Huawei Japan (Consumer Terminal Division) A total of 7 products, including “HUAWEI MateBook D16” and “HUAWEI FreeBuds Pro 2”, won the 2022 Good Design Award!

Huawei Japan (Consumer Device Division)
A total of 7 products, including “HUAWEI MateBook D16” and “HUAWEI FreeBuds Pro 2”, won the 2022 Good Design Award!

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“HUAWEI MateBook D 16” “HUAWEI MateBook E” “HUAWEI MateBook 14 2022” “HUAWEI FreeBuds Pro 2” “HUAWEI Sound Joy” “HUAWEI MatePad Paper” “HUAWEI WiFi” sold by Huawei Technologies Japan Co., Ltd. (Huawei Japan) Mesh 3” These 7 products were awarded the 2022 Good Design Award for their excellent design and excellent functionality. Please see below for the evaluation comments by the judges. Huawei will continue to strive to evolve technology and design, and strive to deliver innovative and new experiences to everyone in Japan. [Image 2

■ About the Good Design Award
Established in 1957, the Good Design Award is Japan’s only
comprehensive design evaluation and recommendation system. Many domestic and foreign companies and designers participate in this movement to enhance industry and lifestyle culture through design. More than 50,000 awards have been awarded to date, and the
award-winning symbol, the “G Mark,” is widely known as a symbol of good design.
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■ “HUAWEI MateBook D16”
【Product Summary】
The HUAWEI MateBook D 16 is a lightweight laptop equipped with a 16-inch Huawei Full View Display and a 12th Generation Intel(R) Core(TM) i5-12450H processor. In addition to expanding the functions that accelerate business such as numeric keypad and physical shortcut keys, it is also full of functions useful for online meetings such as noise cancellation using unique technology, and it is one that has the functions you want for work and hobbies.
[Evaluation comments from the Good Design Award Jury]
A laptop with a 16-inch large screen display. In order to make the bezel as thin as possible, a number of ingenuities such as screen circuit storage in the hinge, adoption of an embedded camera, and adhesive processing on the screen panel have been made to achieve a screen occupancy of 90%. The screen experience brought by the minimal bezel and large screen is worth seeing. The high-quality metal body, which was carefully crafted down to the smallest detail, was also highly praised.
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■ “HUAWEI MateBook E”
【Product Summary】
The new model of “HUAWEI MateBook E” is equipped with Huawei’s first organic EL. You can enjoy high-quality images in a compact design with a screen-to-body ratio of about 90%. With a body weight of 709 g, it is thin and lightweight, making it easy to carry. It is a 2 in 1 model that can be used as both a notebook PC and a tablet. Equipped with the latest OS “Windows 11”, intuitive operation is possible with a UI design with excellent touch operation. Available in Nebula Gray, which gives off an elegant shine. It can meet various needs such as office, creative activities, and learning.
[Evaluation comments from the Good Design Award Jury]
2 in 1 laptop for business users. It can be used in two ways, tablet and laptop. While realizing a high-definition large screen with a 12.6-inch organic EL display with a screen share of 90%, consideration is given to an aspect ratio of 16:10 that is easy to use as a vertical tablet. In a rapidly changing environment where new work styles such as home offices and mobile offices are put into practice, the point of evaluation is that we have been able to propose mobile devices that can flexibly respond to the situation and improve work efficiency. be. [Image 5

■ “HUAWEI MateBook 14 2022”
【Product Summary】
“HUAWEI MateBook 14 2022” adopts a high-definition 2K display. The 3:2 screen aspect ratio allows more information to be displayed in the vertical area. In addition, since it can be operated intuitively with touch panel support, it is one that can be expected to improve business efficiency. In addition, while achieving powerful performance with the 11th generation Intel (R) Core (TM) i5 processor, the product design in pursuit of thinness and lightness has a weight of about 1.49 kg and a thickness of about 15.9 mm. It is light to carry anywhere. It is possible to quickly switch to performance mode during work that puts a heavy load on the CPU, and it is equipped with a system that efficiently discharges the heat generated due to its high performance, realizing a new level of usability.
[Evaluation comments from the Good Design Award Jury]
Sandblasted aluminum alloy body. It is a product that you can feel the accumulation of detailed design and development to achieve further weight reduction and compactness. In particular, the bezel width at the bottom is finished to be thin, and the impression when looking at the screen is different from when looking at other notebook PCs. In addition, various ingenuity has been incorporated in the interface, such as the ability to capture the screen by sliding three fingers down on the touch panel liquid crystal, which can be highly evaluated. [Image 6

