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I Dream Co., Ltd. The scriptwriter of the popular pretend club on TikTok is in charge of the script! Simultane ous release of two “short drama projects” centered on Yokohama Bishoujo Encyclopedia members!

iDream Co., Ltd.
The scriptwriter of the popular play club on TikTok is in charge of the script! Simultaneous release of two “short drama projects” centered on Yokohama Bishoujo Encyclopedia members!
Simultaneous release of two short dramas!

The screenplay is written by the playwright of the Gokko Club that is a hot topic on TikTok, and the members selected after the distribution application Mikucha audition by members of the Yokohama Bishoujo Encyclopedia, the distribution application Mikucha audition, and the distribution application Mildam audition and the final interview will appear. !
Two popular works have been released on the YouTube channel of Yokohama Bishoujo Encyclopedia.

Short Drama Project Side A
“Story of a coffee shop | 2022”
[Image 1

―――――――――――― There was a coffee shop in Yokohama.
This store has been loved by the locals for more than 30 years, but since the owner’s mother passed away, the three daughters are discussing “what to do with the future of the store.” Three sisters confront each other for the first time. As expected, the whereabouts of the coffee shop filled with the thoughts of my late mother…
[Video 3:]
[Director] Kei Sato
[Screenplay] 1623
[Appearance] Shima Izutsu, Miღ, Hanako Inuzuka, Ririka Aigaki, Shiyo Takahashi, Saaya Yamamoto, Hitomi Chiba
Short drama project B-side
“Story of a coffee shop | 1989”
[Image 2

―――――――――――― There was a coffee shop in Yokohama. This store is celebrating its one year anniversary today.
To celebrate, regular customer Eiji and the employees have prepared a surprise, but the store manager, Furuno, suddenly announces that the store will be closed. Surprised Eiji and the others ask him why, but then a strange-looking man and a noisy duo show up…
[Video 4:]
[Director] Kei Sato
[Screenplay] 1623
[Appearance] Riria, Masashi Matsuoka, Aoi Kohinata, Mizusaki, Life, Mei Kanakubo, Aya Himizu, Yuki Kawashima
◆ script
The reading is ichi roku ni san. Participated as a founding member of the TikTok drama production team “Gokko Club” and is in charge of more than half of the script. Another organization regularly writes and directs omnibus plays, and at a workshop hosted by Director Sakichi Sato and Actors Vision, the script he wrote won the best work award. He also works as an actor under his real name, Hirofumi Suzuki. [Image 3d58453-102-f6aa9be67a5498a0e738-2.jpg&s3=58453-102-8787e244b870d1686b77353fdcfa2526-1046x1568.jpg
Screenplay 1623
Gokko Club
Hirofumi Suzuki
◆ Director
“Kei Sato”
If you shoot a documentary, Shibuya is the best. A poison director who creates addictive content. Representative works “Owned media content production distributed at 800 stores nationwide” “Director of MV trilogy of Korean idol groups”
Yokohama Bishoujo Zukan 2nd short drama audition held!
Scheduled for 10/17-10/30 *Delivery application Mikucha examination Application completed by LINE registration
* You can participate by answering the questionnaire and passing the document screening.
* We are also planning a review that general people other than the Yokohama Bishoujo Zukan can apply for.
Yokohama Bishoujo Encyclopedia Official YouTube Channel
Yokohama Bishoujo Encyclopedia Official Twitter

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