Hotel Odakyu Southern Tower Co., Ltd. Christmas-only dinner with loved ones with a view from 100m above ground Christmas-like menu such as wreath-style appetizers and tree desserts-Odakyu Hotel Century Southern Tower-

Hotel Odakyu Southern Tower Co., Ltd.
[Christmas-only dinner with loved ones with a view from 100m above ground] Christmas-like menu such as wreath-style appetizers and tree desserts ~ Odakyu Hotel Century Southern Tower ~
Enjoy the chef’s carefully selected ingredients such as vegetables from Tokyo, oysters from Onagawa in Miyagi Prefecture, and red beef from Kumamoto Prefecture!

At Southern Tower Dining in “Odakyu Hotel Century Southern Tower” (Location: 2-2-1 Yoyogi, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo, General Manager: Mariko Miyakoshi), December 16 (Friday) to December 25 (Sunday), 2022 Until then, we will offer a Christmas-only dinner. [Image 1

For Christmas 2022, chef Atsushi Ishikawa will offer two types of dinner. You can enjoy it in different spaces, “restaurant” and “bar” in Southern Tower Dining.
[Image 2

Christmas Bell (main dish: red beef from Kumamoto Prefecture)  The “restaurant”, which is located in the back of the store and offers a panoramic view of the east, south, and west, as well as the symbolic clock tower, offers a full course of 6 dishes “Christmas Bells”.
The first dish is single-seed oysters from Onagawa, Miyagi Prefecture, carefully raised over a long period of 2-3 years, steamed and tender. Combined with the salty taste of salmon roe, it increases your appetite.
[Image 3

Appetizer: Spanish beef and Tokyo colorful vegetable presse truffle sauce The cold appetizer that follows is a colorful wreath press. With a focus on local production for local consumption, the dish is made with plenty of Tokyo-grown vegetables, and the “fond de veau” (veal soup stock) that is used to press the vegetables together brings the whole thing together.
The warm appetizer is a rich royale that uses branded eggs “Fukufuku Tamago” from Yomogi, Aomori Prefecture. Seafood dishes appeared in the guise of gifts. Red sea bream, scallops, mussels, etc. are wrapped in a bouillabaisse soup to fully capture the flavor.
[Image 4

3 meat dishes to choose from
For meat dishes, you can choose your favorite dish from Ezo venison, which is popular among game dishes, and Akaushi beef from Kumamoto Prefecture, which is a staple of Southern Tower.
[Image 5

Rosemary Mousse Finger Lime Scent
The dessert you’re looking forward to is a refreshing rosemary mousse. Decorated with finger lime, also known as “fruit caviar,” it looks like a Christmas tree.
[Image 9

Christmas bar dinner
In addition, the “Bar” located in front of the store is a “Christmas Bar” where you can enjoy the atmosphere of the table and counter, which is different from the “restaurant”, with the night view like a painting spreading outside the window and the open kitchen full of live performances. Enjoy your dinner. The quality of each dish is kept as it is, and you can enjoy it casually without feeling overwhelmed. [Image 7

Southern Tower Dining “Restaurant”
Spend a romantic time with the gorgeous night view of Tokyo from Odakyu Hotel Century Southern Tower. A dinner worthy of a holy night adds color to the once-a-year Christmas memories spent with loved ones.
Christmas dinner overview
■Christmas bells from ¥14,000
Location: Southern Tower Dining “Restaurant” on the 20th floor Period: December 22nd (Thursday) to 25th (Sunday), 2022
Hours: 17:00-23:00 (Last orders for food at 22:00, drinks at 22:30) *There will be a two-part system on December 23rd, 24th, and 25th. Part 1 17:00/17:30/18:00/18:30
 2nd part 20:00/20:30/21:00/21:30
[Image 8

