Hobonichi signs a contract with Global-e, which provides services for global cross-border e-commerce. The experience of shopping from overseas at the Hobonichi Store will change.

Hobonichi signs a contract with Global-e, which provides services for global cross-border e-commerce. The experience of shopping from overseas at the Hobonichi Store will change.
We provide a shopping experience with localized languages, currencies, and payment methods in over 200 countries and regions.

Hobonichi Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo; President and CEO: Shigesato Itoi; hereinafter referred to as Hobonichi) has announced that it will launch its e-commerce site, the Hobonichi Store (https://www.1101.com/store/). ), we have decided to introduce a D2C cross-border e-commerce service provided by Global-e (Headquarters: Israel, NASDAQ: GLBE, hereinafter Global-e) to hundreds of companies around the world. It will be the first Japanese company to decide to introduce it on an in-house developed EC site, and the service is scheduled to start in September 2023. With the number of overseas purchasers, especially Hobonichi Techo, increasing year by year, we hope that customers around the world can shop more comfortably and securely using local languages, currencies, payment methods, etc. We will continue to improve the shopping experience at the Hobonichi Store.
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About Global-e
Global-e (NASDAQ: GLBE) was established in 2013 and is a global company with offices in 10 locations around the world, including Tokyo. The D2C cross-border EC service provided by Global-e provides a localized shopping experience in more than 200 countries and regions around the world, and supports local languages, currencies, and payment methods. , it is possible to settle at the price including duties and taxes at the time of purchase. Currently, it has been introduced by hundreds of companies around the world and is used by global brands such as Adidas, Shop Disney, Netflix, Marc Jacobs, Hugo Boss, and Versace.
*Global-e: https://www.global-e.com/ja/
Background of introduction at the Hobonichi Store
The Hobonichi Techo, a long-selling product launched by Hobonichi since 2001, is loved not only in Japan but all over the world. Overseas has come to dominate. Especially in response to the growing popularity in the English-speaking world, we have increased the lineup of English versions in the 2023 edition, and it has been very well received.
On the other hand, in addition to our own e-commerce site Hobonichi Store, we have opened a flagship store on Tmall Global in China, where Hobonichi products can be purchased from overseas. is sold through Amazon.com and distributors, but it is limited to some products, mainly Hobonichi Techo, and the only place where you can purchase all Hobonichi products is the Hobonichi Store.
Therefore, we introduced Global-e’s D2C cross-border e-commerce service to widely deliver Hobonichi products developed under various brands, such as apparel, daily necessities, and stationery, as well as the Hobonichi Techo. I decided to do it.
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The Hobonichi Store sells a wide variety of products in addition to the Hobonichi Techo
What will change with the introduction of Global-e
The introduction of Global-e’s D2C cross-border e-commerce service to the Hobonichi Store will change the following points. As a result, all Hobonichi products, including the Hobonichi Techo, can be purchased from overseas with greater peace of mind and convenience.
●Compatible with price display in over 100 different currencies. You will be able to see the amount required for your purchase in your local currency.
●It supports more than 150 payment methods distributed all over the world. Overseas customers will be able to make purchases using the payment methods they use on a daily basis.
●Advance payment will be possible at a price that includes customs duty and tax. You will be able to settle the price including duties and taxes at the time of purchase instead of at the time of delivery.
Comments from both companies
[Comment from Globel-e]
Today, shopping at online stores abroad has become commonplace, and consumers around the world are looking for great brands not found in their home country. We will work together to deliver wonderful Hobonichi brand products to more customers.
(Ran Almog, CEO of Global-e Japan Co., Ltd.)
[Comment from Hobonichi]
The Hobonichi Store has been used by overseas customers since the 2002 edition of the first Hobonichi Techo, and has now expanded to 156 countries and regions around the world. Also, with the recent growth of the DtoC cross-border EC market, we are seeing a rapid increase in overseas customers almost every day. In such an environment, we were able to find the perfect partner as we repeatedly considered how to make the shopping experience at the Hobonichi Store more comfortable and secure for overseas customers. We will work together to deliver “good times” through living with Hobonichi and Hobonichi Techo to various countries and regions.
(Bobonichi Co., Ltd. Director Motoo Suzuki)
About Hobonichi Co., Ltd.
Hobonichi Co., Ltd. plans, edits, produces, and sells content* that creates places for people to gather and provides a good time. Starting with the operation of the Hobonichi Itoi Shimbun, a free website launched in June 1998, the Hobonichi Techo plans and sells stationery, miscellaneous goods, clothing, food, books, and other products. We deliver a wide variety of content and venues while collaborating with various creators and companies, such as event planning such as “The Fun of Life Exhibition”, apps and web services such as “Hobonichi Gakko” and “Dokonoko”. increase.
*At Hobonichi, we believe that not only reading materials, but also products in the form of objects, events, etc., are all content regardless of form.
▶ Hobonichi Co., Ltd.: https://www.hobonichi.co.jp/
▶ Hobo Nikkan Itoi Shimbun: https://www.1101.com/
▶ Hobonichi Store: https://www.1101.com/store/
[Inquiries about coverage]
Hobonichi Co., Ltd. Person in charge: Fujino
Email address: press@1101.com
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    در صورتی که پرستار کودک (پرستار نوزاد، پرستار
    بچه، مراقب کودک) می تواند از فشار بار مراقبتی
    شما بکاهد با ما تماس بگیرید. با توجه
    به اینکه در هفت سال اول زندگی
    فرد شخصیتش شکل می گیرد، افرادی که طی این مدت در ارتباط با او هستند تأثیر چشمگیری در اصول اخلاقی و تربیتی کودک دارند.

    با استخدام پرستار کودک در منزل دیگر نیازی به بردن
    کودکتان به مهد کودک نیست و در فضای
    خانه و محیطی آشنا آموزش های در نظر گرفته شده توسط فرد آموزش دیده و
    مجرب نگرانی تان را رفع می کند.

    با آگاهی از این مسئله که از کودکتان به خوبی
    مراقبت به عمل می آید، آرامش خاطر خواهید داشت و بدون
    هیچ دغدغه ای به فعالیت در شغل
    تان می پردازید. برای تماس با مرکز سفیر آرامش می توانید از شماره تلفن‌های موجود در سایت استفاده کنید.
    با به دنیا آمدن فرزند اول اغلب خانواده ها تجربه کافی برای
    نگهداری و مراقبت از کودکان را ندارند در نتیجه با مشکلاتی رو به رو می شوند.

    پرستار کودک
    قیمت پرستار کودک در منزل 1401با توجه به نوع خدمات ارائه شده متفاوت است.
    تعرفه قیمت همه ی موسسات طبق فهرست منتشر شده وزارت بهداشت در سال 1400 تعیین می شود.
    قیمت پرستار کودک در منزل در
    تهران تعیین شده توسط موسسه کیان شفاف،
    منصفانه و متناسب با نیاز بیماران می
    باشد. بانیان موسسه در تلاشند که جامعه ای سالم با کمترین دغدغه را برای هموطنان بسازند.

    جلب رضایت شما باعث ارائه بهتر خدمات پرستار بچه در منزل خواهد شد.

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