Ilrosa Co., Ltd. On sale from September 12th (Monday) to October 31st (Monday) Sold at Tokushima Post Office Tokushima citrus jelly set containing “Tokushima brand citrus Awa Suzuka jelly”

Ilrosa Co., Ltd.
On sale from September 12th (Monday) to October 31st (Monday) Sold at the Tokushima Post Office Tokushima citrus jelly set containing “Tokushima brand citrus Awa Suzuka jelly”

Ilrosa Co., Ltd. (Tokushima City, Tokushima Prefecture, CEO Keisuke Okada) and Japan Post Co., Ltd. Tokushima Central Post Office (Tokushima City, Tokushima Prefecture, Director Takamasa Suga) collaborated to release a new product on September 12th. The sales agency is Product Sales Service Co., Ltd. (Koto-ku, Tokyo;
Representative Director Hitoshi Arawaka).
Conducted a questionnaire survey of post office employees in Tokushima Prefecture about product proposals to be published in catalog sales. In addition, we have held multiple ZOOM meetings to exchange opinions on local products and Japan Post limited items, and are selling the “Tokushima Citrus Jelly Set” using the new product Awa Suzuka at the post office.
Awa Suzuka is a hybrid of Yuzu and Sudachi that is representative of Tokushima. It is a new breed of expectation that debuted in 2020. However, there were major issues such as name recognition and securing a supporter. .
For the future of Suzuka Awa, think about product development plans with postal workers and create more community-based collaboration products! Yuzu, Sudachi, Newly Suzuka Awa post office limited “Assortment of 3 types of Tokushima citrus jelly” and “Assortment of 3 types of Tokushima citrus jelly and Mamma Rosa” containing our representative products are on sale.
[Image 7d102097-2-19b88fbf9dd61386291e-0.png&s3=102097-2-e7cdc416708c935f7bcdc4731628ad6e-1000x845.png

What is Suzuka Awa
[Image 2d102097-2-2a18497827fc514d238d-3.png&s3=102097-2-d76a9e30b57bf3a0c03b84316f8e7a03-1000x800.png

“Awa Suzuka” is a cross between Yuzu and Sudachi, representative of Tokushima, and is a new brand that debuted in the market in 2020. It is a phantom breed that Tokushima Prefecture was born after more than 20 years of research and thousands of crossbreeding and breeding. “Refreshingly delicious and fresh”
Refreshing scent of citrus and gentle taste without habit!
The good points of Yuzu and Sudachi stand out, and the bad points such as harshness are erased!
was expected.
“We will be 80 years old by the time we grow.”
“Even if you say new fruit now.”
“Young people should come back too.”
Such a voice is coming up from the Awa Suzuka farmer.
Ilrosa uses a lot of vegetables and fruits from Tokushima in its sweets, and every farmer has a similar voice.
Leaving farming…Lack of successors…High hurdles to start farming… Aren’t these problems for all Japanese farmers?
Product development background
“It’s sad that Tokushima’s good things that have been put out into the world are disappearing!”
“That’s no good!”
For some reason, I was discussing this story with Tokushima Prefecture post office workers.
It all started when we conducted a questionnaire with postal workers in Tokushima Prefecture in order to discuss products to be sold in catalogs at the post office. Based on this, the two companies held several meetings to exchange opinions.
“If the people of Tokushima are not lively and vibrant, neither the city nor the companies will thrive.”
“We want to do what we can do because we are both companies without losing to the new coronavirus!”
“Would you like to do something to revitalize the people of Tokushima?” While exchanging opinions like this, we started talking about Suzuka Awa. “Don’t lose it”
We exchanged opinions across companies and arrived at this proposal. Product commitment
Product development started immediately.
At our company, we are making sweets based on a sense of mission that we are responsible for the drama of the customer who purchased the sweets, “for one sweet.”
For this reason, there are severe hurdles to commercialization, and development is carried out over a number of times and over time. However, this time we got the OK after just one trial. The pastry chef says, “I’ve worked with Suzuka Awa for three years, so I was able to bring out the depth of her flavor.”
[Image 3d102097-2-216b8362070ffbaf1fb7-4.png&s3=102097-2-8ffd19d27c1dd26a871b655ab9f0679b-1000x898.png

With the concept of “complete satisfaction after eating”, the first mouthful has a refreshing taste that makes you feel that it is not enough.
The pericarp of the jam inside the gelée is slowly raised in sugar content over a period of three days, so it doesn’t interfere with the gelée’s melting in the mouth.
In addition, without using alcohol or other flavorings, each one is cut into easy-to-eat sizes with a kitchen knife and prepared by hand by craftsmen.
And we raised the quality even more with the second prototype. Subtly adjusting the ratio of fruit juice and sugar content, it became a deeper taste.
Ilrosa’s products have the characteristic of being more delicious now than when they were first developed, and even better in the future. It may be a unique feature of our company that always pursues “more delicious” at the workshop.
Our thoughts
“If there are no examples, there will be no farmers or successors who want to challenge Awa Suzuka.”
Suzuka Awa, chairman of the study group, told me this.
[Image 4d102097-2-0cd603a7f47d06ec6ca2-5.png&s3=102097-2-d97b9be25c6855b887e9b9c04cabd12a-591x393.png