Christmas bells (main dish: wild Ezo venison from Hokkaido)
[Menu content]
The first dish, steamed single-seed oysters from Onagawa, Miyagi served with salmon roe
Cold Appetizer: Spanish Beef and Tokyo Colorful Vegetable Presse with Truffle Sauce
Warm Appetizer: Fukufuku Egg Royale from Yomogi, Aomori Prefecture, Snow Crab Sauce
Seafood dish Bouillabaisse of red sea bream, scallops and mussels delivered from Toyosu Market served with rouille sauce
Meat dishes: Please choose your favorite dish.
       ・Chiba Prefecture Bishō Beef Plancher Grilled with Porcini Sauce        ・Hokkaido wild Ezo venison roasted with poiblade sauce and apple compote        ・Grilled red beef fillet from Kumamoto served with wasabi from Okutama, Tokyo (+¥2,000)
Dessert Rosemary Mousse Finger Lime Scent
■Christmas Bar Dinner ¥10,000
Place: 20th floor Southern Tower Dining “Bal”
Period: December 16th (Fri) to 25th (Sun), 2022
Time: December 16th (Friday) to 21st (Wednesday)
   5:30-22:00 (Last order food 21:00, drinks 21:30)
From December 22nd (Thursday) to 25th (Sunday)
   17:00-23:00 (last order for food at 22:00, drinks at 22:30) *There will be a two-part system on December 23rd, 24th, and 25th. Part 1 17:00/17:30/18:00/18:30
 2nd part 20:00/20:30/21:00/21:30
[Image 9

Christmas bar dinner
[Course content]
The first dish: Welsh cheddar cheese quiche
Cold appetizer Tokyo beet terrine and Italian mozzarella cheese “burrata” dried fruit and edible flower salad
Main dish Seafood and meat dishes are served on one plate.
         ・Hokkaido scallops and red sea bream bouillabaisse from Toyosu Market          ・Roast beef sirloin with Welsh lady refole sauce
Dessert: Strawberry and yuzu bouche de noel
[Table 2: ]

About Southern Tower Dining

[Image 10d42655-131-4c691f97d6c3b0eb4ed3-7.jpg&s3=42655-131-72cddce0baf4bc6ef522303ef1cc9e6b-1024x683.jpg
[Image 11d42655-131-d3d4e83740eafa72870c-6.jpg&s3=42655-131-635f00de32b6e2b786aafc8d042e01b8-1024x683.jpg
Southern Tower Dining “Restaurant”
Located 100 meters above the ground on the 20th floor, “Southern Tower Dining” is a restaurant consisting of two zones, “Bar” and
“Restaurant”, which can be used according to the customer’s usage scene. Panoramic views in three directions (east, south, and west), the liveliness of the open kitchen, the cuisine, and the service are all attractive.
At lunchtime, the bright sunlight pours in, and you can enjoy the rich natural scenery of Shinjuku Gyoen National Garden and Yoyogi Park. At dinnertime, you can enjoy a panoramic view of the glittering night view of Tokyo, and the atmosphere that changes depending on the time will create a precious moment for your guests. Enjoy Christmas dinner with a superb view from Southern Tower Dining.
[Image 12d42655-131-f0059be5300cab56de9d-10.jpg&s3=42655-131-9ae20f4835fc76c3f56cbc805737f4c1-1024x683.jpg
[Image 13d42655-131-0908df6e21dd0cdadbd0-8.jpg&s3=42655-131-01b3e6b948bf31cb10b128d81fb36007-1024x683.jpg
Southern Tower Dining “Baru”
Measures to prevent the spread of new coronavirus (COVID-19) infectious disease [Image 14d42655-131-a1a8309c36a552b8a113-11.jpg&s3=42655-131-16214198701bc73299d3ca291ec2e8ee-683x1024.jpg
Odakyu Hotel Century Southern Tower places top priority on protecting the health and safety of our guests and employees, and is taking measures to prevent the spread of infection based on the latest medical evidence.
For more information, please visit the hotel’s official website. Odakyu Hotel Century Southern Tower
[Image 15d42655-131-d9a175bf242f45c3b154-12.jpg&s3=42655-131-4ef8cee0347dba8c316a4ca308c4bfba-1440x960.jpg
Odakyu Hotel Century Southern Tower is located in the “Odakyu Southern Tower”, a complex high-rise building consisting of 4 basement floors and 36 floors above ground and offices and shops. The hotel floor is from the 19th floor to the 35th floor, and the lobby and front desk are on the 20th floor. All 375 guest rooms are from the 22nd to 35th floors. From the restaurant, lounge, and guest rooms, you can enjoy the view of Tokyo that stretches far into the distance.
Guest rooms: 375 rooms, restaurants/lounges: 3, party rooms/meeting rooms: 2, private rooms: 2
【Traffic access】
3-minute walk from the South Exit of JR Shinjuku Station
3-minute walk from JR Shinjuku Station Koshu-Kaido ticket gate and Shin-Minami ticket gate
1 minute walk from Exit A1 of Shinjuku Station on the Toei Subway 5 minutes by car from Shuto Expressway Route 4 “Shinjuku Ramp” 【location】
2-2-1 Yoyogi, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo 151-8583
TEL.03-5354-0111 (representative)
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