“Hometown tax payment Powered by Satofuru on LINE” Released a new function that allows you to receive deliv ery notifications on LINE from October 17th

Satoful Co., Ltd.
“Hometown tax payment Powered by Satofuru on LINE” Released a new function that allows you to receive delivery notifications on LINE from October 17th
-Convenient new services such as diagnostic content are also available-
Satoful Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Chuo-ku, Tokyo, President: Hiroaki Fujii), which operates the hometown tax portal site “Satoful” (https://www.satofull.jp/), is a hometown tax payment through the LINE app. From October 17, 2022, we will start providing a new function to notify you of the delivery status of thank-you gifts on “LINE de Furusato Nozei Powered by Satofuru” (hereinafter “LINE de Furusato Nozei”).
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Satoful Co., Ltd. collaborates with LINE Co., Ltd., which provides the communication application “LINE”, to not only those who are already using the hometown tax payment, but also those who have never used the hometown tax payment. From May 18, 2022, we will provide “Hometown tax payment with LINE” (*) to provide users with the opportunity to easily experience hometown tax payment through the familiar LINE app and create a new experience.
* You will be transferred from the official LINE account “LINE de Furusato Nozei” to the service site “LINE de Furusato Nozei Powered by Satoful” operated by Satoful Co., Ltd.
■ Main new features
1. Notify the delivery status of the thank-you gift on LINE! We will inform you about the shipping status of the thank-you gift on the talk screen of the “Furusato tax payment with LINE” official LINE account. There is no need to check your email or My Page, and it is convenient because you can easily receive notifications on LINE even when you are out. You can also receive notification of the completion of your gift donation on LINE.
*Donations made through “Hometown Tax with LINE” will be notified. * We will notify those who set the notification when applying for donation. It is also possible to cancel the notification after setting.
2. You can meet a new hometown! ? “Mental Hometown Diagnosis” “Kokoro no Furusato Diagnosis” is a function that judges the user’s preferences by answering 3 to 4 questions, and finds areas that are compatible with hometown tax destinations and gift genres. This is the perfect service for those who are unsure of where to donate, or for those who want to know about an area they have never known before, or want to know about gifts.
-How to Use-
[Image 2d25119-528-094f815f47c1d3fcefb5-1.png&s3=25119-528-3c001d6fe22146abf4834b9d387fc1de-1521x687.png
3. Added “Deduction amount simulation” and “Frequently asked questions” to the rich menu
In addition to “Kokoro no Furusato Diagnosis”, “Deduction Simulation” and “Frequently Asked Questions” have been added to the rich menu in the LINE official account. You can access the information you want to know with one touch, and use each function on the talk screen. [Image 3d25119-528-415f879d4f36d4aad49e-2.png&s3=25119-528-b497dc28ef864bec7ef77aea53ddc557-417x672.png
※ The image is an image.
* To use it, you need to add a friend to the official LINE account of “Furusato Tax Payment with LINE”.
* “Rich menu” is a fixed menu function displayed at the bottom of the talk screen (keyboard area).
* The calculated deduction upper limit is an approximate amount. For detailed deduction limits, please use the detailed simulation. URL: https://www.satofull.jp/static/calculation01.php
Satoful Co., Ltd. aims to increase the number of people who support the region and revitalize the region by increasing the convenience of “Hometown tax payment with LINE” and having more people experience hometown tax payment.
■ What is “Hometown Tax with LINE”?
Satoful Co., Ltd. has collaborated with LINE Corporation and started offering “Hometown tax payment with LINE” from May 18, 2022. “Furusato Nozei with LINE” provides not only those who have already used Furusato Nozei, but also those who have never used Furusato Nozei, with the opportunity to easily experience Furusato Nozei through the familiar LINE app for LINE users. For the purpose of creating, we provide functions such as gift search, hometown tax donation, donation history confirmation, and deduction amount simulation.
[Image 4d25119-528-eb1273d90950018d209e-3.png&s3=25119-528-6bcf8beca993539de9442e0558a41bb7-360x360.png
LINE official account “LINE hometown tax” QR code (*)
* QR code is a registered trademark of DENSO WAVE INCORPORATED. ■ About LINE Corporation
In June 2011, we launched the communication app “LINE” as a means of communication to deepen relationships and strengthen ties with loved ones such as family, friends and lovers. Under the corporate mission of “CLOSING THE DISTANCE”, we are developing various services and businesses in order to shorten the distance between people around the world, and between people and information/services.
■ About Satoful Co., Ltd.
Satoful Co., Ltd. promotes regional revitalization through hometown tax donations (donations to local governments). Based on the concept of “a portal site for hometown support and hometown tax payment that brings together “full” hometown charm and “full” energy in your hometown”, “Satoful” selects local governments and thank-you gifts for donors. , apply for donations, and pay donations. For local
governments, we provide a service that comprehensively handles the operations necessary for the operation of hometown tax donations, such as soliciting donations and accepting applications, collecting donations, inventory management and delivery of thank-you gifts. In addition, we operate the regional information site “Furusato Kozuchi” (https://www.satofull.jp/koduchi/), which publishes initiatives for regional revitalization using hometown tax.
that’s all
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