if Co., Ltd. Achieved a 95.5% job offer rate for in-house and contracted development companies! Self-propelled support programming school TechMentor’s web engineer employment course

if Co., Ltd.
[Achieved a 95.5% job offer rate for in-house and outsourced development companies! ] Self-propelled support programming school TechMentor’s web engineer employment course

If Co., Ltd. (Representative Director: Fumiya Ito) replaces the service of an expensive programming school and operates “TechMentor”, which completes programming learning online.
This time, we will introduce the employment support of our school, which has achieved a 95.5% job offer rate for in-house and outsourced development companies!
TechMentor Web Engineer Employment Course: https://tech-mentor.dev/webengineer/ At TechMentor (hereafter referred to as Tech Mentor), in the Web engineer employment course, the percentage of students who find employment has achieved a “95.5% rate of employment at in-house or contract development companies”.
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Employment Percentage of Students (For graduates from January 2021 to October 2022)
In-house development: 59.1%
Commissioned development: 36.4%
SES: 4.5%

At Techmentor, after supporting everything from learning basic skills to developing a portfolio, we offer employment support that focuses on results.
I would appreciate it if you could refer to it.
Job offer in as little as 1 month! Career change curriculum
[Image 2d103307-6-b54eab7991e9e575755b-1.png&s3=103307-6-5eba6b6e60e9becc0c37462489fab1d4-1104x448.png
The success rate of changing jobs is 96% for those who have completed the curriculum and completed the portfolio application.
We will introduce the job change curriculum and 5 steps for those who have no practical experience to obtain a job offer!

Step 1.: Solidify direction with target hearing
An active engineer will interview you about the goals you want to achieve in your job change activities and propose an action plan that suits you.
By setting goals for job hunting, you will be able to calculate backwards and choose a company.
We will think about what you should do to be evaluated by those companies and support you to start job hunting according to your goals.
Step 2.: Correction of CV/CV/Wantedly Profile
Specializing in document screening! We correct resumes, resumes, and Wantedly profiles.
First, we will tell you how to write each document, and after you write it all, we will thoroughly correct it until it is evaluated by the recruiting staff.
We also correct profile sentences for recruitment sites such as Wantedly, and support in a wide range of frameworks is possible. Step 3.: Strengthen skills with job hunting coding test preparation drills [Image 3d103307-6-d5354ab6e55f6a14e3cc-6.png&s3=103307-6-5ce7b0beb2aedc483c94b501c8cc1c31-2880x1416.png
Many companies conduct coding exams to measure your proficiency. For that reason, Tech Mentor has prepared job hunting coding test preparation drills.
Over 150 frequently asked questions, including mathematics and algorithms, have been picked up to help you pass the coding exam in a short period of time.
Step 4.: Increase pass rate! Interview measures
[Image 4d103307-6-e013e076a718151a48db-3.png&s3=103307-6-bada654f7f58613f2745ddff0816859b-2022x1096.png
We will correct the content of the interview so that you can face the interview with confidence.
We will inform you of frequently asked questions and model answers in advance. We will help you approach the interview with a positive attitude.
Step 5.: Recruitment selection and application support
[Image 5d103307-6-bc22fcc86383c125fa84-4.png&s3=103307-6-b617ff2e6574cec20429494a3f41b49b-2638x590.png
We will pick up companies that match your desired conditions and put them together in a job hunting management sheet.
After that, we will brush up on your motivation for applying and what you will talk about in the interview as needed, and support you to pursue your ideal career as a web engineer.

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