Iizuna Town The 4th Iizuna Apple Sweets Contest will be held in Iizuna Town, Nagano Prefecture on October 15th, and the finalists have been decided!

Iizuna Town
“The 4th Iizuna Apple Sweets Contest” Decided to advance to the main examination held on October 15th in Iizuna Town, Nagano Prefecture! -The main judging competition by nine patissiers-

“The 4th Iizuna Sweets Contest” finalists have been decided. Of the 27 applicants, 9 patissiers will advance to the final examination meeting to be held on Saturday, October 15th at Iizuna Connect EAST (2489 Oaza Akashio, Iizuna-cho, Kamiminochi-gun, Nagano). To do. On the day of the event, 4 judges and 15 townspeople judges will taste the sweets and decide the “Best Award”, “Excellence Award”, and “Townspeople Award”.
“Iizuna Ringo Marche” will also be held at the venue. There are many shops such as selling apples from the town apple farm, cider tasting, pingo dyeing experience, etc. We are waiting for many customers inside and outside the town. At the Izumigaoka tea room, a limited number of cakes that won last year’s sweets contest are also sold, and you can watch the judging process on a large screen, so why not enjoy the atmosphere of the contest together?
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State of the 3rd competition (to be held in 2021)
■ Date and time of the event, etc.
Date: October 15, 2020 (Saturday)
“Iizuna Apple Sweets Contest Judging Results Presentation” 16:00-17:00 Grand Prize (1 person), Excellence Award (about 2 people), Townspeople Award (1 person), Special Award (about 1 person)
■ Judge
・ Yukiko Omori (French confectionery and cooking researcher) ・Hideo Yokota (owner and chef of “Kashi Koubou Oakwood”)
・Frédéric Madeleine (Owner and Chef of “Patisserie Le Pommier”) ・ Mr. Arata Horie (Owner and Chef of “Patisserie La Vidoux”) ■ Applicants who advance to the final screening (in alphabetical order, titles omitted)
・ Haruna Akabane (New Morus Co., Ltd./Matsumoto City, Nagano Prefecture) ・ Yusuke Ozawa (Gosenjaku Co., Ltd. / Matsumoto City, Nagano Prefecture) ・Tatsuya Oda (Patissier Shima Co., Ltd./Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo)
・Takuno Saito (Hacoa Knocking On Wood Co., Ltd./Meguro-ku, Tokyo) ・ Miki Shimizu (Kasai Foods La Rochelle Sanno Store / Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo) ・Yu Nagata (R&D kitchen ace/Osaka, Osaka)
・Daisuke Narutomi (Patissier Shima Co., Ltd./Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo) ・Yu Hiyori (Tokyo Edition Toranomon/Minato-ku, Tokyo)
・ Rie Fujimoto (cuire / Chiba City, Chiba Prefecture)
“Iizuna Apple Marche” 10:00-16:00
■ Store contents
・Farm apple sales in Iizuna Town
・All-you-can-stuff seasonal apples from Iizuna Town (200 yen per bag) ・Sale of new rice balls from Iizuna Town
・Write down the words of the sound used in the name
・Sales of small items such as balloon art and handmade beaded straps ・Sales of home-roasted coffee beans and handmade baked sweets ・Sale of wooden coasters, T-shirts and coffee
・Sales of apple pies, oyaki, etc.
・Sale of deer spare ribs and deer loin sandwiches by kitchen car ・ 2021 Iizuna Apple Sweets Contest Grand Prize cake sale (limited to 48 pieces) ・ Apple pie sales at the apple pie specialty store “GRANNY SMITH APPLE PIE & COFFEE” (limited to 48 pieces)
・Cider tasting party (free)
・Pingo dyeing workshop (plant dyeing using apple tree bark, free of charge) ・ Targeting the weight of the pumpkin
・Sales of miscellaneous goods
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2021 Grand Prize “RECOLTE ~Autumn Grace~”
[Image 3

[Inquiries from customers]
Secretariat of the 4th Iizuna Apple Sweets Contest
(Public Solutions Group, Research Department, Nagano Economic Research Institute)
Person in charge: Ishida, Yoshida, Maruyama
TEL: 026-224-0504
e-mail: kokyo@neri.or.jp
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