Iittala Filigrani, a new work by Inga Sempe

Iittala/Fiskars Japan
[Iittala] Filigrani, a new work by Inga Sempe
A sophisticated interior collection with delicate art pieces
Developed by Fiskars Japan Co., Ltd. (Location: Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo, President: Christophe Ranchoux), Iittala, which proposes a Nordic lifestyle as a pioneer of Nordic design, is “Filigrani” by French female designer Inga Sempe. Launch the series.
Iittala launches a new collection, Filigraani, this fall.
This collection by French designer Inga Sempe is inspired by the magical filigree technique, a glass technique that originated on the island of Murano in Venice in the 16th century. , tactile elements and patterns, and subdued colors that blend in with the interior. The glass craftsmen at the Iittala factory in Finland used their skills to create delicate glass art based on Inga Sempe’s design. [Image 1

Iittala’s new Filigrani is a new collection by Inga Sempe, a French designer living in Paris. Inspired by filigree, a traditional glasswork technique, the Iittala glass factory in southern Finland created three unique art pieces and a Scandinavian sophisticated artistic design concept. Consists of gift items with
timeless and simple
Paris-based French designer Inga Sempe (1968-) opened her own studio in 2001 and has worked with Italian, French and Scandinavian brands. Simple, timeless but not too minimal, her style is characterized by an exquisite use of patterns and shapes, with a perfect eye for color. It is a design that moves the hearts of those who see the work and makes them want to get closer, see and touch it and use it.
Iittala, who values ​​the curiosity of each person, proposes expressing oneself in interiors through her designs.
[Image 2

Inga Sempe
Outstanding craftsmanship and exquisite artwork
Filigree glass is generally made from transparent or very light colored glass, with fine lines of colored glass creating a spiral or lattice pattern. This technique was invented in the Venetian island of Murano in the 16th century, and was transferred to the Finnish Nuutajärvi glass factory (the predecessor of Iittala) in the 1850s, and then to the Iittala glass factory.
The production of fine filigree glass, which requires outstanding craftsmanship, requires a high level of craftsmanship and knowledge of materials.
Three items from the Filigrani collection this time, two art bowls and one art platter, are unique works of art that bring together the Iittala glass factory’s expertise in glass and glass colors. These items, which are produced with the technique of free-blowing, can only be handled by experienced glass craftsmen with outstanding skills even in the factory.
The bowl and platter, which is made of transparent glass and has blue and black spiral stripes, not only accents the interior as a work of art, but also displays precious treasures such as jewelry and watches like a work of art. You can. You can also use it to serve fruit, nuts and chocolate. The center of the bowl is designed with a splashing water drop that can be used as a handle when picking up the bowl. [Image 3

Art Bowl 220mm Omotesando Store & Official Online Shop Limited Nordic expression
The Filigrani Collection will also expand interior items. Photo frames, which are new categories for Iittala, and cushion covers in refreshing colors typical of Scandinavia bring a timeless and elegant space.
Stand-type photo frames are perfect for displaying precious memories by putting photos and art inside. The two glass pillars that hold the photo frame firmly in place are designed to maximize the presence of what is contained in the frame.
A small photo frame made of high-quality optical glass and a colored steel back plate is recommended as a gift for birthdays,
housewarmings, weddings, baby showers, etc.
[Image 4

Photo frame 76x64mm Limited to Iittala Shop & Official Online Shop The collection also includes jacquard cushion covers. The cushion cover accentuates the interior space with its texture and color, and has short fringes on both sides. The high-quality feel of the linen cotton* material, the timeless colors of red, blue, and brown, and the delicate design create a modern and elegant Scandinavian space. [Image 5

Cushion cover 50x50mm Omotesando store & official online shop limited Appearing in Design Month
In October 2022, the Iittala Omotesando store will hold the “ELLE Deco Design Walk” from October 21st (Friday) to November 3rd (Thursday / holiday) and October 21st (Friday) to October 30th. We will
participate in “DESIGNART TOKYO 2022” to be held on Sunday (Sunday) and present the Filigrani collection. Also, from 10:00 on October 21st (Friday), an online talk by ELLE DECOR brand director Takako Kida and Inga Sempe will be delivered, and will talk about the history of the Filigrani collection and the collaboration with Iittala. It’s a schedule.
In addition, the well-received “Iittala Exhibition Sparkling Finnish Glass” is being held at Bunkamura The Museum until November 10th. The exhibition held by the Finnish Design Museum in 2021 has been reconstructed, adding a section focusing on the relationship between Iittala and Japan. Approach aesthetics.
Autumn in Iittala is the autumn of art. Enjoy art with Iittala. [Image 6

Filigrani Art Bowl 220 mm Clear/Blue- (Omotesando Store & Official Online Shop Exclusive)
[Image 7

Filigrani art bowl 220 mm clear/black (Omotesando store & official online shop only)
[Image 8

Filigrani art platter 400 mm clear/blue- (Omotesando store & official online shop only)
[Image 9

Filigrani Cushion Cover 50x50cm (Red) (Omotesando Store & Official Online Shop Limited)
[Image 10

Filigrani Cushion Cover 50x50cm (Blue) (Omotesando Store & Official Online Shop Exclusive)
[Image 11

Filigrani Cushion Cover 50x50cm (Brown) (Omotesando Store & Official Online Shop Exclusive)
[Image 12

Filigrani Photo Frame 76x64mm (Blue) (Limited to Iittala Shop & Official Online Shop)
[Table 2: https://prtimes.jp/data/corp/61557/table/22_1_a594c97093b0b92aa68497cc49dd4c53.jpg ]
* Limited to Omotesando store and official online shop
※※Limited to Iittala Shop & Official Online Shop
Iittala Omotesando Store https://www.iittala.jp/shop/fragship_cafe.php Iittala shops nationwide https://www.iittala.jp/shoplist/
Official online shop https://www.iittala.jp/products/list.php?category_id=173 ■ About Iittala
Iittala was founded in 1881 as a glass workshop in the village of Iittala in southern Finland. Supported by excellent designers and the passion of craftsmen, we have expanded our lineup not only to tableware but also to interior items. As a pioneer of Scandinavian design, based on the corporate philosophy of “enriching people’s lives”, we appointed many world-famous designers and architects, and valued not only beauty but also functionality and essence. We pursue timeless designs that are timeless and can be passed down from generation to generation.
■ Make every day the most special day. Fiskars from Finland
Fiskars is a brand with a history of more than 370 years, founded in 1649 as an ironworks in a small Finnish village. Today, we have grown into a major lifestyle group company with world-famous brands such as Fiskars, Royal Copenhagen, Wedgwood, Iittala, and Gerber. As a Finnish company that considers the quality of life to be an important factor, the Fiskars Group’s mission is to create homes, gardens, To enrich people’s lives outdoors. Fiskars Japan was launched in 2017 with the aim of providing “Making the everyday extraordinary”.

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