I-Goods Co., Ltd. We will exhibit sustainable miscellaneous goods SUS coffee at LUMINE Shinjuku COFFEE FESTIVAL

Eye Goods Co., Ltd.
We will exhibit sustainable miscellaneous goods SUS coffee at LUMINE Shinjuku COFFEE FESTIVAL
-Held on October 22nd (Sat) and 23rd (Sun), 2022. The coffee grounds that came out in the venue were put on the T-shirt~

Eye Goods Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Shibuya-ku, Tokyo), which produces original goods, will hold our sustainable brand “ SUS coffee” will be exhibited. This event was planned to let more people know that coffee grounds can be recycled. This time, as one of the product sales shops, we will sell miscellaneous goods such as tumblers and coffee grinders that reuse coffee grounds.
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Popular at mass retailers! Selling 13 miscellaneous items made from recycled coffee grounds
With regard to coffee, the disposal of large amounts of waste as grounds after brewing is viewed as a problem, and methane gas and landfill sites, which are highly greenhouse-effective, generated in the disposal of used bean grounds have become a global problem. In addition, the rapid increase in coffee consumption at home due to the spread of the new coronavirus infection is said to be likely to develop into a more serious problem in the future.
In recent years, while there has been an increase in efforts to recycle coffee grounds in light of these social issues, consumers are still largely unaware of this, and many households dispose of it as garbage. This event was planned to change the current situation in Japan.
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Lumine Shinjuku COFFEE FESTIVAL leaflet
A total of 21 companies, including coffee shops, food shops, and merchandise shops, are scheduled to participate in the event. There are also four event spaces where visitors can learn about recycling coffee beans through hands-on experience. We will exhibit “SUS coffee” as one of the product sales shops.
All 13 types of the SUS coffee series will be on sale on the day. It is already sold at mass retailers nationwide, and in particular, coffee equipment such as coffee mills, French presses, and beans clips that were released in October 2021 are attracting attention as “enjoying coffee time in style!” In addition, it attracted attention on television and in newspapers for its storytelling of enjoying coffee with utensils made from coffee, and its chic colors that make use of the texture of coffee.
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“SUS coffee coffee mill” [Suggested retail price] 2,750 yen (tax included) [Image 4

“SUS coffee frenchpress” [Suggested retail price] 2,750 yen (tax included) [Image 5

“SUS coffee beans clip 3-piece set” [Suggested retail price] 440 yen (tax included)
Focus on environmental issues surrounding coffee! The reason why “SUS coffee” was born
 SUS coffee is an abbreviation of “Sustainable Useful Selection” and was launched in September 2021 to provide “sustainable and easy-to-use (convenient) choices”. Focusing on the environmental issues
surrounding coffee, we thought that goods made from ingredients that people are familiar with on a daily basis would have a high affinity with general consumers and would attract attention. Established a sustainable brand to reuse.
“Simple and sophisticated design that you won’t get tired of,” “Ease of use for everyday use” and “Affordable price”, SUS coffee has been developing products with a focus on these three points. In the future, we plan to promote the planning and development of fashionable and sustainable miscellaneous goods that can be used by both men and women.
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Simple design for everyday use
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I make an outstanding performance in an everyday dining table and the outdoor Even an event that reuses coffee grounds! There are many projects that are conscious of sustainability
On the day of the event, in addition to eating, drinking and purchasing goods, you can experience making coffee dyes, deodorants, and spices using coffee grounds and waste beans. Through participation in the event, efforts have been made to promote understanding of coffee grounds recycling.
In addition, we are also focusing on creating a venue that does not generate garbage, and we will give all visitors a reusable tumbler at the reception. By enjoying coffee in a tumbler, you can contribute to reducing waste. (*) In addition, once an hour, the LUMINE sales department co-sponsored company staff collects coffee grounds from each shop booth and prepares an exhibition space where customers can see the coffee grounds. This grounds will be reborn as a T-shirt at a later date, realizing the recycling of coffee grounds throughout the event.
* Collect the tumbler at the gift campaign booth when leaving. *Can be served in a paper cup for takeout.
 Please visit our booth on the day and try out the latest sustainable goods. [Event overview]
Event name: Lumine Shinjuku COFFEE FESTIVAL ~Me and Coffee and Sustaina~ Date: Saturday, October 22, 2022-Sunday, October 23, 2022 10:00-17:00 Venue: Lumine Shinjuku Lumine 1 rooftop (1-1-5 Nishi-Shinjuku, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo 160-0023)
Contents: 1. Make recycled products using coffee grounds from the event 2. Selling and exhibiting products made from recycled coffee grounds 3. Hold a recycling workshop using coffee grounds
4. Use of reusable tumblers
5. Collection of coffee grounds
6. Implementation of talk event
[Scheduled SUS coffee product overview]
・SUS coffee coffee mill / 2,500 yen (2,750 yen including tax) ・SUS coffee frenchpress / 2,500 yen (2,750 yen including tax) ・SUS coffee dripper / 600 yen (660 yen including tax)
・SUS coffee beans clip 3 piece set (SUS coffee clip) / 400 yen (440 yen including tax)
・SUS coffee thermo tumbler 480ml / 2,400 yen (2,640 yen including tax) ・SUS coffee stainless tumbler 350ml / 2,200 yen (2,420 yen including tax) ・SUS coffee thermo mug / 1,800 yen (1,980 yen including tax) ・SUS coffee tumbler 350ml / 2,000 yen (2,200 yen including tax) ・SUS coffee notebook / 1,600 yen (1,760 yen including tax)
・SUS coffee mini pot / 2,000 yen (2,200 yen including tax)
・SUS coffee PLA cutlery set / 1,200 yen (1,320 yen including tax) ・SUS coffee PLA plate / 1,200 yen (1,320 yen including tax)
・SUS coffee All-in-one Coffee Maker / 6,500 yen (7,150 yen including tax) 【Company Profile】
Company name: Eye Goods Co., Ltd.
Representative: Representative Director Shohei Miki
Established: January 20, 2016
Capital: 30 million yen
HP: www.i-goods.co.jp
Head office location: Ebisu Square 6F, 1-23-23 Ebisu, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo TEL: 03-6447-7742
Business: Designing, manufacturing, selling, and importing and exporting original goods and novelties that are fully custom-made [What is eye goods]
Our core business is the planning and production of full-order original goods. Our company has been manufacturing miscellaneous goods, novelties, and product materials for department store sales, apparel, cosmetics, and the concert industry. Since February 2020, we have been actively producing various antivirus goods and disseminating goods information ahead of the industry. Furthermore, in response to the growing demand for SDGs, we wanted to support companies’ sustainable efforts, so we started disseminating information on sustainable OEM business and SDGs. In addition, we are also launching the “SUS coffee” brand, which reuses coffee grounds, because we want to provide consumers with sustainable options directly. In this way, we have achieved stable growth despite being in the manufacturing industry, which is in a marked decline, by sensitively sensing the demands of society and speedily developing our business. In the “Ranking of Rapidly Growing Companies in the Asia-Pacific Region”, among more than 1 million target companies, we ranked 45th overall in 2021, 39th overall in 2022, and ranked 1st in Japan among domestic manufacturers. Highly rated outside.

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