■ “HUAWEI FreeBuds Pro 2”
【Product Summary】
“HUAWEI FreeBuds Pro 2” is a complete wireless earphone (TWS) that has evolved further in various aspects from the previous model “HUAWEI FreeBuds Pro”, the top model of the FreeBuds series. Packed with the results of Huawei’s audio research, a dual driver unit that includes a newly developed micro plane diaphragm driver achieves a wide playback frequency range. In addition, in correspondence with LDAC ※, we acquire high res certification. Furthermore, we are collaborating with “Devialet”, a French luxury audio equipment brand, in terms of sound quality tuning. In addition, it is equipped with powerful active noise cancellation with triple microphones, and in addition to triple microphones, we are particular about call quality by call noise reduction using bone conduction sensors and deep neural network algorithms. Even in a noisy environment, your callers will feel as if they are in a quiet conference room.
Deliver a clear voice to the other party. Since it supports
multi-point, you can connect up to two smartphones or computers at the same time, which is very convenient in the era of telework.
*LDAC is a trademark of Sony Corporation.
[Evaluation comments from the Good Design Award Jury]
Among the wireless earphones that compete with each other, they meet high standards in various aspects such as sound quality, noise canceling performance, and product quality. You can feel that the technology for realizing a better sound experience is condensed in the compactly designed earphones.
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■ “HUAWEI Sound Joy”
【Product Summary】
HUAWEI Sound Joy has a compact body that fits in a cup holder, but has a powerful sound system consisting of 4 units, and the sound has been jointly developed by Huawei and Devialet. In addition, the main body, which uses a special woven fabric that achieves both texture and excellent tone, has IP67*1 water and dust resistance, so you can use it outdoors without worrying about changes in the weather. Equipped with a vivid lighting function that resonates with the sound, if you prepare two “HUAWEI Sound Joy”, you can easily pair them by shaking the main unit and enjoy powerful stereo sound. Equipped with a large-capacity battery, it is possible to play music continuously for up to 26 hours * 2, and it also supports quick charging, and can be used for about 1 hour with 10 minutes of charging.
*1: Water and dust resistant for general use, tested under controlled laboratory conditions and meets IP67 rating of IEC 60529 standard. *2: It is based on the verification measured by Huawei Labs and may differ in the actual usage environment.
[Evaluation comments from the Good Design Award Jury]
The size and form are designed for portability when going out, and the bass output quality is also important. It was highly evaluated for its operability.
[Image 8

■ “HUAWEI MatePad Paper”
【Product Summary】
HUAWEI MatePad Paper is Huawei’s first E ink tablet, and it is a model that achieves paper-like texture, excellent visibility, and low power consumption. The 10.8-inch HD resolution display and sophisticated UI make it easy to operate and browse. You can also use the included HUAWEI M-Pencil and a wide variety of templates to efficiently create memos.
Huawei’s official reading app “HUAWEI Books” can read more than 850,000 books from all over the world, and it supports more than 280,000 domestic books, and we plan to expand it in the future. You can also use third-party apps and services by leveraging your browser and HUAWEI AppGallery.
In addition, support for voice memos and audiobooks by recording, long battery that lasts for about 6 days and rapid charging, RAM 4 GB / ROM 64 GB large capacity memory, fingerprint authentication integrated power button, Wi-Fi 6 support, etc. , equipped with various functions. It is a model that presents new options as a tablet for business and reading. [Evaluation comments from the Good Design Award Jury]
It is a high-performance product at an overwhelmingly low price. It has an outstanding balance of compactness and functionality. The speed of the display that a line appears on the pen tip almost at the same time as writing. The quality of writing and the high degree of follow-up are worthy of special mention. It was praised for its simple design and high-quality finish.
[Image 9

■ “HUAWEI WiFi Mesh 3”
【Product Summary】
HUAWEI WiFi Mesh 3 supports the fast and stable Wi-Fi 6 and Wi-Fi 6 Plus, our proprietary standard, with a theoretical speed of up to 3000 Mbps (574 Mbps in the 2.4 GHz band, 5 It reaches 2402 Mbps*) in the GHz band. It delivers exhilarating speed for everything online, whether it’s 4K movies or large file downloads.
*Theoretical maximum speed, not actual usage speed. Actual speeds may vary depending on usage conditions and connected devices.
[Evaluation comments from the Good Design Award Jury]
As a home mesh router, it is designed simply and elegantly so that it blends naturally into any interior without making a statement. The appearance, which consists of gentle round curves, has been sublimated to a design that gives a sense of reliability and security as a home infrastructure device, and it can be highly evaluated.
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