Currently, there are only 10 Awa Suzuka farmers.
Various companies have released products, but Suzuka Awa’s name recognition has not yet penetrated. Even if you go to great lengths to develop something wonderful, it won’t start unless the farmers plant it. Farmers are becoming more and more passive.
We have been involved with Suzuka Awa since 2019, before it debuted on the market.
Before the harvest, we had many meetings with the Tokushima Brand Promotion Organization, which supports the expansion of sales channels for Awa Suzuka.
Every year, we purchase all the remaining amount that other companies have purchased.
We plan to buy all available quantities this year, and probably for the rest of the year.
Why buy in bulk?
This is because we support the producers we do business with, and hope for the development of Tokushima, not just for single-year sales. “What are we doing in Tokushima if we don’t liven up Suzuka Awa?” Although I am working on it, I feel that even the activities are not well known, and I feel that I am lacking.
The newly developed “Tokushima Citrus Jelly Set Awa Suzuka Jelly” uses only Bizan spring water and fruits and citrus produced in Tokushima Prefecture. When a product development project was launched together with the Tokushima Post Office, which is close and supportive, we reached an agreement that “this is the only one!”
As with Ilrosa, the Tokushima Central Post Office is also saying, “Let’s have a deeper connection with the community” in this era of Reiwa, and when we bring in a project from our company, it is very positive. I was able to repeatedly exchange opinions, and I felt the heat.
・To spread the wonderful charm of Tokushima to the world
・Contributing to sustainable agriculture in Tokushima
・More connections between local communities and companies
・In the end, to enrich the lives of Tokushima citizens in Tokushima Prefecture We agreed on those points and came to this release.
With the start of sales of this attractive product, Tokushima Prefecture will surely become more attractive if the culture of collaboration and sharing that makes use of each of these
characteristics spreads among not only our company but also companies in Tokushima Prefecture one after another. I think it will double. We are currently buying all of our sweets, but our sweets from Suzuka Awa have been sold out for two years in a row because we don’t have enough to sell them all year round.
Our future dream is to sell Suzuka Awa’s Mamma Rosa. It’s already in the prototype stage, and if it can be realized, it will be a taste that can compete nationwide!
In order to sell it as Mamma Rosa, it is necessary to have more than ten times more Awa Suzuka produced than it is now, and we also have to connect more with the region and improve our brand power.
Ilrosa and Tokushima Central Post Office, both of which are closely related to the local community, have the same passion for Awa Suzuka’s jelly.
What we want to deliver with this product is the “feeling of wanting to improve the region” of both companies.
Suzuka Awa’s jelly is a product of such feelings.
By all means, please try to eat while feeling the story, not just the tongue. Product information
The application period is from September 12th (Monday) to October 31st (Monday). You can order from the catalog at the post office window in Tokushima Prefecture. There are two types of products for sale: “Assorted 3 kinds of Tokushima citrus jelly” and “Assorted 3 kinds of Tokushima citrus jelly and Mamma Rosa”. The price is 2,980 yen including shipping and consumption tax. Products will be delivered within 1 week to 10 days from the date of order.
■ Seller: Post Office Product Sales Service Co., Ltd.

Application product name: Jelly 1.
Product number: 43824-1241-3
Product details: Assortment of 3 types of Tokushima citrus jelly (Kito Yuzu jelly, Awa Suzuka jelly, Kamiyama jelly, 2 each)
Shelf life: 90 days at room temperature
Price (including shipping and consumption tax): 2,980 yen
[Image 5d102097-2-cec46e8ebc215c436733-1.png&s3=102097-2-aa562d8ab7469b9cd09264205b3f54c9-1000x675.png
Application product name: Jelly 2.
Product number: 43824-1242-2
Product details: Assortment of 3 types of Tokushima citrus jelly and Mamma Rosa (1 each of Kito Yuzu jelly, Awa Suzuka jelly, and Kamiyama jelly, 6 Mamma Rosa milk, and 3 Yuzu Kito Mamma Rosa)
Shelf life: 30 days at room temperature Specific ingredients: wheat, eggs, milk Price (including shipping and consumption tax): 2,980 yen
[Image 6d102097-2-0cd4042b3d5b03edc599-2.png&s3=102097-2-356d9be86284f141749d36a780139153-1000x655.png
[Image 7d102097-2-19b88fbf9dd61386291e-0.png&s3=102097-2-e7cdc416708c935f7bcdc4731628ad6e-1000x845.png

Your company’s planning office
At Ilrosa, as in this case, as the “planning office for your company,” we handle planning, product development, and package design to express the company’s appealing products and services through confectionery. Ilrosa, which has been helping customers convey their feelings for 35 years, is a business that conveys the feelings and gratitude of companies.
If you are interested, please come by.
About Tokushima Pastry Club Il Rosa
A confectionery specialty store that celebrates its 36th anniversary this year with 9 directly managed stores in Tokushima Prefecture. We manufacture and sell confectionery and operate cafes. The flagship product is “Tokushima Rakuka Mamma Rosa,” a milk-filled confectionery. It is a gem that has been loved by people of all ages for 24 years, with its gentle milk flavor and sweetness.
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