In-house system development low-code “Querier” supports linkage with Salesforce

In-house system development low-code “Querier” supports linkage with Salesforce Newly supports OAuth connection to Salesforce. Enable CRUD operations of Salesforce objects on the querier.

Querier Co., Ltd. will newly support OAuth connection to Salesforce in its in-house system development low-code “Querier”. With Salesforce, customer information can now be managed and edited on the querier, making it possible to aggregate various customer relationship management on the querier.
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■ Things that can be realized with this update
1. Connect to Salesforce production environment and development environment using OAuth
“We have customer lead information on Salesforce, but we already have customer data registered in MySQL, and we manage inquiries using customer support tools such as Intercom. Couldn’t we do all of this in one place because of security concerns?” Querier can solve such problems speedily using only the minimum engineering resources. [Image 2d61798-11-81d43c85102e4bd9e859-1.jpg&s3=61798-11-b0c2d5e9671bc200b70a1a3b757ccfd3-2340x1515.jpg

2. Perform CRUD operations such as referencing, creating, updating, and deleting Salesforce objects using SOQL
You can reference and list Salesforce objects from the querier, and perform CRUD operations such as updating existing data and
creating/deleting new data. It is also possible to perform advanced operations using SOQL.
■ About in-house system development low-code “Querier”
“Querier” is a low-code tool for engineers that can build in-house systems at overwhelming speed and flexibly according to the scale of the business. In order to simplify the operations performed by engineers other than CRUD operations and product development necessary for the business side to respond to customers, a lot of engineers’ time is taken up by the development and operation of the management screen.
With Querier, engineers can drag and drop the UI and describe the back side processing in SQL and JavaScript to provide the necessary management screens to the company several times faster than
full-scratch development. can do. First, experience “Querier” with a free trial.
■ Company Profile
Company name: Querier Co., Ltd.
Location: Hamamatsucho Diamond Building 2F, 2-2-15 Hamamatsucho, Minato-ku, Tokyo
Representative name: Akira Yoshida
Established: February 2020
Business description: Development and sales of in-house system development low-code “Querier”

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