IK Co., Ltd. A special skin care gift to give to yourself who worked hard for a year SKINFOOD Christmas coffret limited release Royal Honey Propolis skin care kit November 2, 2022 (Wednesday) limited quantity release

IK Co., Ltd.
A special skin care gift to give to yourself who worked hard for a year SKINFOOD Christmas coffret limited release Royal Honey Propolis skin care kit November 2, 2022 (Wednesday) limited quantity release
Food Cosmetics Co., Ltd., a wholly owned subsidiary of IK Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Nagoya City, Aichi Prefecture; Representative Director: Shogo Nagano)
(Location: Chuo-ku, Tokyo, Representative Director: Yuki Iida) is a total cosmetics product born from food that pleases the skin. SKINFOOD releases a limited amount of Christmas coffrets that are richly moisturizing with the blessings of honey * 1.
I will.
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This year’s SKINFOOD Christmas coffret was released last year for a limited time and sold out in no time at Royal Honey Propolis. A skin care set containing an enriched cream mist.
With a refreshing scent of 10 kinds of aromas and a rich yet non-sticky feel, it is ideal for winters exposed to heating and cold weather.
Moisturizes the skin.
An ultra-fine mist that can be used over makeup and a sleep pack that you can just apply and sleep.
Enveloped in honey that melts for 24 hours*1, this dense moisturizing treatment helps your skin, which has worked hard all year long, to become healthy, radiant, and lustrous.
■Coffret overview
Royal Honey Propolis Skin Care Kit
On sale November 2, 2022 / 7,480 yen including tax
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■ Product information
Royal Honey Propolis Enriched Sleeping Pack (N) (Sleeping Pack) 100g
[Image 3

A matured propolis extract*2 that intensively cares for dryness and skin problems while you sleep.
A sleeping mask containing 20%.
A balm-like pack that melts smoothly at the temperature of your skin, making it smooth
“Creates a moisture barrier.”
 After wearing a mask all night, the skin feels moist and honey-like. “Restore luster.”
Refreshing essentials such as citrus fruits and lavender that are comfortable before bedtime
The scent of oil provides a relaxing time.
[How to use]
At the end of care, take an appropriate amount on your palm and apply it to your skin.
*Estimated usage amount ⇒ 1 to 2 pearl grains
Royal honey propolis enriched cream mist (mist/lotion)

[Image 4

A moisturizing cream mist containing 20% ​​aged propolis extract*2. A light and fine mist that easily blends into the skin, soothes dry and delicately inclined skin.
Gently wrap.
In spite of the mist, it has a luster and moisture as if you had applied cream. give.
While enjoying the aroma scent with 10 kinds of essential oils You can also refresh.
[How to use]
When you are concerned about dryness, close your eyes and spray at least 20 cm away from your skin.
Lightly pat and let it blend in for an even more moisturizing effect. It can also be used over makeup.
Royal honey propolis toner (lotion), emulsion
8ml each
[Image 5

Contains 15% matured propolis extract*2, honey*1 and
A moisturizing lotion and milky lotion with a milky feel that fills the skin with moisture from the blessings of bees such as royal jelly*3.
Deeply moisturizes and absorbs well, leaving the skin smooth and glossy. [How to use]
Toner: After washing your face, take an appropriate amount on a cotton pad and gently pat it to absorb it into your skin.
Emulsion: After applying lotion or beauty essence, take an appropriate amount on your palm and gently apply it to your skin.
*1 Honey extract *2 Propolis extract *3 Royal jelly extract
*1 to 3 (all skin conditioning agents)
■ Skinfood brand concept
~You can make your skin grow well with special “FOOD” recipes now!~ [Image 6d16153-197-13e15c8ebaf72ef62337-6.jpg&s3=16153-197-36c8340a7ef0ff36c13ccd1bd4a6db86-687x435.jpg
1. Cosmetics born from FOOD that make your skin happy
SKINFOOD was born from the idea of ​​“food that is good for your body and your skin,” such as rice, fruits, and vegetables.
Just like eating delicious food, you can enjoy the colors, scents, and textures while becoming beautiful.
A total cosmetic brand.
2. Over 60 years of skin care research and technology
The history of “since 1957” is engraved on the SKINFOOD logo. This is the production factory, Ipialis Laboratory.
It is the year in which the company was founded, and it means that it is a product that was born by making use of the know-how of more than 60 years. SKINFOOD is the latest
By introducing trends and new technologies, we continue to develop cosmetics that our customers always want.
3. Commitment to Sustainability
As part of its commitment to environmental protection, SKINFOOD has replaced plastic containers with PCR (Post-Consumer
In addition to improving the recycling rate by switching to recycled materials, we also use environmentally friendly materials such as soy ink in paper boxes.
We also try to use gentle materials. SKINFOOD promotes an eco-friendly lifestyle is.
■Food Cosmetics Co., Ltd. Company Profile
・ Company name: Food Cosmetics Co., Ltd.
・Head office address: 7F Kyobashi Mitsubishi Building, 1-7-3 Ginza, Chuo-ku, Tokyo 104-0061
・Representative Director: Yuki Iida
・Established: June 1, 2009
・ Capital: 45 million yen
・Employees: 97 (as of May 2022)
・ Business description: Sales of SKINFOOD cosmetics (SKINFOOD sole agent in Japan)
(OLIVE YOUNG EXCLUSIVES sole agent in Japan)
       Sales of KAHI cosmetics (KAHI Japan sole agent)
・ Homepage: https://www.ai-kei.co.jp/news/news-skinfood
・Brand website/SNS
■ HP: http://www.skinfood.co.jp/
■ twitter: https://twitter.com/skinfoodjapan
■Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/skinfood_japan/
-Inquiries regarding press releases-
Food Cosmetics Public Relations Office
Email: koho@foodcosme.jp
-Contact point for customer inquiries regarding products and services- TEL: 0800-080-2102

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