I-ne Co., Ltd. About 40% of women are dissatisfied with skin care items! ? Cleansing your skin so easily that it will make you laugh! Buzz cosmetics “Salanaru” nationwide CM released on October 17th!

I-ne Co., Ltd.
About 40% of women are dissatisfied with skin care items! ? Cleansing your skin so easily that it will make you laugh! Buzz cosmetics “Salanaru” nationwide CM released on October 17th!

The skin care brand “Salanaru” developed by I-ne Co., Ltd.
(Headquarters: Kita-ku, Osaka) has released a TV commercial for “Pure Cleansing Gel (Clear / White)”, which is currently on sale. 3-stage texture cleansing” will be broadcast nationwide from October 17, 2022 (Monday) (excluding Kanto and Okinawa).
In addition, we conducted a survey on “makeup and skin care awareness during corona sickness” for women aged 25 to 34 who wore makeup more than 5 days a week before corona.
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According to this survey, about 40% of women are dissatisfied with skin care items. as a factor
“I can’t feel the effect” and “It takes time and effort” are mentioned. In addition, the top 3 things that cleansers are looking for are “compatibility with the skin” at 29.8%, “kindness to the skin” at 23.1%, and “can quickly remove makeup/save time” at 18.3%. From these results, it was found that “consideration” for the skin is an important point for women when choosing cleansers.
Salanalu Pure Cleansing Gel is an item that meets such needs. Cleansing that leads to the skin.
Such a “three-step texture cleansing” Salanaru commercial focuses on the “pleasure of being able to comfortably remove” so that you can enjoy cleansing with a troublesome impression. Please pay attention and take a look.
CM details
・ Title: “The more you laugh, the easier it falls! 3-stage texture cleansing” ・ Broadcast start date: October 17, 2022 (Monday) to October 30, 2022 (Sunday) ・Broadcast area: Nationwide (excluding Kanto and Okinawa)
・ Official website URL: https://salanaru.jp/
[Video 2: https://prtimes.jp/api/movieim.php?url=www.youtube.com/watch?v=303Ri49Ud94]

Highlights of CM
The theme is “The more you laugh, the easier it falls!”
Cleansing is still strongly recognized as “something that must be done” and “work to return negative to zero”, but in this commercial, we express the emotional value and feeling of “comfortable falling” beyond that. .
A beauty youtuber took a picture of her actually removing makeup in a project called “I tried using Salanaru”.
After cleansing, look in the mirror and say, “It’s gone!”
Also, please enjoy the moody atmosphere with a parody of “Mountain Musician” that everyone knows.
Product features
1. The three-step texture of gel, oil, and milk realizes the ideal cleansing that many women want.
Salanaru Pure Cleansing Gel is a thick gel that adheres to the skin without dripping, turns oily when mixed with makeup stains, and becomes milky when it comes in contact with water, and can be washed off easily. It is an ideal cleansing that takes advantage of each function because it changes into three stages of “gel”, “oil”, and “milk” in one cleansing. In addition, by rinsing quickly, cleansing time can be shortened and the burden on the skin can be reduced. Salanaru Pure Cleansing Gel, which has three functions of “gel’s skin feel”, “oil cleansing power”, and “milk rinsing speed”, is
“skin-friendly” and “make-up removal”, which are the top cleansing requirements for women. at the same time.
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2. High cleansing power removes waterproof point makeup without rubbing Formulated with sunflower oil [*1] and prune oil [*2], which are rich in oleic acid, which is similar to sebum. It has a cleansing power [*3] that quickly blends into make-up and dirt, and removes even waterproof point make-up.
It can also be used for eyelash extensions [*4].
3. Removes dirt, prepares the skin environment, and makes it easier for lotion to penetrate [*5]
By blending AHA-containing plant-derived ingredients [*6] and genuine fermented rice liquid [*7], the skin is softened and after cleansing, Boosts the penetration of lotion [*5]. In addition, to support penetration [*5], it contains 6 kinds of beauty ingredients [*8] that prepare the skin environment. It cleanses while protecting moisture, so you don’t need to wash your face twice. It can also be used as a morning face wash.
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*1 sunflower seed oil (emollient)
*2 prune seed oil (emollient)
*3 Use a special remover for point makeup that is difficult to remove. *4 Limited to eyelash extensions using general glue (cyanoacrylate) *5 Up to stratum corneum
*6 Contains only pure cleansing gel clear
*7 Contains only pure cleansing gel white
*8 Crismum maritimum extract, avocado extract, atheromonas fermented extract, glycolipid, madecassoside (all moisturizing ingredients), squalane (emollient)
Product Summary
■Salanaru Pure Cleansing Gel Clear: Pore Care
[Image 4

Contains 7 kinds of AHA-containing plant-derived extract juice [*9], etc. to soften the skin while removing blackheads and dirt clogged deep in the pores, leaving the skin clean and smooth with
inconspicuous pores.
A citrus and jasmine scent blended with 5 essential oils.

