HRBrain Co., Ltd. The EX scores (R) collected in the organizational diagnosis survey provided by HRBrain are published in Toppan Printing’s sustainability report, and are used as important guidelines for improving human capital disclosure and engag

HRBrain Co., Ltd.
The EX score (R) collected from the organizational diagnosis survey provided by HRBrain is published in Toppan Printing’s sustainability report and used as an important guideline for improving human capital disclosure and engagement.

The EX score (R) collected by the tissue diagnosis survey “EX Intelligence” provided by HRBrain Co., Ltd. (Headquarters:
Shinagawa-ku, Tokyo / CEO: Hiroki Hori, hereinafter referred to as “our company”) is the introduction company Toppan Printing Co., Ltd. Headquarters: Bunkyo-ku, Tokyo / President: Hideharu Maro (Hereinafter referred to as Toppan Printing), it was published as one of the important guidelines for improving human capital disclosure and engagement.
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Sustainability Report published by Toppan Printing
The Sustainability Report comprehensively introduces the Toppan Group’s initiatives related to sustainability, such as climate change, health management, and promotion of diversity and inclusion. As one of these activities, the EX score (R) collected by the organizational diagnosis survey “EX Intelligence” provided by our company was established as a KPI in the human resources area to improve
engagement, and has been published this time.
Click here for Sustainability Report Click here for Toppan Printing introduction release
What is EX Score (R)?
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The EX score (R) is an index representing the organizational state calculated based on the expected value and actual value of employees, and is a registered trademark of HRBrain (EX = Employee Experience). Data is collected through employee questionnaires in 16 areas designed according to the employee journey: recruitment, onboarding, job execution, personnel evaluation, human resource development, personnel placement, work environment, and corporate culture. Quantitative visualization of job satisfaction and ease of work for various attributes such as department, age, and position. It also supports comparison with other companies in the same industry, and can be used to disclose information on human capital to stakeholders such as investors. (Patent pending)
About tissue diagnosis survey “EX Intelligence”
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EX Intelligence is the first cloud service in Japan that
quantitatively visualizes employee experience, analyzes organizational and individual issues based on all human resource data, and realizes everything from prioritization to implementation of measures in one product.
We have implemented a wealth of functions that lead to improvements such as action analysis and text mining, extracting specific and essential issues by utilizing all analysis axes including evaluation data, high customizability in question content and delivery schedule. There are many introductions from TSE prime companies, and it has been awarded the title “Leader” for products with high user satisfaction and recognition in the organizational survey category and motivation management category of the “ITreview Grid Award 2022 Summer” for three consecutive years. .
About HRBrain
As the “HRBrain” series, we are developing five cloud services: talent management, organizational diagnosis survey, personnel evaluation, labor management, and in-house AI chatbot. We provide a one-stop service from streamlining HR operations to centralized management, analysis, and utilization of human resource data. In addition to DX in the human resources area, we will continue to expand functions so that we can adapt to ESG management and information disclosure of human capital.
HRBrain Company Profile
Company name: HRBrain Co., Ltd.
Location: Shin-Meguro Tokyu Building 5F, 2-25-2 Kamiosaki, Shinagawa-ku, Tokyo Representative Director and CEO: Hiroki Hori
Established: March 1, 2016
Service URL:
Human Capital TIMES:
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