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Humming Heads Co., Ltd.
Introduced Oita City Security Platform
Abolition of all file encryption, achieving both security and operational efficiency

Oita City had introduced a full file encryption system before introducing SeP. With the end of support for the old system, we were considering a replacement, and SeP was selected as a product that fulfills the difficult-to-achieve requirements of achieving both stronger information security and improved operational efficiency. This time, we will interview Oita City about the background to the introduction of SeP and the effects realized after the start of operation, and present it in the form of an introduction example. [Imaged10549-97-13adb04c7347fc74fad0-0.jpg&s3=10549-97-bd909f332eef5e6832e1daf0d89c51fc-1728x1152.jpg
◆ Data used only within the agency
Should everything be encrypted?
Based on the guidelines of the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications, Oita City has adopted the three-layer isolation environment of the α model since 2017. At the timing of the α model transition, a full file encryption system was introduced to strengthen the security of the general government network (LGWAN) connection network.
While the encryption of all files can be evaluated as improving safety in terms of security, there were problems in terms of operational efficiency, such as poor response and handling of encrypted files when updating the system. In addition to resolving the issues mentioned above, Oita City decided to use SeP because it was able to meet all of the multiple procurement requirements.
Since the actual operation of SeP started, users have realized the improvement in convenience, such as “the trouble of decrypting each time has been eliminated.” Since encryption is required only when the data is taken outside, we have received feedback that it is not necessary to encrypt the data used within the agency, which is exactly the concept of the SeP automatic encryption function.
◆ Security measures essential for promoting DX
As DX progresses throughout the country, the environment surrounding information systems is changing day by day, and security threats are expanding. In order to reliably protect confidential information assets such as resident information while promoting DX, it is essential to consider security measures such as information leakage countermeasures and cyber attack countermeasures at the same time. We were also inspired by Oita City’s ambitious efforts to further improve security and operational efficiency, rather than being content with the current information system environment. Hummingheads will continue to do its utmost to support the improvement of the
information system environment of local governments nationwide, including Oita City.
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