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Hybrid Technologies Co., Ltd. Hybrid Technologies, which conducts hybrid development using resources from Japan and Vietnam, will hold a workshop on UX / UI for the first five companies free of charge.

Hybrid Technologies Co., Ltd.
Hybrid Technologies, which conducts hybrid development using resources from Japan and Vietnam, will hold a workshop on UX/UI for the first five companies free of charge.
Our designers help you dig deeper into personas and organize your user experience

Hybrid Technologies Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Chuo-ku, Tokyo, President: Chang Bang Min, Securities Code: 4260, hereinafter referred to as our company), which develops hybrid systems using resources from Japan and Vietnam, is a UX (user experience) / A workshop on UI (user interface) will be held free of charge for the first five companies. *Limited to companies in the Kanto area due to face-to-face
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Our company utilizes abundant Vietnamese human resources to provide speedy development. While receiving consultations on launching new services, turning existing services into apps, and updating them, we received many complaints, such as that our own service was difficult to use, that we were overwhelmed by competitors, that we wanted opinions from the user’s point of view, and that the number of contracts was not increasing. I have heard about your troubles.  In order to solve these issues, we will provide free workshops on UX/UI to the first five companies. In this workshop, our designers will provide UX design and review to improve the user experience from the perspective of both the user side and the service side, aiming for the growth of the client company’s services. Specifically, we plan to reconfirm and deepen the persona and map the user experience. The former reconfirms the assumed persona image from the four perspectives of “profile”, “behavior”, “issue” and “purpose”, and the latter is when and how the service is used and what is required for each function. We will sort out what is happening and identify the issues for that.
 We will continue to provide business and service designs that create value for both companies and users by capturing the essential needs of users based on their experience ideas and defining the ideal experience of using services.
■What is the “hybrid service” provided by Hybrid Technologies? The service we provide is a “hybrid service” that integrates resources from Japan and Vietnam and promotes DX from both the customer’s business and technology perspectives. In the hybrid service, the rich experience of the Japanese PM and the Vietnamese PM, who act as mediators of communication, prevents discrepancies in communication that tend to occur in conventional offshore services. In the actual service design phase, we provide UI/UX design by UCD (creating a design interface based on how users actually use the service), and in the implementation phase, we incorporate agile scrum development into planning and development. By repeating , testing, and releasing, we achieve high-quality and speedy development. In this way, we contribute to our clients by providing one-stop services from service design to enhancement.
●Hybrid service conceptual diagram
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[Overview of Hybrid Technologies Co., Ltd.]
Location: 2-22-1 Shinkawa, Chuo-ku, Tokyo Strawberry Shinkawa Building 5F President and Representative Director: Chang Bang Min
Capital: 893,343 thousand yen (August 31, 2022)
Business description: Hybrid service
IR site:
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President and CEO Chang Bang Min

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