■Salanaru Pure Cleansing Gel White: Dullness [*10] Care
[Image 5

Contains 5 kinds of fermented liquids [*11], including the [genuine fermented rice liquid] created from the brewing technology of the traditional sake [Shonai Bijin], to create moist and glossy skin with a sense of transparency [*12].
A rose and geranium scent blended with 6 essential oils.

*9 hawthorn extract, jujube fruit extract, grapefruit fruit extract, apple fruit extract, lemon juice, orange juice, lime juice (all moisturizing ingredients)
*10 Due to dirt and old keratin
*11 Rice fermented liquid, Aspergillus culture, Lactobacillus/soymilk fermented liquid, Lactobacillus/pear juice fermented liquid, Saccharomyces/coix seed fermented liquid (all moisturizing
*12 Impression of clean skin with dirt removed
■Price/capacity: 1,980 yen each (tax included)/150g
Distribution: Variety shops nationwide (excluding some stores), drug stores nationwide (excluding some stores),
EC malls (Rakuten Ichiba, Amazon, etc.), official online stores Survey on “Makeup and skincare awareness in corona wreck”
■Survey summary
While awareness of skin care has improved compared to before Corona, there are many voices that say “face wash” and “cleansing” to skin care items that are dissatisfied. As reasons, 39.5% said, “I can’t feel the effect” and 34.2% said, “Because it takes time and effort.” We found that low satisfaction with the effect was a major factor. The top three things that such women look for in cleansing products are “compatibility with the skin,” “kindness to the skin,” and “quickness in removing makeup.” It turns out that it is.
In addition, compared to before COVID-19, an increasing number of women are reviewing cleansing items in line with changes in their awareness of makeup and skin care, and while the use of oil and milk has decreased, 140 women use gel-type items. We found that it increased by %.
■Survey overview
Survey overview: Survey on “make-up and skin care awareness in corona wreck” Survey method: Internet survey
Survey period: February 16, 2022 to February 17, 2022
Valid responses: Before COVID-19, 104 female employees aged 25-34 who used foundation at least 5 days a week
■Currently, there are many complaints about “face wash” and
“cleansing” as skin care items that they are dissatisfied with. 39.5% said they were dissatisfied because they “didn’t feel the effects” and 34.2% said “because it takes time and effort”.
When asked, “Which skin care items do you use that you are
dissatisfied with? (multiple answers)” (n=104), 17.3% answered “face wash,” 16.3% answered “cleansing.” 16.3% answered “skin lotion”. In addition, to the question, “Why are you dissatisfied with the items you are using? (multiple answers)” (n=38), 39.5% said, “I can’t feel the effect,” and “Because it takes time.” 34.2%, and 31.6% said, “The price is high for the effect and the cost performance is bad”, indicating that the low satisfaction with the effect is a major factor.
[Image 6d12002-533-2d80aad3902f30f72048-5.jpg&s3=12002-533-51c931189b2f15603232a2e99ec7985f-1600x1067.jpg
[Image 7d12002-533-bf0f48a25a9d3e00ef69-6.jpg&s3=12002-533-264687257866a8f7f62ccbe1a393ee98-1600x1067.jpg
■ The top 3 things that women want in cleansing products are “compatibility with the skin”, “kindness to the skin”, and “quickness in removing makeup”.
When asked, “What do you want most for cleansing?” / What you can do to save time” was the answer of 18.3%, and it was found that “care” for the skin is an important point for women to choose cleansing. [Image 8d12002-533-02879021c483bf85da94-7.jpg&s3=12002-533-1fa4fcb771f99e411e932170958cb530-1600x1067.jpg
■In addition, due to a change in awareness of skin care, the number of gel-type users has increased compared to before COVID-19.
When asked, “Please tell us the type of cleansing (oil, milk, gel, balm, etc.) that you use most often before Corona and during the Corona crisis.” (n = 104). 3.9% “Milk” decreased by 4.8%, while “Gel” increased by 5.7%.
You can see that the type of cleansing used before and during the corona crisis has changed.
[Image 9d12002-533-357abab353b7c8c9eddc-4.jpg&s3=12002-533-5752558b5341d59ce057fedcc6980cef-1600x1067.jpg

Let’s start from scratch.
No matter how good your skincare is,
Remove dirt properly before cleaning,
If you don’t prepare your skin, you can’t make the most of your abilities. The important thing was that both my skin and I became “clean”. Let’s start from scratch.
Pre-skin care brand “Salanaru”
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