IKEA Japan Co., Ltd. IKEA launches “Let’s Play with Sea Friends!” Campaign

IKEA Japan Co., Ltd.
IKEA Launches “Let’s Play with Sea Friends!” Campaign
Introducing the BLAVINGAD collection of soft toys made from
sustainable materials, developed based on children’s thoughts about the ocean.

Home furnishing company originated in Sweden with a vision of “more comfortable everyday life for more people” IKEA Japan Co., Ltd., a Japanese subsidiary of IKEA (Headquarters: Funabashi City, Chiba Prefecture, President and Chief Sustainability Officer: Petra Farre) will run the “Let’s Play Let’s Play with Sea Friends!” will be held at Prior to the campaign, the BLAVINGAD collection inspired by sea creatures will be on sale at IKEA stores nationwide and the IKEA online store from Saturday, October 1, 2022. In addition, we plan to sell “Genki Ippai Dogs” made based on the drawings of children’s drawing contests, and hold “Sea Friends Quiz” where you can enjoy learning about creatures and the environment.
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At IKEA, we believe that children learn, experience and grow through play. The “Let’s Play Seaside Friends” campaign features new sustainable products, new hot dogs for a limited time, and a play-and-learn seaside quiz. The BLAVINGAD collection was born out of children’s concern for the pollution of the ocean and the health and safety faced by marine life, as well as their interest in protecting the environment. Collection. The collection includes soft toys of marine life that children love, textiles designed under the sea, submarines and fishing games. A long-term commitment, some BLAVINGAD products are made from marine plastic (OBP) collected inland within 50km of the coastline, making them environmentally friendly and sustainable.
It is also attractive. The BLAVINGAD soft toy is a first for IKEA, made entirely from recycled polyester. All IKEA soft toys are machine washable, so you can put them in your mouth or drop them outside. You can rest assured that it can be washed and used hygienically. There are no buttons or beads that can be swallowed by mistake, and metal checks are also checked at the factory, so even small children can play with peace of mind.
Enjoy the “Let’s Play Sea Friends” campaign!
BLAVINGAD collection
■Collection name: BLAVINGAD
■ Sales start: Sales will start sequentially from Saturday, October 1, 2022 ■ Sales locations: IKEA stores nationwide, IKEA online store *Some stores do not carry some products.
■ URL: https://www.ikea.com/jp/ja/campaigns/lets-play/
*Depending on the spread of the new coronavirus infection, store operations and release dates may change.
[Introduction of some products (price includes tax)]
[Image 2d65734-147-b20b03e603b28c6bc31d-9.jpg&s3=65734-147-8e1efabb3425d672175afd4ca6dbbe29-3900x2773.jpg
soft toy whale
This large blue whale has a zippered mouth and a space inside for your treasure. BLAVINGAD
[Image 3d65734-147-396589f1659941163f1d-5.jpg&s3=65734-147-fb4df54d04885eae01a0dffa7a392775-3900x1777.jpg
soft toy dolphin
Dolphins love to play. Therefore, it is popular with many children. If such a dolphin becomes a soft soft toy, there is no doubt that it will soon become your child’s best friend.
[Image 4d65734-147-9744b241f17ab749c892-7.jpg&s3=65734-147-edf4fd2c5f90d3bbda359a3e1f9716c6-3900x1947.jpg
soft toy killer whale
The soft toy killer whale is cool and has a calm personality. With such a strong friend by your side, your child will be brave enough to face whatever comes their way.
[Image 5d65734-147-20a3b9077e5bcaeb025a-4.jpg&s3=65734-147-b59d3c32b2fabc58c8ecbd05b1c9b8af-3900x2240.jpg
soft toy turtle
Turtles have survived since the age of the dinosaurs and are accustomed to living alone. On the other hand, this cuddly turtle loves company and will happily accompany your child on adventures. Did you know that green sea turtles are an endangered species in danger of losing their habitat? This cute soft toy also needs a safe home and friends to care for and protect.
