image 3

Very Berry Red Mirror Cake / Japan
Refreshing and rich rare cheese mousse. Add berry jelly and cream in the center. [Image 4

Taiwan Castella (Matcha) / Taiwan
A sweet that originated in Taiwan and is characterized by its fluffy and light texture. Baked using Nishio Matcha from Aichi Prefecture and rice flour.
[Image 5

Chocolate wreath cake/USA
Orange slices and semi-dried figs are added to the batter made with bitter chocolate and baked to give it a rich flavor, giving it a Christmas wreath-like finish.
[Image 6

Authentic stollen of “German grandmother”. A traditional Christmas baked confectionery with plenty of dried fruits and nuts in a dough full of butter.
[Image 7

Traditional Scottish glass sweets with layers of whipped cream, honey, oatmeal, raspberries, etc.
[Image 8

Christmas color dumplings / Japan
Shiratama dango sweets with a Japanese image that can be enjoyed with three kinds of sauces inspired by Christmas colors (matcha syrup and edamame, rose syrup and berry jelly, mandarin orange sauce and pulp). [Image 9

A hotel-made popsicle filled with plenty of fruit. We have 4 types: strawberry yogurt, apple lemonade, chocolate, and non-alcoholic red wine.
[Image 10

Christmas Fantasy/Japan
Sweet and sour cassis cream and pear pulp jelly are confined in a herb-based liqueur-flavored white chocolate mousse with an aniseed base and spices and botanicals. The top is an image of a
Christmas-colored ornament.
[Image 11

A dome-shaped cake originating in Tuscany, Italy, made with candied chestnuts, astringent chestnuts, chestnut paste, and more. Topped with chestnuts and mushrooms.
[Image 12

A flavorful Austrian tart made by mixing almond powder with cinnamon and cocoa powder, then baking it with plenty of raspberry jam on top in a lattice pattern.
[Image 13

Creamy Pumpkin Soup, Hilton Nagoya Christmas Fried Chicken
“Nagochiki”, French Fries, Pasta Vongola De Verde, Squid and Octopus Ceviche, Salad Nicoise, Garden Salad & Dressing.
[Live Station]
[Image 14d34342-61-fdb51ac086a6c5afe1c9-15.jpg&s3=34342-61-600f87fdae16e2d6ff74037e95c1973d-1619x1080.jpg
(Left) Gingerbread House / Germany
Gingerbread shaped like Santa Claus’s house. The scent of spices kneaded into the fabric makes you feel the arrival of Christmas. (Center) Pistachio and Amarena Cherry Millefeuille / France
Pistachio-flavored butter cream sandwiched between crispy pie crusts. Accented with Amarena cherries pickled in wild cherry syrup. (Right) Speculoos Christmas Cookies / Belgium
Speculoos mixed spices (cinnamon, cardamom, lemon, cloves) are kneaded into almond-flavored cookie dough and baked.
[Image 15d34342-61-8a03909cc3ffb875be76-1.jpg&s3=34342-61-0424e9f16c08e719cf4e4af86e988995-1619x1080.jpg
Crepe Suzette / France
A sweet made by stewing crepes with caramel-flavored orange juice and liqueur. Served with yuzu skin confit to finish.
Overview of Afternoon Tea “Santa’s Christmas Tea Party”
[Image 16d34342-61-d188ddf9be3846811500-18.jpg&s3=34342-61-088c16439b39a373c726663cf39f5de5-1619x1080.jpg
Afternoon tea with 8 types of sweets, 1 type of scone, and 2 types of savory. Soft drinks, coffee and tea are available at the drink bar. In addition, we will bring 17 types of tea from the German luxury tea brand Ronnefeldt to your seat with a pot service, so you can spend a relaxing and elegant time.
Venue: Hilton Nagoya 1st floor all-day dining “In Place 3-3” Period: Saturday, November 5, 2022 to Wednesday, December 28, 2022 Time: Daily 10:30-19:00 (L.O) *Excluding 12:00-17:30 on sweets buffet days Price: 4,900 yen *Including tax and service charge
https://nagoya.hiltonjapan.co.jp/plans/restaurants/plan-cat/afternoontea *5% off on weekdays only when booking online from the Hilton Nagoya website TEL: 052-212-1151 (restaurant reservation)
All of the above plans are eligible for the “Like a Member” dining benefit of Hilton’s guest loyalty program, Hilton Honors. Benefits available to non-hotel Hilton Honors members include bonus points and discounts of up to 25% at restaurants and bars operated by Hilton in Asia Pacific. . Click here for details of benefits. Please take this opportunity to register for Hilton Honors and take advantage of the benefits.
■Chef profile
[Image 17d34342-61-7548e19e0ecc095e65a4-19.jpg&s3=34342-61-3989c5f5904cabdfa686c19b2d2928b5-339x508.jpg
Pastry chef Mamoru Watanabe
Started his career in French cuisine and later switched to pastry. In 1994, joined Hilton Nagoya. Currently, as a pastry chef, he supervises and directs the production of colorful desserts that are lined up at weddings, banquets, restaurants, and the takeout counter of “Cafe 3-3 Artisan Sweets & Bakery” on the 1st floor of the hotel. In addition to winning the Prime Minister’s Award at the National Western
Confectionery Technology Contest, winning the Luxando Grand Premio, Japan Cake Show Tokyo Competition Chairman’s Award, Kiri Cream Cheese Contest Gold Award, 17th TV Champion National Cake Craftsman Championship World’s Largest Christmas Cake Championship Final Appearance He has received numerous awards and media appearances both in Japan and overseas.

■Hilton Sweets Experience Official Hashtag What is “#Hilton Sweets”? Hilton Hotels & Resorts operating in Japan participates. In the sweets time that colors between lunch and dinner, in addition to the “delicious sweets” and “unusual and luxurious time” that we have provided so far, we have various themes such as “exciting visual impact” and “bragging to friends”. It is a new sweets experience that further strengthens the photogenic world view that makes you want to. ■ About Hilton Nagoya
Hilton Nagoya was established on March 1, 1989 as the first
foreign-affiliated hotel in Nagoya City as one of the hotels of Hilton Hotels & Resorts, a hotel chain that continues to expand worldwide. celebrated its 30th anniversary. Located in Fushimi, the business area of ​​Nagoya City, this is a first-class hotel boasting a full range of facilities and high-level services known as the “Hilton Standard.” Guest rooms are located on the 9th to 27th floors, and all 460 guest rooms, including suites, offer a panoramic view of the city of Nagoya. All guest rooms are equipped with wired/wireless internet access, with shoji screens and fusuma (sliding screens) used to create an interior that incorporates a Japanese atmosphere while being international. In addition, the hotel has a restaurant and bar including the all-day dining “In Place 3-3” opened in December 2018 and the Chinese restaurant “Dynasty”. In addition, there is a large banquet hall that can accommodate up to 1,200 people, small and medium banquet and conference rooms, a wedding chapel, a 24-hour fitness center equipped with an indoor pool, gym, sauna, outdoor tennis court, etc., as well as an underground parking lot. It has sufficient functions as a multi-purpose hotel. For more information about Hilton Nagoya, please visit hiltonnagoya.jp.
About Hilton Hotels & Resorts
Hilton Hotels & Resorts continues to provide innovative products and services that meet the ever-evolving needs of our guests, aiming to be a model for hospitality. Hilton Hotels & Resorts offers nearly 600 hotels in popular destinations on six continents around the world. Book Hilton Hotels & Resorts through the official website
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