Hotel Metropolitan Edmont “TRAIN SUITE Shiki-shima” First Executive Chef Hitoshi Iwasaki Presents “Shiki-shima” Dining Experience

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[Hotel Metropolitan Edmont] “TRAIN SUITE Shiki-shima” First Executive Chef Hitoshi Iwasaki Presents “Shiki-shima” Dining Experience A one-day event will be held on November 19th (Saturday) where you can experience the taste of Shikishima with your sense of taste.
At Hotel Metropolitan Edmont (Location: Iidabashi, Chiyoda-ku, General Manager: Hideaki Matsuda), Iwasaki was the first executive chef of the cruise train “TRAIN SUITE Shikishima” operated by JR East, and is currently the executive chef of Hotel Metropolitan Edmont. A one-day special event will be held on Saturday, November 19th, where you can enjoy a full course of French cuisine by Hitoshi.
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“TRAIN” offers customers a high-quality train journey with carefully selected food and heartfelt hospitality while incorporating various attractions such as the changing seasons of the eastern Japan area and the culture and history rooted in the area. SUITE Shikishima”. Hitoshi Iwasaki, who is currently the executive chef of Hotel Metropolitan Edmont, has served as the first executive chef since the start of operation of “TRAIN SUITE Shiki-shima” in 2017, and is currently in charge of food supervision.
In December of last year, we hope that even those who have given up traveling to distant places due to the corona crisis can experience the feeling of “Japanese quality travel” proposed by “Shiki-shima” through their tastes while staying in Tokyo. Hosting an event for the first time. We received a favorable reception for having an
extraordinary time at a safe and secure hotel in the vicinity. This time, which is the second time, we will prepare a total of 7 full courses that put our hearts into each dish, such as arranging the menu that was actually offered at “Shikishima”. In addition, you can enjoy live music that has fascinated many guests on board the “Shiki-shima” train, and an experienced train crew who embodies the heartfelt hospitality will appear at the venue, adding to the appeal of the “Shiki-shima” trip. Introducing. In addition, the red carpet that is prepared when boarding the “Shiki-shima” and the dishes and cutlery that are actually used in the train are displayed, and you can feel the taste of the trip in a special setting that creates “Shiki-shima”. I will have it.
What is the cruise train “TRAIN SUITE Shiki-shima”?
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A round-trip train operated by JR East, mainly in the eastern and Hokkaido areas. It started operation on May 1, 2017 and celebrated its 5th anniversary this year.
The concept of “TRAIN SUITE Shiki-shima” is “Shinyu Tanbou”. We hope that you will encounter the depth of Japan, feel the change of the four seasons, experience and discover new things, and have a rich and high-quality travel time unique to railways.
In the train, the theme is “memorable cuisine”, and seasonal ingredients from various places along the line are served.
Using ingredients, we offer dishes that take advantage of the climate of the land.
“TRAIN SUITE Shiki-shima” Dining Experience Overview
■ Date and time: Saturday, November 19, 2022 Daytime 11:30-14:30 / Evening 17:00-20:00
■ Venue: Hotel Metropolitan Edmont Main Building 2nd Floor Banquet Room “Yukyu” ■ Price: ¥35,000 per person [French cuisine full course, drinks, souvenirs] *Service charge and consumption tax included
*One table per group (no shared seating), with seating arrangements that ensure social distancing.
■ Application
○ Phone: 03-3237-1101 until banquet reservation
○ Hotel website ■About holding
*If the minimum number of participants is less than 20, the event will be cancelled. In case of cancellation, until 11/9 (Thursday) “I will contact you.”
*Event contents may be changed or canceled depending on the situation of the new coronavirus infection.
Cuisine by Hitoshi Iwasaki, the first executive chef of “TRAIN SUITE Shiki-shima”
Starting with ostrich tartare and wasabi mousse, grilled Shinshu Daio char salad, jumbo shiitake mushrooms and Japanese chestnuts from Kasama City, Ibaraki Prefecture, and abalone from Sanriku, we mainly serve ingredients from the eastern and Hokkaido areas that Train Suite Shiki-shima operates. In addition, head chef Hitoshi Iwasaki offers a full course of 7 dishes using carefully selected ingredients from all over the country.