[Image 6d65734-147-4dd3fed85cad293917f5-6.jpg&s3=65734-147-2a043af1ab82e71231ad07e7e3f26b0a-3900x2329.jpg
soft toy octopus
Octopuses are very unique marine creatures. It has eight legs and excellent camouflage ability. If such a friend is by your side, you should be able to enjoy an exciting adventure.
[Image 7d65734-147-5c3cf12b35e95b53d5b5-8.jpg&s3=65734-147-cc669a2147e359e8785053b2cad835ca-3900x2393.jpg
5-piece soft toy set sea animals
Five small and soft friends from the sea are happy to accompany your child on their adventures. It’s just the right size to carry in your backpack or put in your pocket.
[Image 8d65734-147-6610111e70f683273664-3.jpg&s3=65734-147-5b771824a4bea21f07bc737457dd7e15-3900x3900.jpg
fishing game
It is very important to take care of the marine inhabitants and protect their habitat. Play with friends and family in this fishing game where you move trash to the bin and sea animals to the water. A fun and educational game for children and adults.
[Image 9d65734-147-eb70078f88d31c744756-1.jpg&s3=65734-147-534ef3c4c363f4feac8cae4f64765d5d-3900x2493.jpg
11-piece submarine play set
A submarine you can see inside! It is divided into rooms where you can do various things. Play with 5 different characters to explain every detail in the room and teach them how to reuse and recycle to prevent ocean pollution.
[Image 10d65734-147-8608d5323bf6849f35d3-2.jpg&s3=65734-147-149caa0e8553abab01fcd8431b844f9d-3900x2598.jpg
coloring book
A 10 meter “coloring book” full of fine detail and marine life, a dream for little artists. Pull out a roll of paper and color it with felt-tip pens or watercolors.
“Genki Ippai Dog” sold for a limited time
“Genki Ippai Dog”, which was created based on the children’s drawings of the Let’s Play Dream Hot Dog Drawing Contest held in 2021, will be held from Thursday, October 27th to Sunday, December 25th. It will be sold for a limited time.
[Image 11d65734-147-fa68e347ea7e6738e3a1-12.jpg&s3=65734-147-a08e6cc426d3e49826dafc1158883cb9-3900x3266.jpg
■ Product name: Genki Ippai Dog
■ Product price: 250 yen (tax included)
Event period: October 27th (Thursday) to December 25th (Sunday), 2022 ■ Venue: IKEA store
*Depending on the store, it may not be available or may be out of stock. Held “Sea Friends Quiz” at IKEA stores to have fun learning about sea creatures and the environment
[Image 12d65734-147-544e25841ecf762e5d3f-11.jpg&s3=65734-147-c1e1ecae3040a52ab1d5ad822e0c64dd-2048x1152.jpg
Why don’t you enjoy learning about sea creatures and the environment while answering quizzes related to sea friends? While taking the quiz, you can walk around the IKEA store and touch the products, so you might meet new friends while playing and learning together.
Event period: October 13th (Thursday) to December 25th (Sunday), 2022 ■ Venue: IKEA store
* Held at stores other than IKEA Harajuku, IKEA Shibuya, and IKEA Shinjuku. ■Contents may change depending on the store. Please note.
Småland (child care service) resumes
Småland, which takes care of children free of charge, will resume operations one by one. From early November, IKEA Shingu, IKEA Sendai, and IKEA Shinmisato’s Småland are scheduled to reopen. At Småland, children can play safely and happily in our facilities, and customers with children can enjoy shopping with peace of mind. The reopening date of other IKEA stores in Småland will be announced on the website as soon as it is confirmed.
*Some products may not be available at some stores.
* The arrival status of each product varies depending on the store. Please check the IKEA online store (https://www.ikea.com/jp/ja/) for the arrival and inventory status of each store.
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