“I want to talk to animals” An introductory book on horse language that meets the wishes of children “Seven secrets for talking to horses”

Kaiseisha Co., Ltd.
“I want to talk to animals” An introductory book on horse language that meets the wishes of children “Seven secrets for talking to horses”
The author, who lives in Yonaguni Island with a horse as his partner, teaches the secret of “horse language”.

Kaiseisha Co., Ltd. (publisher, head office: Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo, president: Masaki Imamura) will publish “Seven Secrets for Talking to Horses” (written and illustrated by Sasuke Kawada) on October 15, 2022.
[Image 1d26693-125-c253852020ffdaab086e-0.jpg&s3=26693-125-9c1de8b5f35d8e8790de211815f61eb1-903x1181.jpg
Book details: https://www.kaiseisha.co.jp/books/9784034351703 An introductory book on horse language written by an author who lives with horses on Yonaguni Island
On Yonaguni Island, the westernmost island in Japan, there is a horse called “Yonaguni horse” that lives in a form close to the wild. This work tells the seven secrets that Mr. Kawada, who lives in Yonaguni Island with a horse as his partner, discovered after entering the world of horses.
Horse language secret 1: Horses convey their current feelings through their body movements
Horse language secret 2: Horses have different personalities Horse language secret 3: When you look at the horse, the horse looks at you Horse language secret 4: The distance at which a horse feels comfortable is always changing little by little
Horse language secret 5: Horses have horse rhythms
Horse language secret #6: Spending time with horses will make your antennae more sensitive
Horse language secret 7: One way to get a horse to talk to you in horse language even if you are a human
Here we will introduce secrets 1 and 3.
Horse language secret 1: Horses convey their current feelings through their body movements
Horses do not speak like humans, but they communicate their feelings to those around them through their facial expressions and body movements.
[Image 2d26693-125-2b48e7141c2eadddaf4f-1.jpg&s3=26693-125-11e932a9779cbca52771e17f48aa62e6-1181x780.jpg
▲Page of “Words in the ear”. It is “relaxed” when the ears are open, “restless” when the ears keep moving back and forth, and “angry” when the ears are pulled back.
Horse language secret 3: When you look at the horse, the horse looks at you Horses have eyes on the side of their faces, so they have a wide field of view (340 degrees!). In other words, even if you think that you are looking at the horse one-sidedly, the horse may actually be looking at you. Do not stand in any position that makes your horse uncomfortable. [Image 3d26693-125-e4530638b19dc6e9de69-2.jpg&s3=26693-125-9b264e1779ebdc458911408e20ef1a0e-1181x780.jpg
▲The only place you can’t see the horse is behind it. When someone is there, I feel uncomfortable and sometimes I involuntarily kick it. So don’t stand behind the horse. (From the text)
Also, keep a distance that makes the horse feel “comfortable” (horses value the sense of distance from other horses and humans). A horse’s rhythm is usually slower than that of a human, and sometimes much faster. When talking to a horse, stay a little far away, do nothing, and wait without making eye contact. If you want to get along with horses, this is a picture book full of 7 secrets you should know. Launched a publishing company on Yonaguni Island and published three long-selling horse books
The author, Mr. Sanji Kawada, moved to Yonaguni Island to live with horses, and now lives with a horse named Cuddy. On Yonaguni Island, he launched a publishing company called Kadi Books, and has published books such as “Horse Language Techo -Let’s talk with horses”, “Hashikko ni, horses -Let’s talk with horses II”, and “Darkness with horses”. has published three books.
Mr. Kawata wrote about what he felt and thought when he entered the world of horses, conveying the wonderful charm of horses as creatures, and at the same time conveying how we can relate to such creatures, nature, ourselves and society. It was open to the possibility of how to face each other in a rich way. This has resonated with many people, and despite the limited distribution that does not go through an agency, it has become a long-selling product.
A message from the author and news from the editorial department are now available!
In the afterword of this work, Mr. Kawada wrote the following message. Many children dream of being able to talk to animals. I was one of those children too. It was fun to daydream, but I was a little disappointed that I didn’t know how to “really” talk to animals. Before long, I met horses and felt that their existence resonated with me, so I started living with horses on Yonaguni Island. There are horses on the island that live almost in the wild. Cuddy, who became my partner, was originally born in the wild. As I entered the world of horses in nature and spent a lot of time with them, I began to see the unique and rich way of communication between horses. Every time I realized the meaning of each gesture, I was surprised and laughed. I felt as if the horse had taught me a precious secret.
I feel that the relationship between humans and animals will change greatly in the future. I would be happy if I could hand over the secrets that I learned to the children who may walk with horses in the future.
Kaiseiweb also publishes the news from the editorial department. In planning this work, the editor who visited Yonaguni Island wrote about the first time he met Mr. Kawata’s partner, Cuddy.
Soft nose with fragrant grassy scent
[Image 4d26693-125-a182b66d515d0dccfe58-3.jpg&s3=26693-125-ced01321e0c339d9fad5f65269aa3a67-655x405.jpg
▲The scenery when the editor visited Yonaguni Island.
The relationship between humans and animals, and eventually nature, is an important theme for children who will create the world of the future. It is my hope that this book will serve as an opportunity for that relationship to flourish. We would appreciate it if you could introduce us through your media.
About the author
Written and illustrated by Kan Kawada
Horse herding and writing. In 2009, moved to Yonaguni Island to live with horses. Launched Kadi Books and started publishing activities. His publications include “Horse Language Techo – Let’s talk with horses” (2012), “Hashikko, with horses – Let’s talk with horses II” (2015), “In the darkness, with horses” (2019). There is
On Kawada’s SNS, she posts about her daily life with horses on Yonaguni Island. Please take a look▼
Twitter (@kazenouma) https://twitter.com/kazenouma
Instagram (@sankawata) https://www.instagram.com/sankawata/

Book details
[Image 5d26693-125-c253852020ffdaab086e-0.jpg&s3=26693-125-9c1de8b5f35d8e8790de211815f61eb1-903x1181.jpg
Title: 7 secrets for talking to horses
Sentence/Picture: Kan Kawada
List price: 1,430 yen (tax included)
Format: 25cm x 19cm
Target: from the lower grades of elementary school
First Edition: October 15, 2022
Book details: https://www.kaiseisha.co.jp/books/9784034351703 Details about this release:


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