Hotel Intercontinental Tokyo Bay Chef’s GIFT Strawberry Christmas Dessert & Light Meal Buffet

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Chef’s GIFT Strawberry Christmas Dessert & Light Meal Buffet Delivering desserts and light meals that use plenty of seasonal strawberries
At Hotel Intercontinental Tokyo Bay (location: 1-16-2 Kaigan, Minato-ku, Tokyo, general manager: Hiroyuki Yamada), from December 1st, the Christmas season will be held at Chef’s Live Kitchen, using plenty of seasonal strawberries. We will hold a colorful dessert and light meal buffet.
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A lineup of sweets that use plenty of red-colored sweet strawberries For the Christmas season, we have prepared strawberry-inspired desserts and a variety of light meals specially prepared by the chef. The lineup includes sweets with a wide variety of appearances and tastes, such as strawberry roll cakes, puddings and jelly, parfaits and shoe ice creams that can be customized with 10 kinds of toppings and sauces, pancakes and waffles. The popular freshly squeezed Mont Blanc is freshly made by a pastry chef who squeezes the cream in front of you. In addition, it is recommended for a late lunch with a wide variety of light meals such as comparing various types of cheese, Christmas version salads, popular crispy chicken, hot dishes of the day, sandwiches, and about 30 types of drinks.
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salad of the day
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Decorate Christmas with bright-looking sweets
This Christmas season, please enjoy the strawberry dessert and light meal buffet at the chef’s live kitchen decorated for Christmas. -Overview-
[Period] Thursday, December 1, 2022 to Friday, December 30, 2022 [Location] Chef’s Live Kitchen/3F
[Time] 15:00-16:45 (L.O. 16:30)
*For the time being, business hours will be shortened, so please check the website for details.
[Price] *Tax included, 15% service charge not included
Weekdays: Adult ¥3,043 / Child ¥2,200 Weekends and Holidays: Adult ¥3,913 / Child ¥2,200
*Christmas period (December 17th to December 23rd)
Adult: ¥3,850 with sparkling wine / ¥4,400 with champagne / Guaranteed window with champagne ¥5,500
Children: ¥2,200
*Christmas period (December 24th, December 25th)
Adult: ¥4,400 with sparkling wine / ¥4,950 with champagne / Guaranteed window with champagne ¥6,050
Children: ¥2,200
[Inquiries/Reservations] Tel: 0570-000222 (Navi Dial) Chef’s GIFT Strawberry Christmas Dessert & Light Meal Buffet Menu Contents *Ingredients and production areas may change depending on the arrival status. [Image 4

We offer a variety of sweets made with strawberries
[First dish]
・Sauce art dish
Mixed berry jelly, strawberry pudding, mixed berry yogurt
Setouchi lemon mousse, strawberry roll cake, strawberry phrase, raspberry bran, brown sugar canelé, fig tart, baked cheese
・Glass ball
seasonal fruit, strawberry soup
・Petit Four
cookies, almond chocolate
[Live Customize Corner]
・Freshly squeezed Mont Blanc
・Pancakes, waffles
Toppings: berry sauce, fresh cream
・Puff ice cream baked in a Bakken kiln
vanilla ice cream, chocolate ice cream, raspberry sorbet, pear sorbet ・ Colorful taste parfait
Customize with 2 types of soft serve ice cream (milk, Amaou), 10 types of toppings, sauces, and syrups.
・Chocolate fountain
Toppings: seasonal fruit, marshmallow
・Chef’s special parfait 3 types
seasonal, chocolate, fruit
Toppings: 10 types of fruit, chocolate, nuts, fruit sauce, syrup, etc. [Image 5

Freshly squeezed Mont Blanc
salad of the day
[Hot dishes]
Hot dish of the day/Crispy chicken
Curry of the day
soup of the day
[Cutting corner]
Authentic cheeses such as brie, gorgonzola, and mimolette are offered daily. The chef cuts the block of cheese in front of you.
Daily sandwich/bread
【drink bar】
・ Arrange flavor carbonated water
* You can enjoy it by adding your favorite syrup to carbonated water. ・Orange juice, apple juice, oolong tea
・About 30 types of coffee, caffe latte, black tea, etc.
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Crispy chicken cooked in front of you
[Image 7

You can enjoy eating comparison of cheese
Chef’s Live Kitchen Head Chef Katsunori Sato Profile
Born in Sapporo, Hokkaido. Experienced cooking at teppanyaki restaurants, Asian restaurants, and banquets, mainly at
foreign-affiliated hotels, and became head chef of Chef’s Live Kitchen in September 2018. “I make recipes while imagining the scene so that I can arrange the dishes according to the customer’s wishes and situations. I always try to cherish the sense of the season and finish it, and I am particular about the genre, mainly Western food, Chinese food, and ethnic food. We offer a wide variety of cuisines.” [Image 8

About “Chef’s Live Kitchen”
Based on the concept of “Healthy, Beauty, and Fresh,” Chef’s Live Kitchen offers a lively buffet style where you can enjoy the performance of chefs cooking in front of you. The first dish “Collagen-rich skin & health soup” delivered to the table before the buffet is our specialty. We also have private rooms that are ideal for small groups.
[About our hotel’s efforts against the new coronavirus infection]
About InterContinental(R) Hotels & Resorts
InterContinental Hotels & Resorts utilizes the knowledge gained over 75 years of history to provide trips that allow you to experience the unique charm of the land. Enjoy an elegant journey unique to InterContinental. With a full range of amenities and high-quality service that makes you feel casually taken care of, we will realize a sophisticated trip on a global scale. Please enjoy an elegant and comfortable stay with heartfelt hospitality through attentive service tailored to each guest. We also offer exclusive services through the InterContinental(R) Ambassador Program and Club InterContinental(R) with top-notch benefits. We introduce the unique charm of the land, such as special experiences that can not be tasted anywhere else, so that the stay of experienced travelers will be rich and full of discovery. For details, please visit the official brand website and other SNS sites Details about this release:


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