Huckleberry Co., Ltd. 4 function updates such as Shopify app “Regular purchase” and email change function for each plan group

Huckleberry Co., Ltd.
Shopify app “Subscription purchase”, 4 function updates such as email change function for each plan group
~ “Addition of linkage information to Shopify Flow”, “Discount function for each contract amount”, and “Bulk update of contracted product data” functions also released ~

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In Japan’s first (* 1) Shopify app “Regular Purchase” that supports the regular purchase API provided by Huckleberry Co., Ltd.
(Shibuya-ku, Tokyo, President: Yusuke Ando, ​​hereinafter
“Huckleberry”), ” We would like to inform you that we have added and updated the following functions: Email change function for each plan group, Addition of linkage information to Shopify Flow, Discount function for each contract amount, and Bulk update of contracted product data. .
*1: In-house research (published in February 2021)
■ Updated functions
1. You can now change the content of the email sent for each plan group Until now, all emails sent from the “Subscription” app had the same content, but with this update, the content can now be changed for each plan group.
This makes it possible to deliver emails according to the customer’s contract details, which can be expected to improve customer
satisfaction, reduce the churn rate, and improve LTV.
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2. More flexible CRM by adding linkage information to Shopify Flow The following has been added to the link information for Shopify Flow. As a result, it is possible to implement measures tailored to each customer, and even more detailed measures to prevent cancellations and improve LTV.
-Added Information-
Cancellation reason
Order information
-Reference: Trigger-
First purchase
When purchasing for the second time or later
Notification email n days before payment date
Payment error
When changing products
When adding a product
When deleting a product
When purchasing additional products
When the plan (cycle) is changed
when skipping
When canceling skip
At the time of cancellation
When changing quantity
When changing the delivery date
When you change your payment method
When changing the delivery address
3. Discount function for each contract amount
Various discounts are now available according to the contract amount of regular purchases.
It will be possible to provide services such as “free shipping” and “10% discount” to customers who purchase more than a certain amount, which will lead to improved customer satisfaction and prevention of cancellation.
-possible discounts-
fixed amount discount
Specified % discount on contract amount
free shipping
4. Simplify operations by collectively updating contracted data Until now, due to Shopify’s Subscription API specifications, the subscription contract data is separated from the product, so even if the original product’s price or SKU (minimum control unit) is changed, the subscription contract data will be updated. It was not.
With this update, the name, amount, and SKU (minimum management unit) of the specified product can be automatically updated, reducing the time and effort required for operations and responding to customer inquiries, and enabling efficient operations.
■ About the Shopify app “Regular purchase”
More than 2500 introduced companies, Shopify’s regular purchase app Japan’s No. 1 Shopify app “Regular purchase”
・Intuitive and simple setting screen
・Customer support system highly rated by customers
・Development system for speedy realization of custom development and function requests
・It is also possible to measure the results of advertisements etc. (Installing measurement tags requires a separate application and editing of Liquid files)
・Install the subscription function to the theme
・Regular purchase plan setting
・ Flexible discount settings such as the first time of regular purchase and specified number of times
・Sample product sales function
・Regular purchase order, customer management
・ Membership rank function that allows you to change the discount rate according to the purchase amount
・Product addition/change/deletion and upselling function on My Page ・Full customization function of My Page etc.
-More than 2500 introduced companies, Shopify’s regular purchase app No. 1 in Japan-
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We will continue to update this app and develop necessary functions such as adding marketing / CRM functions according to Japanese regular purchasing business practices.
In addition, Huckleberry, as a leading company in Shopify site construction / application construction, will continue to support merchants (operators) by releasing applications that can be easily and safely introduced to support long-term sales.
-Click here for easy subscription consultations and inquiries-
[About Huckleberry Co., Ltd.]
A team that plans, develops, and operates services related to improving e-commerce sales, with the mission of “creating a normal lifestyle that is unique to that person in the digital society”, aiming for purchasing that allows everyone to have a comfortable and exciting experience. is. It consists of veterans such as serial entrepreneurs, engineers with extensive startup experience, and PdM graduates who have been involved in the open innovation field for a long time, as well as highly motivated young people, and supports the improvement of Shopify store sales.
Headquarters location: Building C, 2-14-28 Higashi, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo Representative: Yusuke Ando, ​​President and Representative Director Business: Development and provision of Shopify apps. EC site construction support. Launch of co-creation business in EC/SaaS area URL:
Huckleberry is looking for members to work with!
[About the service provided]
Shopify App “Marutto Attracting Customers”
Shopify app “All in gift (You can send gifts on LINE and Instagram!)”
Shopify App “Subscription”
Web media “EC Magazine | Know-how magazine for successful EC”
[About App Unity]
Shopify is growing in usage in 175 countries around the world, but the number of merchants (operators) is also increasing rapidly in Japan. On the other hand, there are still not many domestic apps that provide functions that are compatible with domestic business practices, and when multiple apps are installed, it is difficult for business owners and support to investigate and eliminate interference between apps. There are some issues with the app, such as being a big burden on the company. In order to contribute to the further spread of Shopify in Japan by solving these problems, Feedforce, Huckleberry Co., Ltd. (location: Shibuya-ku, Tokyo, President: Yusuke Ando), Rewire Co., Ltd. (location: Bunkyo, Tokyo) Ward, CEO: Yoshihiro Okada) have established a corporate alliance “App Unity”.
App Unity service site:

Details about this release:


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