In honor of Munetaka Murakami’s great achievement, Open House G presents “300 million yen Tokyo house”

Open House Group Co., Ltd.
In honor of Munetaka Murakami’s great achievement, Open House G presents “300 million yen Tokyo house”
~Increase the maximum amount from 100 million yen in honor of the Japanese player’s season home run record in the final game of the season and the final at-bat, and the youngest Triple Crown winner~
Open House Group Co., Ltd. (Headquarters Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo, President Masaaki Arai, hereinafter “the Company”) is the top sponsor of the Tokyo Yakult Swallows (hereinafter “Swallows”), and Munetaka Murakami is the final game and final bat of the regular season. In honor of the accomplishment of setting a new home run record for Japanese players in a season and securing the youngest triple crown in history for the first time in 18 years, the amount was significantly increased from the planned “100 million yen” to “300 million yen Tokyo house”. ” will be presented.

On the 4th of this month, we prayed for Murakami’s “Japanese player’s season home run record update” and awarded a special home run award (If the 56th or later home run enters the target zone at Jingu Stadium, “100 million yen Tokyo house” ”) was announced.
Today, he hit his 56th home run in the final game of the regular season and his final at-bat, setting a new record for Japanese players for the first time in 58 years, and praising his feat of securing the youngest triple crown in history. We will present a “Tokyo house in a good location, maximum price: 300 million yen (tax included)”, which has significantly increased the maximum amount.
The award is set at 300 million yen, which is worthy of Murakami, who overcame the pressure and gave baseball fans all over Japan a trembling impression. We will continue to “swallow” Murakami and the Swallows, who are expected to perform even better, together with the fans.
[Thoughts for the special home run award]
One of our company’s corporate philosophies is “We will create an organization that widely accepts motivated people and rewards them for their results.” Since our founding, our company policy has been to support people who take on challenges and work hard regardless of age or background, generously praise when they achieve excellent results, and reward their efforts. In accordance with this philosophy, we have been supporting local governments using the corporate version of hometown tax, and donating to children’s homes and child abuse prevention groups, etc., in order to support challenges from various circumstances. . In addition, Arai, the representative, donated 1 billion yen to Gunma Prefecture, established a fund for children in households who need school attendance support, and provides support so that they can obtain equal learning opportunities. increase. This time, we decided to plan and implement the plan in honor of Munetaka Murakami’s great record and hard work.
About Open House Group Co., Ltd.
From January 2022, Open House Co., Ltd. and related companies have transitioned to a holding company structure with Open House Group Co., Ltd. as the pure holding company. Focusing on detached house-related business, condominium business, profitable real estate business, and American real estate business, we are developing various services related to housing and living. In recent years, we have also been focusing on activities for regional co-creation and environmental conservation activities. Since our founding in 1997, our detached house business has been our main business. We have established an integrated system for manufacturing and sales, from land purchase to construction and sales, to provide housing in convenient locations and at affordable prices. With the increase in dual-income households, we have been promoting initiatives that are unique to the Group, such as locations close to work and home, and plans to meet new needs amidst diversifying work styles. Going forward, the Group will continue to provide housing that will be chosen by more customers.
We will strive to
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