Holons Co., Ltd. Holons Co., Ltd. provides methods and tools for design solutions. Started crowdfunding for “Trending Hyakuken”, a service that analyzes impressions of online shop products

Holons Co., Ltd.
Holons Co., Ltd. provides methods and tools for design solutions. Started crowdfunding for “Trending Hyakuken”, a service that analyzes impressions of online shop products
[Recruitment period] October 14th to December 31st, 2022 / Recruited on the crowdfunding site “CAMPFIRE”

Holons Co., Ltd., which aims to provide design solution methods and tools to a wide range of fields such as industry and education research, has recently launched an analysis service “Trending Hyakukenben” that investigates the relationship between “impressions of products” and “feelings of users”. ] Crowdfunding will start on October 14th (Friday). We are looking for support until December 31th (Sat).
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[Background of service launch]
・This is not the time when everyone likes the same things
As online shopping has become commonplace, the impression of products on the website is a very important factor. It is also very important to determine whether the product planning and product selection intended by the sales side is a lineup that matches the expected customer base.
However, given the diversity of consumers, it is becoming difficult to grasp the wide range of preferences and preferences of users. By conducting surveys using product images, this new analysis service can determine what impression users have of the product, as well as whether they would like to use it or not, and whether they would like to try it or not. Statistical processing can be performed to investigate the relationship between the user’s feelings such as “I don’t want to try eating” and the “product” as it is.
・To realize an analysis service that can be used by “anyone” and “feel free” Full-scale commissioning of general product surveys and user analysis to specialized companies often requires a large amount of money, making it difficult for those who are unfamiliar with surveys or for small and medium-sized enterprises with limited budgets. It is the current situation that the opportunity to investigate has decreased. Simplification of survey preparation was the most important issue for anyone to easily and inexpensively conduct surveys.
Since we succeeded in generalizing the survey design, which is the most costly, and systematized it, it is now possible to provide an analysis service that is easier to prepare and less expensive than conventional surveys.
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[Background of crowdfunding implementation]
We hope that the analysis of this service will be interesting in examining the trends of “impressions of products” and “users’ thoughts”, and that the analysis results will be useful new hints for business, etc. We regularly publish research and analysis articles through the “Trend Magazine” inside.
However, I feel that it is difficult for a limited number of project members to continuously find themes that everyone wants to read from products (objects) in various fields that are constantly changing. Therefore, in this crowdfunding, we would like to ask people who would like to research and analyze the products (targets) that you want to research using Trending Hyakuken and publish the results as articles in trend magazines.
At the same time, we welcome those who want to experience only research and analysis at this discounted opportunity prior to the service release.
[Overview of crowdfunding]
・ Implementation period: October 14th (Friday) to December 31st (Saturday), 2022 ・Project name: I want to spread a service that analyzes the
impressions of online shop products to many people!
・ Medium: Crowdfunding site “CAMPFIRE”
・ URL: https://camp-fire.jp/projects/view/596475
・ Target amount: 1.4 million
・Reward items: Original stickers, survey analysis, publication in trend magazines, etc.
・Use of funds: 1. Delivery cost for 100 respondents 2. Delivery system usage fee 3. Analysis result analysis and report creation fee 4. Trend magazine manuscript creation fee 5. CAMPFIRE fee and return gift preparation fee
[Example of returned goods]
1. Training magazine publication course
On the Trending Hyakkenben site, articles on research and analysis are regularly published in the “Trend Magazine”.
Crowdfunding is looking for people who will actually conduct a survey and provide articles.
[Image 3

Survey article trend magazine
2. Investigation and analysis experience course
We are also looking for people who want to experience only research and analysis.
If you choose a plan with a report, we will send you a research report with commentary.
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Report sample of plan with survey report
[Announcement of holding a seminar]
For those who want to know more about the service, we will hold a seminar on how to use Trending Hyakkenbo during the crowdfunding period.
Date: Thursday, November 24, 2022, 18:00-19:30
Location: Webinar by ZOOM
Organizer: Holons Co., Ltd.
Click here for details and application
URL: https://trending01.peatix.com/
【Company Profile】
・ Company name: Holons Inc. (English company name: HOLONS Inc.) ・Corporate philosophy: The superiority of “people”, “things”, “things” and “outside” Born to provide. In addition, through the sale of innovative products and services that are the result of these design solutions, we will raise awareness of interfit with society and promote it as a corporate activity.
・Established: April 2012
・Capital: 5,000,000 yen
・Representative: Katsumi Takahashi, Representative Director
・Group company: Holon Create Co., Ltd.
・ Location: Pacific Marks Shin-Yokohama 9F, 3-18-20 Shin-Yokohama, Kohoku-ku, Yokohama City, Kanagawa Prefecture 222-0033
・ Holons Co., Ltd.: https://holons.co.jp/
・Trending 100 observations: https://trending.net/
Details about this release:

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