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IHI Corporation Participated in the Hydrogen Council as a steering member

IHI Corporation
Participated in the Hydrogen Council as a steering member
~Toward the realization of a hydrogen/ammonia society~

IHI has recently joined the Hydrogen Council, one of the world’s largest active bodies related to hydrogen, as a steering member that plays a central role in the council’s strategic decision-making process. I was.
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The Hydrogen Council is the world’s first CEO-led global activity body launched at the World Economic Forum held in Davos in January 2017. Currently, about 150 companies representing the hydrogen value chain participate. I’m here. To increase the visibility and awareness that hydrogen is an important tool for decarbonizing the energy system, and to address all the obstacles and to realize the enormous potential of hydrogen solutions, key interests such as policy makers will be addressed. The purpose is to cooperate with stakeholders and make recommendations.
Ammonia, which can be used directly for thermal power generation and ships as a decarbonized fuel and is also a hydrogen carrier, is already distributed as a raw material for fertilizers and chemical products, but the distribution volume is limited. In the future, in order to meet the demand for fuel when its use in the power generation field expands, it will be essential to develop infrastructure for transportation and storage as well as facilities for mass production of ammonia. should be formed through international cooperation. [Image 2

IHI supports global decarbonization with advanced technologies such as those related to fuel ammonia. Through our participation in the Hydrogen Council, we will promote the widespread use of ammonia and hydrogen as a fast, safe and inexpensive means of decarbonizing power generation, transportation and other key industries.
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