Hotel Crystal Palace 35th anniversary of solo debut Shizuka Kudo Christmas Dinner Show 2022 will be held in Ibaraki on Saturday, December 17th!

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[Hotel Crystal Palace] 35th anniversary of solo debut Shizuka Kudo Christmas Dinner Show 2022 will be held in Ibaraki on Saturday, December 17th!
Special course meal & live show with free drink

“Hotel Crystal Palace (Hitachinaka City, Ibaraki Prefecture / Deputy General Manager: Tatsuya Osono / Number of guest rooms: 100)”, an oasis in the city with lush trees and beautiful water surfaces, will open on December 17, 2022 (Sat) “Shizuka Kudo”. We will hold a Christmas dinner show with meals in two parts.
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“Shizuka Kudo,” who has released numerous hit songs and captivates listeners with her outstanding singing ability, will hold a Christmas Dinner Show with a dinner course at the Hotel Crystal Palace on Saturday, December 17, 2022.
At the largest venue of the Hotel Crystal Palace, which has taken all possible measures against the new coronavirus infection, after enjoying the special course and drinks prepared by the hotel chef for the Christmas Dinner Show, Shizuka Kudo’s Please enjoy the stage show to your heart’s content.
We also have a safe accommodation plan that allows you to stay at the hotel after watching the show. Seats are limited, so please make your reservations early.
Profile of Shizuka Kudo
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Shizuka Kudo
He made his solo debut on August 31, 1987 with the song “Forbidden Telepathy”. While releasing numerous hit songs as a singer and expanding his field of activity, he also demonstrates his talent as a painter and jewelry designer. A friend of the Nika Society Painting Section. She also writes lyrics under the name of “Aieri”.
Celebrating the 35th anniversary of her solo debut in 2022, her first self-cover album “Kanju” Shizuka Kudo 35th Anniversary self-cover is now on sale.
Overview of the dinner show
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Chojuso Group Executive Chef “Kiyonari Araki” / 4th floor large hall 【By appointment only】
Special cuisine course with free drink
SR seat: 39,000 yen per person (tax included)
S seat: 36,000 yen per person (tax included)
[Part 1]
Doors open 14:00
Meal: 14:30-
Show from 16:00
[Part 2]
Doors open 18:30
Meal: 19:00-
Show 20:30~
Hotel Crystal Palace 4F Main Hall
■ [Cooking Supervision] About Chojuso Group Executive Chef “Kiyonari Araki” He has a history of entertaining VIPs from around the world at official dinner parties. In addition, after working for 9 years at Michelin-starred restaurants, including three stars in France, he served as the deputy executive chef at the opening of “The
Ritz-Carlton, Tokyo” and at “Peninsula” and “The Strings.” In 2019, Japan Escoffier Association “Discible” award.
■ About ticket purchase
・ Click here to purchase tickets on the special site
・Application by phone ・Payment by bank transfer
TEL: 029-273-7711 (10:00-19:00)
* We will inform you of the details such as the transfer destination by phone. *Please make the payment within 5 days of application. Please note that the reservation will be automatically canceled after the payment due date.
・Application and payment at the front counter
■ About accommodation plans with tickets
Half board plan with Shizuka Kudo’s Christmas Dinner Show. Please enjoy the best stage while enjoying the full course. We also offer a calcium carbonate artificial hot spring and a breakfast service at the restaurant Sarah.
Accommodation fee (per person)
¥46,000 (including tax and service charge)
■ New coronavirus infection prevention measures
In addition to the efforts to prevent the new coronavirus infectious disease posted on the hotel’s official website, we will limit the number of seats, set the stage at a sufficient distance to prevent splashes, and serve food. We will implement safety measures such as reducing the number of times of contact. On the day of the
performance, we will welcome everyone in an environment that has thoroughly implemented infection control measures.
