I want to collect them! Started selling “Matchbox Museum Amber Collection with Insects” on Amazon

I want to collect them! Started selling “Matchbox Museum Amber Collection with Insects” on Amazon

MNH Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Chofu City, Tokyo, President: Naohiro Ozawa, hereinafter referred to as MNH), which practices SDGs management, has established a group company, Social Intellectual Property Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Chofu City, Tokyo, Representative Director: Yoshitsugu Suga ) has started selling scientific
miscellaneous goods “Matchbox Museum Amber Collection with Insects” planned by MNH on Amazon.
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The “Amber Collection with Insects”, which is now on sale, is an irresistible item for lovers of amber with insects.
“Collection of Amber with Insects (Complete Edition)” (3,500 yen including tax) is a three-piece set of amber with insects (made in Myanmar) from the time when dinosaurs existed about 99 million years ago, a microscope, and a guidebook. The package is designed like a book.
The single item “Amber Collection with Insects” (1,800 yen including tax) is amber with insects in a matchbox. It is a product only for insect containing amber for those who already have the complete version. The package is designed to be displayed as it is, like the matchboxes in the full version and the matchboxes in the minerals and fossils collection. It is sold exclusively on Amazon.
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● What is the “Matchbox Museum”, “The Mysteries of the Earth in Your Hands”? A small box that fits in the palm of your hand, like a matchbox, contains a random type of stone.
There are two types of series: “Collection of Minerals and Fossils” and “Collection of Amber with Insects”.
There are about 130 types of minerals and fossils, including insect-filled amber from the age of the dinosaurs, ammonite fossils, minerals created by lightning strikes, and meteorites from outer space.
What kind of stones are in both can be enjoyed after opening! Feel free to touch and observe, or collect and decorate. You can create your own museum, one in the world.
Because it is randomly enclosed, there is a feeling of excitement like spinning a gacha, and you will want to collect a lot.
Being able to pick up stones born in nature, you can touch the mysteries of the earth and ignite your intellectual curiosity. ● Product overview
“Matchbox Museum Amber Collection with Insects”
Full version: 3,182 yen / piece (tax included: 3,500 yen)
Single item: 1,637 yen / piece (tax included: 1,800 yen)
▼Matchbox Museum official website
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Start handling palm-sized scientific goods “Matchbox Museum” Amazon that you can touch and play!
● Overview of Social Intellectual Property Co., Ltd.
Location: 1-34-1 Chofugaoka, Chofu City, Tokyo 182-0021
Established 2019
Representative Yoshitsugu Suga
URL: https://www.sipr.jp/
Contact: MNH Co., Ltd.

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