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Hotel Metropolitan Edmont Executive Chef Hitoshi Iwasaki Profile “TRAIN SUITE Shiki-shima” first executive chef / current: culinary supervisor [Image 4d30117-721-257323c390794fca7e74-3.jpg&s3=30117-721-8414cb7b59e8930aa42b593b756d2fb0-1000x1800.jpg
Born in Tokyo in 1965. After graduating from Osaka Abeno Tsuji Culinary College, joined Hotel Edmont (now Hotel Metropolitan Edmont) in 1987. After experiencing banquet cooking, studied under Katsuhiro Nakamura at the French restaurant “For Grain”. In 2004, he won the 2nd JR Hotel Group Cooking Contest. In 2007, with the opening of Hotel Metropolitan Marunouchi, he became head chef of Dining & Bar TENQOO. Participated in the 2008 “Hokkaido Toyako Summit” banquet as a cooking staff under the direction of Katsuhiro Nakamura. 6 months from August 2012, trained at the 2-star restaurant “La Pyramid” in Vienne, France and the 2-star restaurant “Le Clos des Sens” in Annecy, France. In 2015, he became the first executive chef of JR East’s cruise train “TRAIN SUITE Shiki-shima”, which started operation in 2017, and as a project member, he was involved from the preparation stage of the train operation and produced all dishes. In 2017, he was appointed Executive Chef of Hotel Metropolitan Edmont. In April 2019, he was appointed as the cooking supervisor of “TRAIN SUITE Shiki-shima”. Since June 2019, he has been appointed Executive Officer of Nippon Hotel Co., Ltd. and Executive Chef of Hotel Metropolitan Edmont. Live piano and cello
Enjoy a duet by pianist Aoi Tanaka (left photo) and cellist Haruka Hayashi (right photo), who have captivated many guests on the Train Suite Shiki-shima.
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Profile of pianist Aoi Tanaka (left photo)
A pianist who develops live performances with a unique world view that is conscious of “Wa” and techniques that make use of his classical background. The original songs are used in various TV programs, radio, and PVs, and are also dedicated to Kamigamo Shrine, a world cultural heritage site in Kyoto. In addition, we are challenging live performances in various scenes such as the top of Mt. Fuji, forests, coral reefs, and temples.
In charge of model performance CDs for Ritto Music Publishing’s “50 Classical Masterpieces”, “30 Chopin Piano Masterpieces” and
“Transcendental Violin Songs”. Released original solo mini-albums “Double sky” and “Kid’s art song”, and piano solo series “Michael Piano Selection”, “Disney Piano Selection”, and “Disney Princess Piano Selection” in which he arranged and performed. Co-starring and supporting various artists at live performances.
Cellist Haruka Hayashi (photo right) profile
Born in Minoh City, Osaka Prefecture. Graduated from Tokyo University of the Arts, Faculty of Music, Department of Instrumental Music, and completed the master’s course at the same graduate school. While still a student, he made his CD debut from Nippon Columbia as the first member of the 1966 Quartet. In 2017, the CD album “Healing Cello” series was released from Nippon Columbia, and it became a hot topic in many ways. He has performed with the Tokyo New City Orchestra so far. He has performed at music festivals such as the Tokyo Spring Music Festival, the Sendai Classical Festival, and the Chopin International Festival.
Currently, based on classical music, he is developing a wide range of activities such as co-starring with artists of various genres including Naotaro Moriyama band support and recording.
Hospitality of “TRAIN SUITE Shiki-shima”
Experienced train crew who provide special services from the beginning to the end of the trip in the high-quality space of “TRAIN SUITE SHIKI-SHIMA”. On the day of the event, we will introduce the charm of traveling at the venue.
We will also exhibit the red carpet that is prepared when boarding, and the plates and cutlery that are actually used in the car. You can feel the taste of the trip with the facilities that create a memorable trip of “TRAIN SUITE Shiki-shima”.
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Cooperation: East Japan Railway Company, JR East View Tourism & Sales Co., Ltd. ◎ Reservations and inquiries (readers): Hotel Metropolitan Edmont Banquet reservation Tel. 03-3237-1101 (direct) Details about this release:

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