Hotel Crystal Palace Infection Prevention Measures
About accommodation plans
[Image 4d77419-64-1369857f634d56d225f9-2.jpg&s3=77419-64-08453ebf07e0b3dec4b4d8569331243b-700x278.jpg
At Hotel Crystal Palace, we offer a variety of guest rooms, from single rooms to suites, as well as the “Glamping Villa Hitachinaka” where you can enjoy an extraordinary stay experience and an outdoor BBQ. You can also use the calcium carbonate artificial hot spring, free table tennis space, and breakfast service at restaurant Sarah. Get away from the hustle and bustle of the city and spend a relaxing and healing time in nature.
▼ Click here for various accommodation plans
TEL: 029-273-7711 (10:00-19:00)
■ About Hotel Crystal Palace
[Image 5d77419-64-7cfa4d5c53bde4f9f45b-6.jpg&s3=77419-64-95adb5b7b9d7467ddc8811b0800f13cd-605x266.jpg
Hotel Crystal Palace is located close to Ibaraki’s tourist attractions such as Oarai, Ajigaura, and Hitachi Seaside Park, and is easily accessible from Mito. Beginning with the symbolic “Angel’s Church” standing on a verdant hill, you can relax in a full range of facilities. In addition, guest rooms, restaurants, conference rooms, banquet halls, etc. are prepared according to the purpose of use, and we will welcome you with fine hospitality.
Address: 1-22-1 Ohira, Hitachinaka City, Ibaraki Prefecture TEL: 029-273-7711 HP:
Official LINE: (First time friend benefits) [Image 6d77419-64-586edd932025f83087c4-4.jpg&s3=77419-64-bea8a9eba39d26292ea44f0cd307028c-800x827.jpg
■ About barrier-free certification of mind
Hotel Crystal Palace is an accommodation facility that has been certified by the “Mental Barrier-Free Certification System for Tourist Facilities”, which targets tourist facilities that actively work on barrier-free support and information dissemination. We are striving to improve the environment so that elderly people and people with disabilities can travel safely and comfortably.
Chojuso Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Hitachinaka City, Ibaraki Prefecture / Representative Director: Taiji Unno) is a group company that develops five hotels in Ibaraki Prefecture based on the experience and achievements of over 70 years since its establishment. With the group mission of “SMILE EXPERIENCE – Making everyone involved smile”, we thought about what we could do to make everyone involved, including customers from the region, outside the prefecture and overseas, and group staff smile, and started a new business. We will provide an emotional experience.
▼CHOJUSO GROUP fact sheet
[Image 7d77419-64-cd02f268cdc36e6f9f33-5.jpg&s3=77419-64-81975b5a55f324d630265610b8afd07b-842x595.jpg
《List of Chojuso Group Hotels》
Hotel Terrace The Garden Mito (General Manager: Katsuhito Unno Number of guest rooms: 164)
Address: 1-7-20 Miyamachi, Mito City, Ibaraki Prefecture (directly connected to the south exit of Mito Station) TEL: 029-300-2500 HP:
Hotel Terrace The Square Hitachi (Deputy General Manager: Yasushi Kido Number of guest rooms: 121)
Address: 1-20-3 Saiwaicho, Hitachi City, Ibaraki Prefecture TEL 0294-22-5531 HP:
Terrace Inn Katsuta (Manager: Masakazu Mizukoshi Number of guest rooms: 101) Address: 1-3 Katsuta Chuo, Hitachinaka City, Ibaraki Prefecture (next to the rotary at the east exit of Katsuta Station on the JR Joban Line)
TEL 029-219-7211 Website:
Hotel Crystal Plaza (Manager: Tsutomu Igawa Number of guest rooms: 59) Address: 3-4 Katsuta Chuo, Hitachinaka City, Ibaraki Prefecture TEL 029-275-1111 HP:
▼Inquiries about articles
Chojuso Co., Ltd. Digital Marketing Office
TEL: 029-273-7711
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