Household support plan! “Commercial food” corner is born in Toyosu market dot com

Shokubunka Co., Ltd.
Household support plan! “Commercial food” corner is born in Toyosu market dot com
Toyosu, an EC directly connected to the market, connects producers and consumers nationwide through the Internet.

As prices continue to soar, Toyosu, an EC site for ordering ingredients, has released a special feature on “Household Support Project! Food for Business Use”. For details, visit the website
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Shokubunka Co., Ltd. (Tsukiji, Chuo-ku, Tokyo, Representative: Akifumi Hagiwara), which develops an EC site for gourmet fresh food, will launch a special feature on Toyosu Market Dot Com in October 2022, “Household Support Plan! has been published.
Carefully selected by buyers based in the market who find the best ingredients from all over the country.
We deliver great value ingredients in large volumes that are difficult to obtain at general stores and supermarkets.
There is also a standard for separating vegetables that are delivered in the box of the production area, and a large-capacity standard for canned food that is also recommended as preserved food.
Frozen products delivered from our own warehouse can be bundled together for a single shipping fee, so it is even more profitable to buy in bulk.
Toyosu market dot com “Household support plan!
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Food Culture Co., Ltd. “” and “Toyosu” In 2001, we built an online sales system to support producers who cannot use the Internet or personal computers, and established a direct gourmet e-commerce site “” targeting middle-aged and older people with the mission of revitalizing Japanese people. https:/ /” opened.
In 2004, partnered with the Tokyo Central Wholesale Market (Tsukiji Fruit and Vegetable Market) Market-directly-connected e-commerce that delivers specialty fruits and vegetables nationwide: Tsukiji market dot com (former) and Toyosu market dot com (current)
https://www.tsukijiichiba .com/” started.
In July 2022, the number of registered members on our website exceeded 800,000. For inquiries, please contact Shokubunka Co., Ltd.
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